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Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Parts


We are all aware of the importance of motor maintenance, and periodic tuning, especially related to the early motor design. In the past CHC required valve adjustment along with cam chain adjustment. The old style point condenser ignition was certainly not to be overlooked.

If you are trying to get your motorcycle performing at its best, we have a large variety of Engine parts for you to choose from across many top brands such as Big Bore and Three Bond.  Be sure to check out our selection of: Gasket seals, Camshafts, Cam chains, Valves, Guides, Clutch transmission, crankshaft rods and bearings, Pistons, Rings, Pins and clips, Cylinders, Oil pumps, Oil filters, Gaskets, and Fittings.  

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  1. 10pc. Engine Oil Seal Kit Yamaha XS650 (1970 - 1983)
    Part #
    10pc. Engine Oil Seal kit - Superior Quality by original Japanese maker (Ars) Includes 2pc. of special triple lip cam seals. Fits: All 650's 1970 - 1983. Seals included in kit - Electric start to crank case seal, starter motor shaft seal, kick start seal, shift shaft seal, clutch push rod seal, transmission countershaf... 
  2. Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal
    Part #
    Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal - Made in Japan by original maker. Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 93102-08094/08118 (SD - 8-25-6) ArsNote: The Clutch pushrod seal is a chronic leaker.This seal was made to be replaced when the engine cases are split! It can be replaced without splitting the cases but it is tricky to drive it i... 
  3. Cam chain tensioner pivot arm Assembly Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Cam chain tensioner pivot arm Assembly. Fits: XS/TX 650's 1974-84 OEM# Ref. 447-12220-00 
  4. High Performance Connecting Rod Kit - 447 type - Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    High Performance Connecting Rod Kit - 447 type ( 20mm. piston pin hole ) Fits:TX650A (1974) & All XS650 (75-84). Includes: Connecting Rod, Crank Pin, Thrust Washers & Special high load Big end Bearing. A Superior quality part made in Japan on all new tooling. 
  5. Front Cam Chain Guide Stopper 1970-84 XS1 XS2 XS650 TX650
    Part #
    Guide Stopper (Front cam chain guide bar)Fits: All TX/XS 650's 1970-84 - OEM Ref.# 256-12231-01 When black plastic bits start showing up in your oil its usually from the guide bar breaking up due to heat & old age. Replace it as the cam chain will next start to saw its way thru the aluminum support. 
  6. Crank Main Bearing Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Crank Main Bearing (Special Roller type) - 3 used per engine. - Located center (2) and Left hand side of crankshaft (1). OEM# 93390-00003-00 - Made in Taiwan. Fits: All 1970-84 650's 
  7. Piston Ring Set - Stock/Standard Size Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Piston Ring Set - Stock/Standard Size (for 1 piston) Fits: TX/XS650's 74-84 (447 & 533 type engines - 1974-84). OEM Ref.# 447-11610-00-00 Quality Made in Japan on all new tooling.Note: 447 type Rings interchange with European 533 Rings but pistons do not.447 rings do not interchange with original 256 rings used o... 
  8. 447 Piston 2nd. Oversize ( 0.50mm)
    Part #
    Piston 2nd. Oversize (0.50mm.) + piston pin & clips - Fits: 650's 1974-84 OEM Ref.# 447-11636-01 Quality made in Japan on all new tooling. 
  9. Performance Camshaft and Valve Spring Kit Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    High Performance Camshaft and matching performance Valve Spring Kit.Cam fits 1974-84 447/533 type engines only.Sold as a kit Only: Camshaft has removable 36 tooth drive sprocket and kit includes special Valve Stem Seals, Valve Springs and clearance spring caps (No valve guide mods needed). Cams are machined from New B... 
  10. Oil delivery Pipe Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Oil delivery Pipe -Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 OEM Ref.# 256-13161-01 
  11. Piston Kit (2nd.oversize - 0.50mm.)
    Part #
    Piston Kit (2nd.oversize - 0.50mm.) for 256 Engines (1970-73 only! ) -Kit includes: Piston for one cylinder, one Piston Pin (22mm.), 2 Piston Pin Clips and Rings for one piston - Piston uses high quality 447 type rings and kit can be used as a set Only. Japanese made superior quality. 
