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Yamaha Motorcycle Clutch Transmission

Clutch Transmission

As motorcycles age and the miles pile on, a failing clutch becomes inevitable, but Mikes XS has you covered. Our Classic Yamaha and XS650 clutch repair kit has everything you need to put an end to clutch slip. We also offer Yamaha XS friction plates, transmission bearings, shift shaft springs and assemblies, Vesrah XS400 clutch springs, and kick starter and brake lever parts and assemblies. A clutch rebuild is also a good time to replace your Classic Yamaha clutch cable.

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  1. Clutch Friction Plate XS360 XS400 XS750 SR500 +
    Part #
    Vesrah Clutch Friction Plate - Sold EACHFull set for XS400 is 7 plates/disks. Fits:XV250 P/PC-W1/W1C XV250 G/GC-K/KC Route 66 95-98 XS360 76-77 XS400 D/E/F 77-79 XS4002E/2F 78-79 XS400 G/H Special XS400 SG/SH/SJ Special SR500 E/F/G/H TX500 A FJ600 L/LC/N/NC 84-85 FZ600 S/SC/T/TC/U/UC 86-88 FZ600 SS/SSC/ST/STC FZ600 T/T... 
  2. High Performance Clutch Friction Plates
    Part #
    High Performance Clutch Friction Plates (disks) - Fit: All 650's 1970-84 Sold Each - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates wer... 
  3. Clutch Push Screw & Housing Assembly Kit
    Part #
    Clutch Push Screw & Housing Assembly Kit.Kit contains: Push Screw Housing with mount screws, Push Screw with Adjuster and locknut, Return spring and anchor pin, Cable Hook with hinge pin. Push screw has Long type actuator arm that gives maximum leverage and provides lightest clutch lever pull. Fits: 1972-84 650's... 
  4. Clutch Hub Cush Spring Repair Kit
    Part #
    Clutch Hub Cush Spring Repair Kit for 1970-84 650's Replace broken clutch hub cush springs with this kit.Includes 6 Cush springs and special bolts that replace hub rivets. 
  5. Clutch Hub Nut
    Part #
    Clutch Hub Nut. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Use 27mm. Socket Oem Ref.# 90170-18221/18089, 156-16174-00 
  6. Clutch Hub Spring Washer
    Part #
    Spring Washer for Clutch Hub Nut Replaces OEM # 214-16119-00 Fits: 1974-79 650's 
  7. Clutch Hub Lock Tab
    Part #
    Clutch hub Lock Tab - Fits: 1980-84 XS650's OEM Ref.# 90215-19139 
  8. Clutch Pushrod ( Long one-piece rod)
    Part #
    Clutch Pushrod ( Long one-piece rod). Replaces both inner and outer pushrod and outer ball bearing used on 76-84's. Provides more stable action and allows less wear of clutch pushrod seal Fits: 1970-84 650's. Stock original type for 1970-75 models.(Note photo not to scale). For use as OEM: 341-16376-00-00 / 93505... 
  9. Clutch Pushrod (Short outer rod)
    Part #
    Clutch Pushrod (Short outer rod). - Stock part for 1976-84 650's but will also work with 1970-75 parts. 
  10. Clutch pushrod Bearing
    Part #
    Clutch pushrod Bearing - Fits: 1970-84 XS/TX650's. 2 used in each 76-84 engine, (only 1 pc. required if long early 70-75 type clutch pushrod is used). 
  11. Clutch Spring Screw
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Screw - Sold Each. - 6 Pieces used per engine. Order what you need. Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's. 
  12. Steel Clutch Drive Plate
    Part #
    Steel Clutch Drive Plate - Sold Each - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 5pc.1974-79 models - use 6 pc.1970-73 (use 5pc. OR 6pc. if the clutch is upgraded to late type friction plates. See friction plate listings for conversion info). Oem Ref.# 341... 
  13. Ring- Clutch Boss (retaining wire)
    Part #
    Spring Steel retaining wire for Inner Clutch Hub (Clutch Boss).This wire holds the first metal clutch plate (special type) in place on the inner clutch hub and is easily damaged if removed from its installed position.Fits: 1980-1984 XS650's 
  14. Clutch Repair Kit XS650
    Part #
    Clutch Repair Kit - save over buying separately. Includes:6 Steel friction plates (39-6507)7 Friction plates (39-1133)1 Tab lock washer (39-6512)1 Clutch cover gasket (18-0864)1 Oil filter cover gasket (18-0856)1 Set of clutch springs (39-6506)Other items to consider purchasing separately for your clutch repair dependi... 
