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Yamaha Motorcycle Gear Levers, Kickstarters, Passenger Pegs, and Footrests

Gear Levers Kickstarters Passenger Pegs Footrests

A broken kick start lever will ruin your day and leave you stranded. Mikes XS has a full line of XS650 replacement kick start levers to get your Yamaha XS chopper up and running again. We have replacement XS650 foot peg rubber and gear shift rubber to freshen up your bike’s look, and we carry XS650 linkages from TC Bros Choppers, and XS650 racer foot peg kits from Monstercraftsman. Loaded Gun Customs Vintage Yamaha rear sets and universal rear sets will also help polish up your build.

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  1. Gear Change Lever - XS650
    Part #
    Gear Change Lever with rubber. Chrome plated steel - Fits: 1970-84 650'sAlso fits: XS850 1980-81 and RD's 
  2. Chrome Thick Washer
    Part #
    Chrome Thick Washer - 10mm. x 27mm. x 4.5mm. - Fits: All Footrest mount bars on 1970-84 650's and shock absorber top mount stud on 1974-79 650's. 
  3. Footrest Mount Acorn Nut - 10 x 1.25 (Crown Nut)
    Part #
    Polished Chrome Shock Acorn Nut - Short Type (Crown Nut)17mm hex x 10mm 1.25 pitch x 16mm Long Fits: All Footrest mount bars 70-84 + Fender mount thru point on 76-78's. 
  4. Forward Controls Kit TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Forward Controls Kit, with knurled pegs for Yamaha XS650.See universal linkage kit 19-0402.Chopper and bobber projects. 
  5. Damper Rubbers-Set/4
    Part #
    Damper Rubbers - (Rider (front) footrest mount bracket) - Set of 4 - Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's 
  6. Rider Footrest Rubber
    Part #
    Rider (Front) Footrest Rubber - Rounded Bottom type - Fits:1970-76 XS/TX650's Sold Each. 
  7. Footrest Rubber XS650 77-84, Flat Metal
    Part #
    Footrest Rubber XS650 77-84, Flat metal bottom type.Fits: 1977-84 XS650's, XS400.Sold each 
  8. Rider Footrest Rubber 1977-84 XS650
    Part #
    Rider (Front) Footrest Rubber - Flat Bottom type - Fits: 1977-84 XS650's, XS400.Sold each. 
  9. Gear Change Lever - Rubber - XS650 - 1970-1984
    Part #
    Gear Shift Rubber - Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 132-18113-01Also fits: RD's 
  10. Analog XS650 Foot Pegs
    Part #
    Custom gripper footpegs.  This is not a bolt on item.  Existing front footrest clevis pin must be removed.   Complete the following steps: 1. Drill out pin retaining stock pegs on stock peg mounts.   2. Drill existing clevis pin diameter hole.  Increase hole diameter to 5/16" (8mm) for peg m... 
  11. Kickstarter Assembly - XS650 - 1974-1984
    Part #
    Kickstarter Lever Assembly with Chrome plated Lever Shaft Later Heavy Duty type Kickstarter with rubber (swings out further for more clearance from arm to brake pedal and exhaust).Fits: All 650 Engines 1974-84 
  12. Gear Change Lever - Extended Length - XS650
    Part #
    Jasons Bigfoot Gear Change Lever - Do you have feet Larger than the guy that designed the gear lever on your XS ? This extended gear lever for the XS650 will fit better and also improves shifting! Includes rubber. Fits: 1970-84 650's.It is approx. 7 1/4" from the center of the shaft attachment hole to the center of t... 
  13. Chrome Weld-on Kick Stand TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Chrome Weld-on Kick Stand TC Bros Choppers Super clean chrome kickstand with hidden spring. Kit includes:Chrome kickstand and weldable steel block coped to fit 1 1/8" tubing on your frame 
  14. Loaded Gun Customs XS650 Rear Set Kit
    Part #
    Loaded Gun Customs XS650 Rear Set Kit Ultra lightweight, high performance XS650 bolt on rearsets kit that fits all Yamaha XS650 motorcycles. The rearsets are made from lightweight aluminum making the whole kit weigh only 2lbs 14oz. Kit includes a pair of rear sets featuring CNC machined aluminum pegs with oil impregnat... 
  15. Monstercraftsman Foot Pegs Mid Mount
    Part #
    Foot Pegs Mid Mount for Yamaha XS650.Tig Welded to Perfection, Powder Coated Black.Comes with stainless hardware! 
    • Out of stock
  16. Passenger Peg Set XS650 XS400
    Part #