  12. 650cc Replacement Cylinder and Piston Kit for Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Big Fin Cylinder Block fitted to Standard size 650cc. original type pistons. Includes Cylinder Block, fitted Stock type cast pistons, piston pins, clips, Head and base gasket and matching piston ring sets.No core accepted or required.Kit Fits: 1974-84 447 XS/TX 650 Engines.Start over at the original stock 650cc. bore... 
  13. Big Bore (750cc) Cylinder and Piston Kit for Yamaha XS650.
    Part #
    Big Bore Cylinder and Piston Kit The Only complete bolt on Big Bore 750cc Cylinder and piston kit ever made for the XS650 Yamaha Modified limited production European Race Engine Cylinder Block has enlarged fins for improved cooling. The New Cylinder Block has longer fins matching the Head Fin Length. Kit Fits... 
  14. Sump Oil Filter all XS650
    Part #
    Sump Oil Filter -(New and Upgraded design with perforated metal to back up the filtering element). Stock original filters tear at low milage and allow unfiltered oil to flow to the oil pump. Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 - OEM Ref.# 256-13411-01 XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650 XS650 
  15. Oil Filter Screen all XS650
    Part #
    Oil Filter Screen - Fits in RH engine side cover (Clutch side) - Made in Japan - Fits: All 1970-84 XS1 XS1B XS2 XS650 TX650's OEM Ref.# 256-13441-00 
  16. Performance Oil Filter/Cooler Kit
    Part #
    Performance Oil Filter & Cooler Kit developed by Heiden Tuning of Holland. Kit uses common (Honda) replaceable paper element filter that provides better oil filtration than the stock filter screen. Kit installs directly to existing screen location and requires no modifications at all to install. Uses Stock gasket... 
  17. Standard Overhaul Gasket Set
    Part #
    Standard Overhaul Gasket Set. 1970-84 XS1, XS2, XS650, TX650. ISO 9001 approved. 
  18. Premium 1972-84 XS650 Gasket Set
    Part #
    Overhaul Gasket Set - Fits: 1972-84 650's - Sets made by Athena of Italy the European original equipment supplier to Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki,Suzuki and all major Italian bike makers. Top Quality ISO-9000 approved premium gasket kits. Athena sets contain more pieces than any other brand .Contains: 18-0672 x 1, 18-0673 x... 
  19. Gasket - Right hand crank case Cover (Clutch) XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Right hand crank case Cover (Clutch). - Fits:1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 256-15451-00 XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650 XS650 
  20. Clutch Push Screw & Housing Assembly Kit
    Part #
    Clutch Push Screw & Housing Assembly Kit.Kit contains: Push Screw Housing with mount screws, Push Screw with Adjuster and locknut, Return spring and anchor pin, Cable Hook with hinge pin. Push screw has Long type actuator arm that gives maximum leverage and provides lightest clutch lever pull. Fits: 1972-84 650's... 
  21. Clutch Repair Kit XS650
    Part #
    Clutch Repair Kit - save over buying separately. Includes:6 Steel friction plates (39-6507)7 Friction plates (39-1133)1 Tab lock washer (39-6512)1 Clutch cover gasket (18-0864)1 Oil filter cover gasket (18-0856)1 Set of clutch springs (39-6506)Other items to consider purchasing separately for your clutch repair dependi... 
  22. Engine Top Fastener Set - 56pc.
    Part #
    Engine Top Fastener Set - 56pc. - Fits: 1972-84 XS/TX 650's56pc. Kit Contains: 4 Hole Tappet Cover chromed Crown Nuts (4pc.) with matching chrome Washers (4pc.) + Cylinder Head chrome Crown Nut (8pc.) + Chrome rocker shaft End Plug (4pc.) + 3 Hole Tappet Cover chromed Crown Nuts (9pc.) with matching chrome Washers (9pc... 