  15. Vesrah Clutch Spring Set XS360 XS400 +
    Part #
    Clutch Spring SetFits: XT250 G/H/J/K/KC Dual 80-83 XT250 L/LC Dual Sport 1984 XV250 0U/UC-A/AC 88-90 XV250 0G/GC-K/KC Route 66 95-98 XV250 L/LC Virago 250 1999 XV250 P/PC-W1/W1C XS360 76-77 XS400 D/E/F 77-79 XS400 2E/2F 78-79 XS400 G/H Special 80-81 XS400 SG/SH/SJ Special 
  16. Motorcycle Cable Luber
    Part #
    Cable Luber - Yamaha pressure type (Sold each)Water & dirt are blown down cable by lubricant when pressure spray can nozzle is applied. Spray lube sold by most bike shops.Cable lubrication tool. 
  17. Gear Change Lever with rubber XS650
    Part #
    Gear Change Lever with rubber. Chrome plated steel - Fits: 1970-84 650'sAlso fits: XS850 1980-81 and RD's 
  18. Gasket - LH Crankcase Cover XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - LH Crankcase Cover. - Fits: 1972-84 650's.OEM Ref.# 306-15461-00 TX650 XS650 
  19. Extended Clutch Cable
    Part #
    Extended Clutch Cable - (Black) Clutch - Same as Clutch cable#51-3204 but + 350mm. (13.75") in length. Total outer cable casing length including metal bend that fits to engine is approx 66.5" (1690mm). Fits: Custom High Bar applications for TX/XS650's (1974-84). Great for many custom applications for many bikes. No... 
  20. Clutch Cable (Black) XS650 1974-84
    Part #
    Clutch Cable (Black) - Fits: Yamaha XS/TX650 (1974-84) Standard models and can also be used on 1978-84 - Specials - with bars that are lower than originals. 55" Long Made in Japan 
  21. Clutch Cable (Grey) XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650
    Part #
    Clutch Cable (Grey) - Fits: XS1/XS1B/XS2/TX650 (1970-73)OEM Ref.# 256-26335-02 55 3/4: Long Made in Japan 
  22. Clutch Cable (Black) 1978-84 XS650 Special
    Part #
    Clutch Cable (Black) - Fits: XS650 (1978-84) "Specials" with stock pullback type high bars. 58 1/2" Long Made in Japan 
  23. Clutch Spring Set Yamaha RD400
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Set RD400 1976-79Also fits: RZ350 1984-85 
  24. Clutch Friction plates Yamaha RD250 RD350 RD400
    Part #
    Clutch Friction plates RD250/350/400. Sold each.Fits: RD250 1973-75, RD350 1973-75, RD400 1976-79Vesrah # VP-2042 
  25. Clutch Spring Set Yamaha SR500 XT500 Virago
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Set (6 pcs) SR500 1978-85Also fits: YZ250 88-98, XT500 1978-88, XV750 81-97, XV920 82-83, XV1000 82-85The following use 5 of the 6 springs: YZ125 91-11, XT250 09-10, XT350 90-98, XZ550 82, XJ550 83, XJ600 84, XJ600 N 95-02, XJ600 S 92-99, XJ650 80-83, XJ750 81-83, XV750 81-97, XV920 82-83, XV1000 82-85 
  26. Clutch Friction Plates Yamaha SR500 1978-84 XT500 XS850 XT600
    Part #
    Clutch Disk SR500 1978-84 Sold EACH. The SR500 uses 8 pieces.Also fits: XT500 1976-81 (needs 8), SR250 Exciter 80-83 (only needs 6 plates), XZ550R 82-83 (8), XT600 84-95 (6), XS850 1980-81 (7), 
  27. High Performance Clutch Springs
    Part #
    High Performance Clutch Springs - Set of 6 - Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 Replaces/upgrades sagged original stock springs.Also fits: XT600 Z '90, XS750 77-80, XS1100 '80.Fits the following only using 5 of the 6 springs: XT550 82, SRX600 86, XT600Z 86-88, XT600E 90-92, XTZ660 92-93, SZR660 95-97. 
  28. Needle Bearing with Thrust Washer
    Part #
    Needle Bearing with Thrust Washer for rear of inner clutch hub. - Fits: All 650's If your clutch does not seem to release properly or if you have difficulty finding neutral when the engine is hot a worn bearing may be the reason. Our high quality multi-needle bearing assembly is a superior replacement for the original.... 