    Passenger Peg Set - (1LH + 1RH) with mount brackets (original type). Fits: XS650's 1977-84, XS400 
  17. Kickstart Rubber
    Part #
    Kickstart Rubber - Fits: Small 13 mm. shaft (later type kick start levers) as shown.Fits XS650 and RD's 
  18. footrest rubber(set)rear 1974-84 XS650
    Part #
    footrest rubber(set)rear 1974-84 XS650 
  19. Kickstart Rebuild Kit
    Part #
    Kickstart Rebuild Kit - Fits: Early straight type lever. Kit Contains: Spring - 90501-15091, Special Washer - 90201-17256, circlip 93430-12022, 5/16 Ball Bearing 93505-16006 .Will also work for RD's. 
  20. Kickstarter Assembly - XS650 - 1970-1973
    Part #
    Kickstarter Lever Assembly with Chrome plated Lever Shaft Early Heavy Duty type Kickstarter with rubber.Fits: All 650 Engines 1970-73* This can work with later model XS650 with some non-standard mufflers. It does not clear the OEM exhaust.Also fits DS7, R5, RD350 
  21. Spring - Kickstarter - XS650
    Part #
    Kickstarter Spring Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Yamaha XS650 
  22. Passenger peg Mount Nut
    Part #
    Passenger peg Mount Nut - Polished Chrome Acorn/Crown Nut - 12mm. (19 x 19)Special fine thread to fit passenger footrest mount studs on 1977-84 650's.Will work for RD's. 
  23. Passenger peg Mount Nut
    Part #
    Passenger peg Mount Nut - Locking type Nut - 12mm. (19 x 11)Special fine thread to fit passenger footrest mount studs on 1977-84 XS650's XS400. 
  24. Ascot Type Passenger Foot Pegs
    Part #
    Passenger Peg Set - (1LH + 1RH) with mount brackets (original style mounts but 1" longer) to provide greater height (when folded down) to clear over Ascot or other exhausts that sit up higher.Fits: 1977-84 650's. 
  25. Brake Pivot For Forward Control Linkage - TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Brake Pivot For Forward control Linkage TC Bros Choppers TC Bros. Choppers, LLC Universal brake pivot kit for connecting forward control linkage to drum brake linkage. Kit includes weld on raw steel mount with threaded holes that is coped to fit your frame tubing. After welding the mount to your frame you can then bol... 
  26. Universal Linkage Kit TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Universal Linkage Kit for forward control kit 19-0401. Rods and tubes must be cut to fit your application.Kit includes: Two 24: long 5/16" threaded rods, four 5/16" ball joints, two 5/16" ID x 1/2" OD steel tubes (to cover rod threads and increase rigidity), eight 5/16" jam nuts, four nylock nuts and four flat washer... 
  27. Loaded Gun Customs Universal Rear Set Kit
    Part #
    Loaded Gun Customs Universal Rear Set Kit Aluminum universal mount rearsets. Can fit virtually any bike if you make mounts and shift/brake linkage rods. Includes a pair universal rearsets featuring cnc machined 6061 aluminum pegs with oil impregnated bronze bushings. Each rearset only weighs 9oz each. The pegs are knur... 
  28. Monstercraftsman Neck Gussets
    Part #
    Neck Gussets 
  29. Monstercraftsman Foot Peg Brackets-Mid Stance
    Part #
    Foot Peg Brackets-Mid Stance for Yamaha XS650 Comes with 1/4" steel brackets with 3/8 16 tapped hole for mounting pegs and metric mounting hardware. Perfect for someone who wants mid mount stance, but wants to use there own pegs. I.e. Bmx pegs, knurled brass pegs, artificial limb. 
    • Out of stock
  30. Monstercraftsman Foot Peg Brackets-Mid Stance
    Part #
    Foot Peg Brackets-Mid Stance for Yamaha XS650 
    • Out of stock
  31. Monstercraftsman Brass Footpeg
    Part #
    Monstercraftsman Brass Footpeg kit for Yamaha XS650.Brass Knurled to perfection.Tig Welded to Perfection. Powder Coated Black.Comes with all hardware. 
  32. Monstercraftsman Aluminum Footpeg
    Part #
    Monstercraftsman Aluminum Footpeg kit for Yamaha XS650 
  33. Kickstart Rubber
    Part #
    Kickstart Rubber - Fits: Large 15mm. shaft (early straight type kick start lever). 
  34. Kick Starter - RD250 RD350 RD400 XS500 XS750
    Part #
    Kick Starter -Fits:DS7 1972, R6 1970, R5 1971-72, RD250 73-77, RD350 73-75, RD400 76-77, TX500 73-74, XS500 75-77, XS750 77-78, - pls check 
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34 Items

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