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Yamaha Motorcycle Hardware


The hardware on your motorcycle has one very important role, it’s to hold your bike together. If you notice the hardware rusting or looking bad it should be replaced to prevent parts from falling off or being damaged.

If you are trying to get your motorcycle performing at its best, we have a large variety of Hardware parts for you to choose from.  Be sure to check out our selection of: Bolts, Nuts, Clamps, Bracket Straps, Washers, Screws, Bushings and Studs.   

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  1. Clutch Push Screw & Housing Assembly Kit
    Part #
    Clutch Push Screw & Housing Assembly Kit.Kit contains: Push Screw Housing with mount screws, Push Screw with Adjuster and locknut, Return spring and anchor pin, Cable Hook with hinge pin. Push screw has Long type actuator arm that gives maximum leverage and provides lightest clutch lever pull. Fits: 1972-84 650's... 
  2. Banjo Bolt Washers - 10mm (Pk/2)
    Part #
    Banjo Bolt Washers - 10mm. ((Pk/2) Fits: All Brake hoses & Banjo Bolts. 
  3. Drain Plug Gaskets - Copper - Pkg 2
    Part #
    Drain Plug Gaskets - Copper - Pkg 2.  Replaces OEM# 256-15353-00 Yamaha XS650 + more 
  4. Top end Copper Sealing Washer Kit XS650
    Part #
    Top end Copper Sealing Washer Kit - 9 pc. Fits: All 650's Kit contains: 1pc. # 90430-14043 ( @ Oil feed tube base at crankcase), 4 pc. # 90430-10027 ( @ Oil feed tube - Top of head at bolts), 2pc. 90430-11033 (@ Rear of cam chain guide support nuts to cylinder front), 2 pc.# 90430-06014 @ (Cam chain guide fastening b... 
  5. Clutch Spring Screw
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Screw - Sold Each. - 6 Pieces used per engine. Order what you need. Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's. 
  6. Lower Engine Case Screw Set. - 18pc.
    Part #
    Lower Engine Case Stainless Screw Set. - 18pc. - Fits: Lower right hand & left hand engine cases on all 650's. 
  7. Exhaust Head Studs
    Part #
    Exhaust Studs for Cylinder Head - 10mm. x M1.25 x 43mm. Long with plated finish.Fits All 650's 1972-84 
  8. Chrome Thick Washer
    Part #
    Chrome Thick Washer - 10mm. x 27mm. x 4.5mm. - Fits: All Footrest mount bars on 1970-84 650's and shock absorber top mount stud on 1974-79 650's. 
  9. Damper Bolt Sealing Washers
    Part #
    Damper Bolt Sealing Washers - copper (Pk/2) - Fits under allen socket head damper retaining bolts (Lower fork leg to inner dampers). 
  10. Sealing Washers for Tap to Tank Mount Screws
    Part #
    Sealing Washers for Tap to Tank Mount Screws. Fits: Under mount screws on 1970-84 XS650's 
  11. Wire Hose Clamps 1/4"  Pack of 10
    Part #
    Wire Spring type Hose Clamp. 1/4" (6mm.) inside Diameter size (unexpanded) in packs of 10pc. Suitable for matching small fuel or vent hose. 
  12. Wire Hose Clamps 9mm - Pack of 10
    Part #
    Wire Spring type Hose Clamp. 0.35" (9mm.) inside Diameter size (unexpanded)in packs of 10pc. Best Size to fit Standard XS petcocks using 20-4009/10 black rubber fuel line. 
  13. Clutch Hub Lock Tab
    Part #
    Clutch hub Lock Tab - Fits: 1980-84 XS650's OEM Ref.# 90215-19139 
  14. Stainless Steel Cylinder Head Nuts
    Part #
    Stainless steel Crown Nuts for All 650 Cylinder Heads 1970-84. 10mm Sold Each 
  15. Chrome Point Cover Screw
    Part #
    Chrome Point Cover Screw 
  16. Shock Mount Acorn/Crown Nut
    Part #
    Chrome Shock Acorn/Crown Nut - Deep Type 17mm hex x 10mm x 1.25 pitch x 21mm Long Fits: Shock absorber upper studs on 74-84 650's 
  17. 3 Hole Tappet Cover Stud
    Part #
    Cylinder Head Stud for 3 hole Tappet Cover - 6mm. x M1.0 x 30mm. with plated finish. Fits Cylinder Head 3 hole Tappet covers on all 1970-84 650's. 
  18. Alloy Block off Cap
    Part #
    Alloy Block off Cap - for tachometer drive. (Female threads)Seals out dirt if drive is no longer used. Fits: All 650's 
  19. 6mm. ID Cable Ferrule
    Part #
    6mm. ID Cable Ferrule - (Outer cable end cover) - Pk./10 Ferrule Cable ends for making or repairing cables.Fits: Throttle Cables XS #51-3502/3509/3510/3511 +Decompressor Cable XS #51-6504 
  20. Footrest Mount Acorn Nut - 10 x 1.25 (Crown Nut)
    Part #
    Polished Chrome Shock Acorn Nut - Short Type (Crown Nut)17mm hex x 10mm 1.25 pitch x 16mm Long Fits: All Footrest mount bars 70-84 + Fender mount thru point on 76-78's. 
  21. 1 1/2" Chrome Heavy Duty Exhaust Center Clamp
    Part #
    1 1/2" Chrome Heavy Duty Center Clamp with Nut & bolt. 
  22. Banjo Bolt M10x1.25
    Part #
    Banjo Bolt - M10. x 1.25 - Fits: All original XS650 and TX650 front & rear master cylinders and most Yamaha brake calipers. - OEM Ref.# 90401-10034 
  23. Contact breaker plate Screws
    Part #
