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MikesXS Yamaha Carb Kit

Happy New Year, MikesXS Nation!

Looking back on 2017,  you probably put a healthy number of miles on your Yamadog or you finally scored an XS after hours of scrolling through Craigslist. In both cases, a carb cleaning/rebuild may be in your near future.

  • Is your motorcycle hard to start?
  • Is it running a bit off-kilter?
  • When you dial the throttle, are you getting the desired performance?
  • Do you ride with the choke on? (this means you have a clogged pilot jet)
  • Sluggish acceleration?
  • Bad fuel economy?

These are all signs that your bike is in need of some carburetor love. In most scenarios, there’s only really one way to see if your carbs are due for a complete rebuild: pull them off the bike and take a look inside. And since you have them off and dissembled, you might as well do your future self a favor and rebuild them now.

January’s Featured Products are dedicated to those precious carburetors, everything from the entire assembly to the needle and seat.

XS Performance Carburetor Conversion Kit for the XS650

MikesXS Carburetor Conversion Kit Assembled XS650 XS Performance


Want to do away with those old carbs and gain some performance? As a part of our XS Performance series, we offer this all-inclusive, fully assembled Carburetor Conversion Kit. This kit functions as an upgraded replacement for the stock Mikuni BS34 Carbs (1980 – 1984)  or your worn-out BS38 (1970 – 1979). Some minor modifications will need to take place, like removing the stock air filter box, etc.


Also available:

unassembled for the Do-It-Yourself folks

XS400 (assembled)


**Note: As with all carburetors, they are very sensitive to rust from a 30+ year old gas tank. Please check your tank for rust.**

Keyster XS1/XS1B Premium “Nencho” Carburetor Kits

( Left and Right Side)  200-1114 keyster premium nencho carb kit xs1 xs1b left carb 2


These kits contain parts not normally available – and help solve rough running issues related to these XS1 carbs.

Included in the kit are:

  • 4 different Jet Needles – Lean, Standard (4JN19), Rich, Richer
  • Needle Jet
  • 4 Needle Circlips
  • 6 different main jets – 124, 126, 130, 133, 138 and 142
  • 3 different pilot jets – 40, 42.5, 49
  • Choke/Starter Plunger, Choke/Starter Plunger Spring
  • Choke/Starter and Float Bowl Gasket
  • Float Needle Valve Assembly with fiber washer
  • Needle Jet O-Ring, Air Screw and Air Screw Spring


Left and Right side rebuild kits are sold separately so be sure to pick up both kits when rebuilding a set of carburetors.

Left Carb Technical Documentation 

Right Carb Technical Documentation


We have these premium ‘Nencho’ carb kits available for a variety of models. Click here to find yours!


XS650 Slide and Diaphragm Assembly MikesXS Yamaha XS650 Carb Slide Diaphragm 70-77

An often-overlooked component of a carburetor rebuild is the diaphragm. During a carb rebuild, carefully remove the slide and diaphragm and inspect it for any holes. Look closely, as the smallest puncture can greatly affect it’s suction, which in turn, will cause your bike to lose some acceleration. We sell a slide and diaphragm assembly for both early and later model XS650’s. They fit some TX, XS400 and XS500 models as well!

Float Level Gauge for BS38 CV Carburetors

35-1400 MikesXS Yamaha xs650 float level gauge

Engineered by our all-knowing Yamaha tech, Norton Muzzone, this gauge will give you that perfect factory 25mm setting every time. Sneaky good purchase for only $7.95.

Virago Carburetor Conversion Kit 

for the XV750 and XV920

48-9005 Yamaha Virago Carb Conversion Kit

Brand new carburetor kit consisting of genuine Mikuni 34mm carburetors, pre-jetted with proven specs utilizing genuine Mikuni components.

  • Pre-jetted carbs for stock to mildly modified engines
  • CNC machined bolt on flange adapters with perfectly mated rubber connectors and clamps
  • M6 x 1.0 threaded hole in each manifold for carburetor syncing – with stainless plugs
  • Correct assembly length for use with the stock air tubes
  • Stainless steel flange adapter allen bolts
  • 1-2 cable for use with the factory throttle assembly and some aftermarket units – 42″ case length
  • Additional jetting included.  2 Sizes of mains, and 2 sizes of pilots
  • Viton, ultra high quality, high temperature manifold o-rings


If you are looking for additional parts for your Virago, CLICK HERE.



So, there you have it! It’s a new year so why not give your motorcycle new life with some carburetor love. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at customerservice@mikesxs.net.




Until next time,

MikesXS Nation