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Yamaha Motorcycle Charging System: 1970-79 Rotors, Stators, Regulators and Brushes

Charging System: 1970-79 Rotors, Stators, Regulators and Brushes

Mikes XS has everything you need to perform your Yamaha charging system restoration. You can ditch the electric start with an XSCharge XS650 permanent magnet alternator (PMA) kit, or you can get the Yamaha PMA regulator rectifier as a stand-alone unit. We also stock the OEM-style solid-state regulator rectifier. We have everything you need to service your early-model Yamaha alternator, such as the brush holder (with screws), alternator rotor, rotor puller tool and crankcase cover gasket. And when you’re done, why not finish the job with a shiny new Classic Yamaha alternator cover. 

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  1. Regulator Rectifier Yamaha XS750 XS850 XS1100
    Part #
    Regulator RectifierXS750 1976-83, XS850 1980-81, XJ1100/Maxim 82, XS1100 1978-81 
  2. XSCharge™ XS650 PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator)
    Part #
    XSCharge™ XS650 PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator) Kit with 200 Watt stator built specially for the Yamaha XS650.Replaces your old rotor that has failed or magnet that has weakened over time. Replaces regulator/rectifier with solid state electronics.Specifically built for the XS650. Fits 1970-79 XS650 with OEM poi... 
  3. Alternator Rotor Puller for Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Alternator Rotor Puller - Safely pulls rotor without damaging it. Size: M24 x P1.0Fits: All 650's. 
  4. Basic High Output Standard Ignition/XSCharge™ XS650 PMA Package
    Part #
    XSCharge™ XS650 PMA and Basic High Output Standard Ignition package.  Fits all 1970-84 XS650's. Kit contains one 24-2669 XSCharge™ XS650 PMA unit (200 Watt) and one Basic High Output Standard Ignition kit . XSCharge™ XS650 PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit) built specially for t... 
  5. Alternator Stator for 70-79 XS650's
    Part #
    Alternator Stator Assembly for contact points type models.Fits: XS650 1970-79 North American models (1970-84 Euro points models).Complete New assembly includes New Stator Housing, Stator assembly with wire harness, Brush Holder (24-7079), New Brushes set (24-2650) and Brush holder Guard (24-7084).Note: No core required... 
  6. New Alternator Rotor - 1980-1983 Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    New Alternator Rotor - Not a rewind. 1980-1983 Yamaha XS650 No Core Required. For Yamaha TCI Type ignitions.   
  7. Solid State Rectifier Regulator
    Part #
    Solid State Rectifier Regulator - Replaces Original individual units used on 1970-79 650's. Comes with connector block/terminal kits and instructions to wire in direct to Original wiring harness.Note: This Rectifier/Regulator is sold only for use with stock 1970-79 wire harnesses. If you are purchasing it for use on a... 
  8. Gasket - LH Crankcase Cover XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - LH Crankcase Cover. - Fits: 1972-84 650's.OEM Ref.# 306-15461-00 TX650 XS650 
  9. XSCharge™ XS650 PMA Rectifier/Voltage Regulator Replacement
    Part #
    Voltage Regulator/Rectifier Replacement Regulator/Rectifier for the XSCharge™ XS650 PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator #24-2669).  Comes with a quick connector pigtail on the battery side for quick disconnect when needed. 
  10. Alternator Brush Set
    Part #
    Alternator Brush Set - Fits: 1970-79 XS650's, XS1/XS2, TX650. Complete set as shown. Replace brushes if carbon brush is 7mm. (0.276") or less. Note: To install pull brush assembly around to opposite side of metal bracket its soldered to and then insert into holder. 
  11. Rotor Puller for Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Rotor Puller Tool For Aftermarket XS650 PMA Charging System Kits Size: M27x1.0 LHFits: All XS650Note: Not for use on stock Yamaha rotor 
  12. Polished Billet Aluminum Alternator Cover
    Part #
    Polished Billet Aluminum Alternator Cover (No Yamaha name) with screws. Fits: 70-84 650's. 
  13. Rectifier
    Part #
    Rectifier- Solid state replacement for original separate factory unit as used on 1970-79 650's. Direct plug in to stock harness.The top part of photo shown is a side view. The bottom part of photo shown is front view. Note: wiring in connector plug must be rearranged as shown. 
  14. Alternator Housing Mount Screws
    Part #
    Alternator Housing Mount Screws - Special 6mm. (pk/2) Screws to mount alternator stator housing to engine.Fits: All 650's. 
  15. Wiring Connector Set
    Part #
    Wiring Connector Set with Terminals - 6 space (Large Flat Spade type). This coupler set connects the 1970-84 650 alternator to the stock wiring harness. 
  16. Alternator brush Holder & mount Screws
    Part #
    Alternator brush Holder & mount Screws Fits: 1970-79 XS/TX650. We recommend this be replaced if yours is cracked, broken or oil or grease impregnated. 
  17. Alternator Rotor for XSCharge™ XS650 PMA
    Part #
    Alternator Rotor for the XSCharge™ XS650 PMA (Permanent Magnet Alternator #24-2669). It is a perfect fit on the crankshaft of a XS650. The magnets are the strongest on the market giving it a consistent current for our system. The magnets are sealed inside the rotor instead of glued like some others.It i... 
  18. LED Charging System Gauge
    Part #
    LED Charging system indicator Gauge. Shows Voltage of your alternator rising and falling with RPM and gives a clear indication of your charging systems normal operation and early warning of problems.Gauge is Bright High Quality Chrome plated and clamps onto 7/8" Bars and can be easily wired into any point in the system... 
  19. Polished Billet Aluminum Alternator Cover
    Part #
    Polished Billet Aluminum Alternator Cover with XS Performance Logo CNC cut into cover face/Fits: 70-84 650's 
  20. Alternator Rotor Nut
    Part #
    Alternator Rotor 12mm. Nut & Washer Set 
  21. Alternator XS650 Waved Cover
    Part #
    XS650 Waved Alternator Cover - Alloy 
  22. Gasket - LH Crankcase Cover
    Part #
    Gasket - LH Crankcase Cover. - Fits: 1970-71 XS1/XS1b Only. OEM Ref.# 256-15451-00 
  23. Brush holder Guard with mount Screws
    Part #
    Brush holder Guard with mount Screws(2) Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
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