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Yamaha XS650 MikeXS

For many of us, our motorcycle is an extension of our personality. A two-wheeled conglomerate of metal and self-expression. This month’s featured products are dedicated to those individuals eager to chop, weld, bend, and customize their bike into a 1-of-1 kind of ride.

To visit some of the custom work of Mikes XS customers, visit our Bike Gallery here


ChopSource Frame Jig

Chop Source Frame Jig MikesXS

The Chop Source Full Frame Jig Kit includes all of the fixtures and hardware you need to get your table-top motorcycle frame jig started!



 – Neck Fixture

   – Axle Plate Fixture

   – Two Base Clamps

   – 1018 Mild Steel Neck Cones


   – Feet Kit

   – Internal Center Fixture

   – 3/4″ Threaded Rods and Spacers


TC Bros. Weld-On Hardtail

TC Bros Yamaha XS650 Weld On Hardtail MikesXS

Get your XS650 chopper project started with this weld-on hard tail, handcrafted by TC Bros. You won’t have to make any changes to stock wheel, tire, spacers, and chain adjusters. The 1 1/8″ diameter is also the same as the stock XS650 frame tubing for a nice install that looks factory made. Mounting instructions are included.

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MikesXS Matte Black Headlight 

Yamaha XS650 Matte Black Headlight MikesXS

Add a clean look to the front of your bike with our Matte Black Headlight. Fully assembled with 3-pronged connector with pig-tail harness and includes a parking light.


The beauty of customization is it is all up to you! Check out our full list of featured products and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at customerservice@mikesxs.net.


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