  29. Transmission Mainshaft Bearing
    Part #
    Transmission Mainshaft Double row Ball bearing B5205 - OEM REf.# 93305-20504 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  30. Transmission Countershaft Bearing
    Part #
    Transmission Countershaft (sprocket End) B5206 Special Dual row Ball Bearing OEM Ref. # 93305-20602 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  31. 5 pc. Transmission Bearing Set for Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    5pc. Transmission Bearing Set (Sold as a set/5 Only).Kit includes Shift Drum Bearing and 4 transmission shaft Bearings.Long unavailable and out of production with No substitutes available, Mikes XS has had New production runs of all of these critical bearings done again.Kit Contains 1 each of:-. Countershaft (sprocket... 
  32. Shift Shaft Circlip
    Part #
    Shift shaft circlip fits all 1970-'84 XS650's. Installs on shift shaft groove on left hand side of bike next to shift shaft oil seal. 
  33. Spring - shift selector drum detent arm
    Part #
    Spring - shift selector drum detent arm. - Fits: All 650's 1970-84 OEM. Ref.# 90506-10022 
  34. Shift Shaft Spring - shift arm to Drum
    Part #
    Shift Shaft Spring - upper to shift selector drum arm. - Fits: All 650's 1970-84 OEM Ref.# 90506-08007 
  35. Shift Shaft Assembly Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Shift Shaft Assembly. Fits: All 650's 1970-84. OEM Ref.# 256-18101-03 
  36. Gear Shift Rubber 1970-84 XS650
    Part #
    Gear Shift Rubber - Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 132-18113-01Also fits: RD's 
  37. Oil Seal - Shift Shaft
    Part #
    Engine Transmission Shift Shaft Oil Seal OEM Seal# 93109-14010 Ars SDD 14-24-6 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  38. Oil Seal - Kickstarter shaft
    Part #
    Engine Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal OEM Seal #93102-25064 Ars SD 25-35-7-2HS Fits: All 650's 1970-84, TX750 73-74. 
  39. Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal
    Part #
    Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal - Made in Japan by original maker. Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 93102-08094/08118 (SD - 8-25-6) ArsNote: The Clutch pushrod seal is a chronic leaker.This seal was made to be replaced when the engine cases are split! It can be replaced without splitting the cases but it is tricky to drive it i... 
  40. Gear - 5th. Main - 22 Tooth for Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Stock 22 Tooth 5th. Main Gear (located on final output shaft)Replacement for original gear - OEM Ref. # 256-17251-045th gear commonly wears out the engagement dogs causing the transmission to slip out of 5th gear. Replace this gear if you have this problem (cases must be split to install).Fits: XS650's 1978 - 1984 Onl... 
  41. 5th. Overdrive Gear for Yamaha XS650(73-84), Main shaft 0.979mm ONLY
    Part #
    5th. Overdrive Gear for Yamaha XS650(73-84), Main shaft 0.979 mm ONLY 0.984 inches or 25 mm (Hole diameter)24 Tooth 5th. Pinion Gear. Replaces 23T 5th.Pinion GearGear fits to stock location and makes fifth gear taller (higher top speed in fifth but less torque and less vibration) but ratios in lower gears remains the s... 
  42. Clutch Adjuster Cover
    Part #
    Clutch Adjuster Cover - Chrome - Covers adjuster screw in LH crankcase cover. Fits: 1971-84 XS650's 
  43. Clutch Spring Screw Set
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Screw Set - 12pc. - 6 socket head bolts with matching sleeves.Fits: 1970-84 Clutch hub. 
  44. Clutch  Friction Plate
    Part #
    Clutch Friction Plate (disk). From Japan, OEM type with Kevlar.Clutch Friction Plates - Fit: 650's 1970-84 - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction an... 
  45. Clutch Friction Plates
    Part #
    Clutch Friction Plates (disks) - Fit: 650's 1970-84 - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates were originally used). To use thes... 
  46. Clutch Holder Tool
    Part #
    Clutch Holder Tool - Holds inner and outer clutch hubs so that the center nut may be removed without damaging hubs. Fits: All 650 clutches (1970-84). 
  47. 27mm. Deep Socket
    Part #
    1/2" Drive 27mm. 6 point deep Socket.Fits: Clutch Hub Nut on All 650's 1970-84 
  48. Kickstarter Spring
    Part #
    Kickstarter Spring Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Yamaha XS650 
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