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Yamaha Motorcycle Lubrication: Oil Pumps, Filters, Gaskets and Fittings

Lubrication: Oil Pumps, Filters, Gaskets and Fittings

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your Vintage and restoration Yamaha, and keeping it fresh will extend the life of expensive engine parts. Mikes XS stocks many hard-to-find lubrication parts like XS650 sump oil filters, high performance oil pumps and oil pumps rotors, and filter element gaskets. Improve the performance of your Yamaha cafe racer with a performance oil filter and cooler kit from Heiden Tuning. We also have XS400 and SR500 oil filters, XS 1100 oil filters and oil filter O-rings. 

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  1. Oil delivery Pipe Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Oil delivery Pipe -Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 OEM Ref.# 256-13161-01 
  2. Sump Oil Filter all XS650
    Part #
    Sump Oil Filter -(New and Upgraded design with perforated metal to back up the filtering element). Stock original filters tear at low milage and allow unfiltered oil to flow to the oil pump. Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 - OEM Ref.# 256-13411-01 XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650 XS650 
  3. Oil Filter Screen all XS650
    Part #
    Oil Filter Screen - Fits in RH engine side cover (Clutch side) - Made in Japan - Fits: All 1970-84 XS1 XS1B XS2 XS650 TX650's OEM Ref.# 256-13441-00 
  4. Performance Oil Filter/Cooler Kit
    Part #
    Performance Oil Filter & Cooler Kit developed by Heiden Tuning of Holland. Kit uses common (Honda) replaceable paper element filter that provides better oil filtration than the stock filter screen. Kit installs directly to existing screen location and requires no modifications at all to install. Uses Stock gasket... 
  5. Gasket - Sump oil filter strainer plate XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Sump oil filter strainer plate. Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 XS1 XS1B XS2 
  6. Gasket - Filter Element Base XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Filter Element Base - (Fits under clutch case filter element) Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 - OEM Ref.# 256-13445-00 Also used with XS #15-6504 Performance Oil Filter & cooler kit. 
  7. Gasket - Filter Element Cover XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Filter Element Cover - (For filter cover in clutch case) Fits: All XS650's OEM Ref.# 256-15456-00 Also used with XS #15-6504 Performance Oil Filter & cooler kit. 
  8. Drain Plug Gaskets - Copper - Pkg 2
    Part #
    Drain Plug Gaskets - Copper - Pkg 2.  Replaces OEM# 256-15353-00 Yamaha XS650 + more 
  9. Oil Filter Element
    Part #
    Paper Oil Filter Replacement for XS Performance Oil Filter/Cooler Kit Filter (Part #15-6504).  Filter is also for Honda OEM # 15410-KF0-305/315 / 15412-KF0-000/010 as is used on Honda XL/XR models. 
  10. High Performance Oil Pump
    Part #
    High Performance Oil Pump - Double the oil volume pumped by the stock unit ! Easy direct bolt in kit . Ideal for performance engines or those operating in hot climates. Made in Germany. Fits: 1972-84 650's. 
  11. Magnetic Drain Plug
    Part #
    Stock type Magnetic Drain Plug. OEM Ref.# 256-15351-00 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Note: Each engine has 2 drain plugs. 
  12. Graduated Cylinder
    Part #
    1,000cc (1 Liter) plastic Graduated Cylinder for accurate measuring of fluids.1 US Quart = 946cc (946ml.) 
