Handlebar Grips 7/8' Pro Sport Cushioned Black

Color/Finish: Black

Dimensions: 5" Long x 1-31/64" OD, Closed End

Fits: 7/8" Bars

Material: Rubber

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Gran Tourisimo style Cushion Grip Set - Black - for 7/8" bars.

The most common issue with the retro style grips that they have the air buffer to create that soft feel and when you punch or cut the end for a bar-end or mirror the two piece design comes apart in your hands you're left with a floppy cushion. Which no one likes. These babies can be tapped on the end without any worry they're malfunction when your twistin' 'em hard. Now isn't that re-assuring? We think so.. 5" Long x 1-31/64" OD, Closed End

Is Universal Part: Yes

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment: N/A