Kind Words from the Customer: Robert V.

yamaha xs650 robert v

One of our customers, Robert V. was visiting our website and encountered some difficulties. He emailed us and through communication with Ethan (customer service), the issue was quickly resolved. Below is Robert’s follow-up message to us.



I need to tell you that I have NEVER spent time helping other companies figure out their internet problems.


I usually just go to the next company that can supply my needs.  I wasn’t even looking for something specific, just browsing.


But Mikes is different:

a high quality,

first class “supplier”,

with reasonable prices,

rarely out of stock,

not gouging us on shipping prices,

with exceptional customer service (as you have shown),

that is doing their best to keep these older motorcycles on the road and offering options to customized and actually IMPROVE the original motorcycles.


Now, that’s what we call “teamwork”! Thank you, Robert for the kind words. We are here for exactly that reason; to keep these vintage motorcycles on the road and take care of the people who ride them!


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