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Mirrors - Handlebar End - Universal W/Convex - Pkg 2

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Mirrors - Bar-End - pair (2) universal 80mm diameter w/convex mirror with adjustable stem for both steel and aluminum 7/8" bars. Matte Black Finish.

Installation tip: These mirrors entail a 4-finger expander sleeve that expands as the socket head bolt is tightened. (See photo) As the sleeve expands- it bites into the inside of the handlebar. It is critical to "pre-load" the 4-finger expander sleeve before installation- otherwise the fingers will not make contact with the inside of the bar and turning the bolt will simply turn the expander inside of the handlebar. It may be advisable to insert the expander partially inside the bar- secure remaining portion of the expander with needle nose pliers- or similar tool- and start the socket head bolt so a substantial grip on the inside of the bar is established. Carefully tap the socket head bolt until the mirror is firmly seated on the bar end- finish tightening the socket head bolt.

Is Universal Part: Yes

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment: N/A