  23. Clutch Cable (Black) XS650 1974-84
    Part #
    Clutch Cable (Black) - Fits: Yamaha XS/TX650 (1974-84) Standard models and can also be used on 1978-84 - Specials - with bars that are lower than originals. 55" Long Made in Japan 
  24. Cam Chain- DID 219FTSS x 106 L
    Part #
    Endless Cam Chain - Daido 219FTSS x 106.  Pitch .3061" (7.774mm.) Fits: TX/XS650's 1974-84 (36 tooth cam). The latest high strength cam chain from D.I.D. for late XS650's. Made in Japan.Also fits: SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81, XT500 C/D/E/F/G/H Dual Sport 76-81Installation Note: Cam Chain IS absolutely correct original bra... 
  25. Valve Stem Seals
    Part #
    Valve Stem Seals (Sold each) Made in Japan OEM Ref.# 341-12119-00/02Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Also fits: SR500 78-81, SR500 82-88, XT500 88, XT500 76-81, TT500 76-81, XV750 82, XV920 82-83, XV1000 83, XV750 81-83, XV1000 84-85, XV920 81-82, XV1000 82, XV920 83 
  26. Cylinder Head Sealing Washers
    Part #
    Cylinder Head Sealing Washers - OEM Ref.# 90210-10004 (4 used per engine) Steel Head washers with internal seal. Used under 4 outer cylinder head crown nuts on all 650's. Note: Not included in gasket sets. OEM Made in Japan. 
  27. Cylinder Head Washers
    Part #
    Brass Cylinder Head Washers - Can replace all cylinder head sealing washers or all Head Nut Washers used on any 650. 22mm. OD x 10.5mm. ID x 4mm. Thick This is a replacement for OEM # 90210-10004-00, it is not the same part. Mikes XS part # 01-0650 is the equivalent OEM part. 
  28. Clutch pushrod shaft Bushing Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Clutch pushrod shaft Bushing - Replaces original bushing inside of pushrod housing (transmission shaft) and brings clearances back to original. When stock clearances are too large the pushrod moves to the side and increases tearing stress on the pushrod seal. (See our catalog for detailed installation procedure). 
  29. BF05M Cam Chain Rivet Master Link - Yamaha XS650 SR500 XT500
    Part #
    Tsubaki BF05M Rivet Master Link Cam Chain replacement link XS650 (74-84), TX650 also fits: SR500 78-81, XT500 76-81 see 52-4048 & 52-5021 for cam chains 
  30. Camshaft Seals - TCI Motors - (25-40-7)
    Part #
    Camshaft Seals (Pk./2).  Made in Japan.  Fits 1980 thru 1983 Yamaha XS650.   The dimensions of the seal are 25-40-7.   These Camshaft Seals will fit all XS650 motors with OEM TCI electronic ignitions and not equipped with mechanical advance mechanisms. 
  31. Camshaft Bearing Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Camshaft Bearing - B16005 (Special C4 Clearance). 4 used per engine. Fits: All XS/TX650's 1970-84. Made in Japan by original supplier. 
  32. Camshaft internal metal Bushing for advance rod.
    Part #
    Camshaft internal metal Bushing for advance rod. 2 Used per camshaft on 1970-79 XS1, XS2, XS650 models (Points Ignitions) and also required if using Boyer ignitions. Fits inside cam in center (one each side)Note: These are usually missing from 1980-84's. 
  33. Oil Filter Element
    Part #
    Paper Oil Filter Replacement for XS Performance Oil Filter/Cooler Kit Filter (Part #15-6504).  Filter is also for Honda OEM # 15410-KF0-305/315 / 15412-KF0-000/010 as is used on Honda XL/XR models. 