  13. Oil Filter - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    Oil Filter XS750 77-80, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-81See #43-1505 for O-ring and #43-1506 for oil filter boltAlso fits: VMX 12-MAX 85-95, XJ1100 Maxim 82, XVZ 1200 1300 83-94 
  14. Oil delivery tube Banjo Bolt
    Part #
    Oil delivery tube Banjo Bolt - attaches delivery pipe to cylinder head. - Chrome Plated. Fits: All 1970-84 650's - Sold as a Set of 2 only. 
  15. O-ring for XS750 XS850 XS1100 Oil filter
    Part #
    O-ring for XS750 XS850 XS1100 Oil filter 
  16. Oil Filter - XS360 - XS400 - XJ550 - XJ600 - XJ700 - XJ750
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 1L9-13440-91-00- 1L9-13441-11-00. Fits: XS360 C/D/2D 76-77 XS400 D/E/F/G/H 77-81 XS400 2E/2F 78-79 XS400 J/K Maxim 82-83 XS400 RJ/RK Seca 82-83 XS400 SG/SH/SJ Special FZR400 U/SUC/W/SWC/A/SAC88-90 XJ550 H/J/K Maxim 81-83 XJ550 RH/RJ/RK FJ600 L/LC/N/NC 84-85 FZ600 S/SC/T/TC/U/UC FZR600 W/WC/AC... 
  17. Copper Washers
    Part #
    Copper Washers - Pk./10 for Heiden Filter Cooler mounting Bolts. Washers also fit clutch cover socket screws ( Oem Ref. # 90430-0601418-0903 ). Fits RD's with hydraulics. 
  18. Gasket - Oil Dipstick XS650
    Part #
    Gasket - Oil Dipstick Fits: All 650's 1970-84 XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650 XS650OEM Ref.# 256-15364-00 
  19. Oil Tube Base Fitting.
    Part #
    Oil Tube Base Fitting. 
  20. Oil Cooler Radiator
    Part #
    Radiator for Oil Cooler. 4.25" High x 6" Long, suitable size for XS650's.Fittings and hoses not yet available, cooler is for those fabricating custom made kits. Fitting threads are M10 x 1.25 See 70-0751 for clamp that may be useful with your custom piping. 
  21. Bolt - Oil filter - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    Oil filter bolt Fits: XS360 (1976-77), XS750 (1977-79), XS850 (1980-81), XS1100 (1979-82) Also fits Yamaha: XVZ12/13 Venture (1986-88), VMX12 V-Max (1985-92) 
  22. Oil Filter - SR500 - XV535 XV750 XV920 XV1000 XV1100
    Part #
    Oil Filter - Equivalent to OEM: 4X7-13440-90-00/01- 2H0-13440-90-00- 583-13440-10-00- 5JX-13440-00-00-  Fits Yamaha: SR250 79-84, SR250 Exciter 80-82, XT250 80-84, XV250 Virago 91-09, SR400, XT400 81-84, XT400 E 91, XV400 Virago 87-94, XVS400 Drag Star/Classic 96-08, XZ400 D81-82, TT500 76-81, XT500 76-83,... 
  23. Long 27mm. Combination Wrench
    Part #
    27mm. Box Wrench to fit XS650 Oil Drain Plugs. Long (15") type for leverage to loosen those tight oil plugs. 
  24. Oil Sight Glass
    Part #
    Oil Level Sight Glass and Seal assembly.Original OEM Yamaha part - Ref.# 2H7-15361-00Fits: All XS650's originally equipped with this sight glass in the RH side (Clutch) cover.Also fits: XS750 78-79, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-81 
  25. Replacement Filter Housing Bolts
    Part #
    Replacement Socket Head Bolt Set - (Pk/2)Fits: Housing on XS Performance Heiden Filter cooler #15-6505 
  26. Nut & Washer Set for oil pump
    Part #
    Nut & Washer Set for oil pump 
  27. Oil Pump Outer Rotor Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Stock 8mm. thick oil pump Outer Rotor.Fits: Only 8mm 650 Oil Pumps, replaces debris damaged or broken original Outer rotor. 
  28. Oil Pump Rotor
    Part #
    Stock 8mm. thick oil pump Rotor.Fits: only 8mm 650 Oil Pumps, replaces debris damaged or broken original rotor. 
  29. Hose End Clamp for Oil Cooler
    Part #
    Hose End Clamp for Oil Cooler or other custom hose work. Chrome. 11mm opening. 23mm long. Hose clamp inside.See 70-0750 for oil cooler. 
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