Jay’s 1981 XS650H Tracker

1981 Yamaha XS650h Tracker 1981 Yamaha XS650h Tracker

Jay emailed us some pictures of his Tracker.  He said the bike started out as a 1981 Yamaha XS650H.  He got the bike with 30,000 miles on the odometer and looked like it had been sitting for a long time.  Jay said his wife and he stripped it and went through the motor.

The lower end was in real good shape for the amount of miles, but it got bearings and seals.  The top end was a different story as the holes were in real bad shape.  Jay said he had to go all the way out so now its 706cc’s.  He rebuilt the carburetors.  The clutch was fine (probably replaced).  They kept the stock electrics and also kept the electric start.

Jay said he de-tabbed the frame and cleaned up a lot of the welds.  They also kept the stock tank because he wanted the capacity.  Jay also said they used MikesXS 19″ hoops and front spokes.  He wanted to keep the rear drum so he purchased the rear spokes.  The swing arm is an NOS Shell Racing part.  The paint is Fire red pearl and Lexus white pearl.  Bob at the Flat Track Store did the numbers and the graphics for the tank and seat.

The project took about a year and they still have to put a tail light on it.  But Jay said they are going to see how little they can get away with to make it just barely legal.

Jay said they could not have done the project without MikesXS.  Thanks Jay!