  34. Copper Drain Plug Crush Gaskets
    Part #
    Copper Drain Plug Crush Gaskets - (1 Pk./2.) Each engine has 2 drain plugs. Replaces OEM# 256-15353-00 Yamaha XS650 + more 
  35. Tappet cover O-Ring Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Tappet cover O-Ring - Made in Japan by original supplier (Ars). Sold Each Fibre gaskets can be used on all 650's, these O-Rings can be used only on engines with the O-ring groove in the tappet cover cap.**** These are sold each 
  36. Tappet cover Gasket
    Part #
    Tappet cover Gasket (4 Hole) - One piece used on each engine - Fits: All XS650 models from 1972-84. Oem Ref.#306-11198-00 - Note: Gasket can be used in place of O-Rings used on some later models. 
  37. Tappet cover Gasket (3 hole)
    Part #
    Tappet cover Gasket (3 Hole) - Three pieces used on each 1972-84 XS650 engine or 4pc. on all 1970-71 XS1 engines. Note: Gasket can be used in place of O-Rings used on some later models. OEM Ref.# 256-11196-01 
  38. Headpipe Exhaust Gaskets XS650 SR500 XT500
    Part #
    Headpipe Exhaust Gaskets - (Pk./2) - Original Yamaha type - Fits: All XS650's 1970-84. OEM Ref.# 256/3GD-14613-00, 90430-38054Also fits: SR500 E/F/G/G 78-81, XT500 C/D/E/F/H 76-81 
  39. Gasket - Filter Element Cover XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Filter Element Cover - (For filter cover in clutch case) Fits: All XS650's OEM Ref.# 256-15456-00 Also used with XS #15-6504 Performance Oil Filter & cooler kit. 
  40. Gasket - Filter Element Base XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Filter Element Base - (Fits under clutch case filter element) Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 - OEM Ref.# 256-13445-00 Also used with XS #15-6504 Performance Oil Filter & cooler kit. 
  41. Gasket - Sump oil filter strainer plate XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Sump oil filter strainer plate. Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 XS1 XS1B XS2 
  42. Gasket - Rear of Advance or Breaker Housing XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Rear of Advance or Breaker Housing - Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 - 2 used on each engine. OEM Ref.# 256-11146-00 XS1 XS2 TX650 XS650 
  43. Gasket (Pk./2.) - Intake Spigot XS650
    Part #
    Gasket (Pk./2.) - Intake Spigot (Carb Holder Rubber) - Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 256-13556-01 j XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650 XS650Fits: Between XS650 Manifolds (Carb Spacers) and cylinder head and between the XS manifolds and the carb holders for the PWK 32.Fits: Keihin Flatslide PWK 32mm. XS Performance Carb Set for XS650.... 
  44. Top end Copper Sealing Washer Kit XS650
    Part #
    Top end Copper Sealing Washer Kit - 9 pc. Fits: All 650's Kit contains: 1pc. # 90430-14043 ( @ Oil feed tube base at crankcase), 4 pc. # 90430-10027 ( @ Oil feed tube - Top of head at bolts), 2pc. 90430-11033 (@ Rear of cam chain guide support nuts to cylinder front), 2 pc.# 90430-06014 @ (Cam chain guide fastening b... 
  45. Bottom end Copper Sealing Washer Kit XS650
    Part #
    Bottom end Copper Sealing Washer Kit - 13 pc. Fits: All 650's Kit Contains: 6pc.of # 90430-08143-00 ( @ Crankcase Bottom - Nut washers),2 pc.of #90430-06014 ( @ Oil filter cover screws in clutch case), 3 pc. of #90430-06014 ( @ 3 Clutch case upper front screws), 1 pc. of # 90430-06014 ( @ Tach drive retaining bolt),... 
  46. Clutch Friction Plates
    Part #
    Clutch Friction Plates (disks) - Fit: 650's 1970-84 - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates were originally used). To use thes... 
  47. Steel Clutch Drive Plate
    Part #
    Steel Clutch Drive Plate - Sold Each - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 5pc.1974-79 models - use 6 pc.1970-73 (use 5pc. OR 6pc. if the clutch is upgraded to late type friction plates. See friction plate listings for conversion info). Oem Ref.# 341... 
  48. Clutch Spring Screw
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Screw - Sold Each. - 6 Pieces used per engine. Order what you need. Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's. 
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