Installation Instructions for the new Electronic Advancer

Removing the Mechanical Advancer

The new electronic advancer the place of the original mechanical advancer. The first step is to remove the mechanical advancer and slotted disk which is no longer needed. The advance rod is reused.

Note: It is essential that you install the trigger rotor on the advance rod before inserting the advance rod into the cam cavity.

  1. With the trigger rotor attached to the end of the advance rod on the left side of the engine, install the advancer replacement on the advance rod on the right side of the engine being careful to ensure that the cam shaft locating pin and the advance rod locating pin are in their respective slots in the advancer replacement.
  2. Install the washer and nut on the advance rod and tighten to secure the advancer replacement.

Wiring the Advancer


  1. Do not connect the sensor directly to the coil for any reason as it is not capable of driving the coil and will be damaged.
  2. Do not connect power to the ignition system until the installation is complete.
  3. Do not disconnect the battery with the engine running.
  4. Do not disconnect one spark plug wire with the ignition on.

Failure to observe the above cautions will void the warranty.

The advancer basically is wired in between the ignition plate wiring and the coil. The label on the advancer points to the right to the wires from the sensor plate and to the left to the wires going to the coil. If you are installing the advancer in an existing standard XSCharge ignition setup, then start by Disconnecting the red, green and black wires going to the coil from the sensor plate.

  1. Connect the red, green and black wires from the sensor plate to the red, green and black wires from the advancer wires pointed to by the arrow on the right side of the advancer box.
  2. Connect the red, green and black wires from the left side of the advancer box to the coil, battery and ground with the red wire going to the switched battery terminal of the coil, the green wire going to the other coil terminal and the black wire going to a suitable frame ground.
  3. Mount the advancer in any convenient location, but not directly above the engine or near the ignition coil. The best place is under the left side air filter cover simply tie wrapped to the wiring harness.
  4. Position the ignition sensor plate with the hold down screws in the center of the adjusting slots.
    Sensor Circuit Board
  5. Start the engine and using a suitable timing light, check the timing on the alternator rotor.
  6. If necessary, loosen the hold-down screws on the ignition sensor plate and rotate the plate clockwise to advance the timing or counterclockwise to retard the timing.
  7. Increase the engine RPM's to 3,200 and check for full advance timing.

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