Jon P.’s Custom 1979 XS650 Special


We always love it when customers bless our inbox with a beautiful build. This custom XS650, courtesy of Jon P , is right up that alley.


Jon writes,

“Many thanks to Mike’s XS for their great customer service while putting together what was a case! Now, thanks to Mike’s XS, they made my build MUCH easier with their very reasonable prices which is very important especially to those of us who are retired.

Here are a few items that I received from Mike’s XS, too many hand built things to list….

Big Bore 750 kit

Ignition and Alternator


Complete Front Brake System

High Volume Oil Pump

Complete Gasket Set

Front Fork Tubes

Clutch Cable

34 mm Round Slide Carbs

K&N Air Cleaners

Chrome Gas Cap

2 into 1 Exhaust


I’m probably forgetting a few things. But enough with working on it,



Thanks, Jon!



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