    Contact breaker plate Screws (2pc.) and flat Washers (2pc.) - Set for main backing plate adjustment.Also Fits: RD250, RD350, RD400 
  24. Copper Washers
    Part #
    Copper Washers - Pk./10 for Heiden Filter Cooler mounting Bolts. Washers also fit clutch cover socket screws ( Oem Ref. # 90430-0601418-0903 ). Fits RD's with hydraulics. 
  25. Damper retaining bolts.
    Part #
    Damper retaining bolts. Fits into lower fork leg to inner fork damper. Special size allen socket head. Fits: XS650's 1977-84 
  26. Wire Hose Clamps 5/16"  Pack of 10
    Part #
    Wire Spring type Hose Clamp. 5/16" (8mm.) inside Diameter size (unexpanded) in packs of 10pc. Suitable for matching fuel or vent hose. 
  27. Rear Sprocket Bolts
    Part #
    Bolts for Rear Sprockets - Original type (6pc. Set).Fits: All 650 Rear sprockets 1970-84 
  28. Alternator Housing Mount Screws
    Part #
    Alternator Housing Mount Screws - Special 6mm. (pk/2) Screws to mount alternator stator housing to engine.Fits: All 650's. 
  29. Bushing - (Swing Arm Bolt Tube)
    Part #
    Bushing (Swing Arm Bolt tube) OEM Ref.# 341-22184-00 Note: Tube is a slip fit through bronze bushings. Replace if original is galled or will not fit through new bronze bushings. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  30. Bolt - Brake Backing plate to Brake Stay
    Part #
    Bolt assembly (Special type) - Fits: Brake Shoe Backing plate to Brake stay.Fits: All 1974-84 XS/TX650's. 
  31. Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Lock Tab
    Part #
    Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Lock Tab - Fits: 1977-84 XS650 sidestand mount. 
  32. Clutch Spring Screw Set
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Screw Set - 12pc. - 6 socket head bolts with matching sleeves.Fits: 1970-84 Clutch hub. 
  33. Float Bowl Drain Screw with O-Ring Mikuni BS34 CV carbs
    Part #
    Float Bowl Drain Screw with O-Ring - Fits: 80-84 Stock 34mm. Mikuni CV Carbs. 
  34. Carb Link bar Screws
    Part #
    Stainless Steel carb link bar Screws - Set of 4 with socket (Allen) heads.Link bar screws hold carbs together (on the carb support brackets) and often need replacing when changing the fuel line T on stock 80-84 BS34 CV carbs.6mm x 13mm x 1.0 pitch 
  35. Screws - 5mm. Mikuni BS38 CV carb lid
    Part #
    Screws - 5mm.- Early Mikuni BS38 CV carb Lid Screws with lockwashers and Late 34mm CV Bowl Screw Pk./4 
  36. Screws - 5mm. Mikuni CV carb lid
    Part #
    Screws - 5mm.(no lock washers) Late Mikuni CV carb Lid Screw - Pk./4 
  37. Float Bowl Screws Mikuni CV carbs
    Part #
    Float Bowl Screws - 4mm. - ( Pk./4 Screws with lockwashers). Fits: Early Mikuni CV carb float bowls. 
  38. Throttle Shaft Screws Mikuni BS34 and BS38 CV carbs
    Part #
    Throttle Butterfly Shaft Screws (Pk./4)Fits: Stock Mikuni BS34/BS38 CV Carbs. All OEM XS1/XS2/XS650/TX650 carbs XS400 
  39. Advance/Breaker Housing Screw & washer Pk/6
    Part #
    Advance/Breaker Housing Screw & washer Pk/6 (12pcs) - 6 countersunk flat-head type screws and 6 matching starlock washers. 2 sets required to do both engine housings on each engine. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  40. Crown Nut for Exhaust Mount Studs
    Part #
    Crown Nut for Exhaust Mount Studs 
  41. Front Wheel Axle Nut
    Part #
    Front Wheel Axle Nut.All XS650's. XS250 77-84. XS360 76-77, XS500 75-78, TX500 73-74, TX650 73-74, TX750 73-74, 
  42. Rear Wheel Axle Nut
    Part #
    Rear Wheel Axle Nut 
  43. Oil delivery tube Banjo Bolt
    Part #
    Oil delivery tube Banjo Bolt - attaches delivery pipe to cylinder head. - Chrome Plated. Fits: All 1970-84 650's - Sold as a Set of 2 only. 
  44. Rear Axle with Nut
    Part #
    Rear Axle with Nut - Fits: All XS/TX650's 1974-84 Replaces Axle - OEM #341-25181 & Axle Nut - OEM# 90171-18008 
  45. Carb Holder stainless steel screw set
    Part #
    Stainless steel socket head screws for carb holders Set of 4 for stock carb holders as used on 1970-84 XS650 's, XS400 's 
  46. Steering Head Locknut
    Part #
    Steering Head Locknut. Fits: 74-84 XS650's Replaces OEM # 90179-25033 
  47. Chrome Steering Head Nut & Washer XS650
    Part #
    Steering Head Bolt with domed head and matching chrome radiused Washer.Fits: All XS650's with a steering head post Bolt (not models with a damper).Improved appearance over stock style. 
  48. Machine Screw Phillips Pan-Head 4x14 gold 25-pack
    Part #
    25 pack Phillips Carburetor Float Bowl Screws 4x14 . Used on many Mikuni VM carbs from the 70's.Yellow Zinc Coated Steel. JIS Philips cross-head machine screws assembled with captive spring washer. Pitch = 0.7mmhead diameter (dk) = 7mm head height (k) = 2.6mmlength (L) = 14mm 
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