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R5 / RD250 / RD350 / RD400 Engine and Clutch

Engine and Clutch

One of the typical stumbling bike when reviving a vintage RD350 is errant engine oil leaks. Your engine gaskets are 40 years old, well past their useable service life. When brought back to the land of the living, those old seals and gaskets are bound to yield to your vintage Yamaha 2-stroke’s pressure. As the pace gets frenetic, the situation will only get worse. Luckily, Mikes XS has what you need to right the ship. We stock RD350 and RD400 overhaul gasket sets and engine oil seal kits, so you can renew these critical vintage Yamaha engine components.

Mikes XS is also a great place to find new OEM-type replacement parts for Yamaha RDs. We have the RD250, RD350 and RD400 spark plugs, kick-start lever, kick-start rubber, and kickstarter rebuild kit. And while you have those vintage Yamaha engine cases split, check the condition of your clutch and renew worn or wearing parts. Mikes XS carries RD350 clutch friction plates and clutch spring sets to get your Yamaha 2-stroke shifting smoothly, as its engineers intended.

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  1. Kickstart Rubber
    Part #
    Kickstart Rubber - Fits: Small 13 mm. shaft (later type kick start levers) as shown.Fits XS650 and RD's 
  2. Kick Starter - RD250 RD350 RD400 XS500 XS750
    Part #
    Kick Starter -Fits:DS7 1972, R6 1970, R5 1971-72, RD250 73-77, RD350 73-75, RD400 76-77, TX500 73-74, XS500 75-77, XS750 77-78, - pls check 
  3. Clutch Friction Plate XS360 XS400 XS750 SR500 +
    Part #
    Vesrah Clutch Friction Plate - Sold EACHFull set for XS400 is 7 plates/disks. Fits:XV250 P/PC-W1/W1C XV250 G/GC-K/KC Route 66 95-98 XS360 76-77 XS400 D/E/F 77-79 XS4002E/2F 78-79 XS400 G/H Special XS400 SG/SH/SJ Special SR500 E/F/G/H TX500 A FJ600 L/LC/N/NC 84-85 FZ600 S/SC/T/TC/U/UC 86-88 FZ600 SS/SSC/ST/STC FZ600 T/T... 
  4. Front Sprocket - 16Tx530 Countershaft Sprocket, XS360, XS400, RD400
    Part #
    Front Sprocket - 16Tx530 Countershaft SprocketFits: XS400 S SECA 1982 XS400 D, 2E, E, F, 2F, Heritage 1977-81 Stock teeth: D, 2E, Heritage: 16 front -37 rear. E, F, 2F 16-39 XS360 C, D, 2D 1976-77 Stock teeth: 16-40 RD400 C, D, E 1976-78Color will vary. 
  5. Gear Change Lever with rubber XS650
    Part #
    Gear Change Lever with rubber. Chrome plated steel - Fits: 1970-84 650'sAlso fits: XS850 1980-81 and RD's 
  6. Spark Plug B8HS
    Part #
    Spark Plug B8HS. For two stroke engines.For: DS7, R5, RD250, RD350, RD400 1970-79 
  7. Clutch Spring Set Yamaha RD400
    Part #
    Clutch Spring Set RD400 1976-79Also fits: RZ350 1984-85 
  8. Clutch Friction plates Yamaha RD250 RD350 RD400
    Part #
    Clutch Friction plates RD250/350/400. Sold each.Fits: RD250 1973-75, RD350 1973-75, RD400 1976-79Vesrah # VP-2042 
  9. Overhaul Gasket set RD400
    Part #
    Overhaul Gasket set RD400 1976-79. 
  10. Overhaul Gasket Set RD350
    Part #
    Overhaul Gasket Set RD350 1974-75.Fits R5 except for intake manifold gasket. 
  11. Engine Oil Seal kit Yamaha RD350 RD400
    Part #
    Engine Oil Seal kit - 9 pieces. Made in Japan.Fits: RD350 1973-1975, RD400 1976-1979Need to buy Yamaha key seal for a complete rebuild - available from Yamaha only. 
  12. Front Sprocket Nut
    Part #
    Front Sprocket Nut. Fits: All XS650's 1970-84.Also fits RD's. 
  13. Kickstart Rebuild Kit
    Part #
    Kickstart Rebuild Kit - Fits: Early straight type lever. Kit Contains: Spring - 90501-15091, Special Washer - 90201-17256, circlip 93430-12022, 5/16 Ball Bearing 93505-16006 .Will also work for RD's. 
  14. Gear Shift Rubber 1970-84 XS650
    Part #
    Gear Shift Rubber - Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 132-18113-01Also fits: RD's 
  15. Front Sprocket 17Tx530 Yamaha RD400 XS360 XS400
    Part #
    Front Sprocket 17Tx530Standard size RD400 1976-1978 One tooth up from standard for XS360, XS400 
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