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Yamaha Motorcycle Dellorto Performance Carbs & Parts

Dellorto Performance Carbs & Parts

Poor performance and popping or backfiring during deceleration may be caused by clogged carburetors. We carry a large supply of parts to help you renew your XS Dellorto. A new Yamaha XS Dellorto carb float can cure flooding issues. We also have a wide variety of Dellorto main jets, float valves, throttle cables and cable adjusters, as well as many hard-to-find XS Dellerto carb O-rings. Whatever you need to finish your XS café racer Dellorto carb restoration, Mikes XS can supply it.

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  1. Float Bowl Nut Gasket - Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Float Bowl mounting nut Gasket D2778 (Pr.). Fits: Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors. 
  2. Fibre Washer Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Fibre Washer D6426 for Accelerator Pump Nozzle screw head.Fits: PHF36 Dellorto carburetors. 
  3. Dellorto #65 Pilot Jet
    Part #
    # 65 Pilot Jet - D1486-065 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carbs (Kit XS# 48-7000).This is the size used in our Dellorto Carb kit - XS# 48-7000 
  4. Dellorto K5 Slide Needle
    Part #
    K5 Dellorto Slide Needle. This is the size used in our Dellorto Carb Kit - XS 48-7000. 
  5. Dellorto carb Float
    Part #
    Carb Float as used in Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors 
  6. Dellorto Float Valve
    Part #
    #300 Dellorto Float Valve D8649-X300 ( Needle & Seat Assembly ).Fits PHF 36 Dellorto Carburetors 
  7. Carburetor Fuel Filter Screen for Dellorto PHF36 carb
    Part #
    Carb Fuel Filter screen D6109 (round Disc type). Fits under Fuel inlet/cover.Fits: PHF36 Dellorto Carburetor 
  8. Carburetor Fuel Inlet/Filter Cover for Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Dellorto PHF36 Fuel inlet/Filter screen cover D9250. 
  9. Spring - Accelerator Pump Arm for Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Spring D7415 - Fits at base of (under) accelerator pump actuation arm (arm under carb top that fits in slide groove). This small spring is easily damaged if carb top is not carefully/correctly assembled in slide groove and to the carburetor body. 
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  10. Gasket - Accelerator Pump for Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Accelerator Pump Base Gasket D9278. Fits at base of accelerator pump where it mounts to the Dellorto PHF36 Carburetor 
  11. Carb Slide Spring - Light for Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Light tension carb Slide Spring D8550 as used in our XS#48-7000 PHF36 Carburetor Kits. 
  12. Carb Holder Spacers (set 2) 1978-84 XS650
    Part #
    Billet Aluminum Carburetor Spacers, 35.75mm thick. (Set/2) 35mm ID Fits: To any XS650 Head and improves Low end power and acceleration.Dyno developed to provide maximum low RPM Torque with Dellorto PHF 36.Note: PHF 36 Carbs + Spacers + Pod filters fit to stock space (head to battery box).An essential component of the... 
  13. Cable Adjuster Boot Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Rubber Boot D1476 - Fits: Carb top cable adjuster of PHF36 Dellorto Carburetors. 
  14. Dellorto #135 Main Jets
    Part #
    #135 Main Jet - D64-135 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carbs (Kit XS# 48-7000). 
  15. Float Bowl O-Ring - Dellorto PHF36
    Part #
    Dellorto PHF36 Carburetor Float Bowl O-Ring D7451. 
  16. O-Ring - Accelerator Pump Nozzle Dellorto PHF36 carbs
    Part #
    O-Ring D6173 for Accelerator pump Nozzle as used on Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors.Note: Also fits Choke Jet (fuel pickup in float bowl). 
  17. Mixture Screw Washers Dellorto PHF36 carbs
    Part #
    D8260 Mixture Screw Washers (Pr.) to fit mixture screws of PHF36 Dellorto carburetors.This is for a pair of washers only (# 48-7013). 
  18. Carb Top O-Ring Dellorto PHF36 carbs
    Part #
    Carb Top O-Ring D8533 to Fit PHF36 Carburetor Top. 
  19. Carb top Cable Adjuster Dellorto PHF36 carbs
    Part #
    Straight carb top Cable Adjuster D8931 to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors.Note: Using this item will require shortening the carb side of the # 51-7502 throttle cable included with our XS#48-7000 Carb kit. 
  20. Carb top Cable Adjuster
    Part #
    90 Degree carb top cable adjuster D53036 to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors.This item matches adjuster used on XS#48-7000 carb kit.Includes Rubber Adjuster Boot. 
  21. Dellorto #137 Main Jets
    Part #
    #137 Main Jet - D64-137 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carbs (Kit XS# 48-7000). 
  22. Dellorto #140 Main Jets
    Part #
    #140 Main Jet - D64-140 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors (Kit XS# 48-7000). 
  23. Dellorto #142 Main Jets
    Part #
    #142 Main Jet - D64-142 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors (Kit XS# 48-7000). 
  24. Dellorto #145 Main Jets
    Part #
    #145 Main Jet - D64-145 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carburetors (Kit XS# 48-7000).This is the stock size included with our Dellorto Carbs. 
  25. Dellorto #148 Main Jets
    Part #
    #148 Main Jet - D64-148 (Pr.) to fit Dellorto PHF36 Carbs (Kit XS# 48-7000). 
  26. Throttle Cable for Dellorto Carb Set
    Part #
    Replacement 2-1 throttle cable for our PHF36 Dellorto Carb Kit.Fits: XS#48-7000 Carb set to 1977-84 XS650 stock single cable throttle assembly. 
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26 Items

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