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RD400 / RD350 / RD250 / R5 Suspension


When your vintage Yamaha’s suspension system starts to wear out, a lack of comfort is the least of your concerns. Worn shocks and leaky fork seals affect the even handling that helped make the RD350 one of the most popular bikes ever for vintage Japanese café racer projects. Mikes XS has Monza Sport shock absorbers and brand-new RD350 fork seals to help restore your motorcycle’s handling.

That stiff rear suspension may not be a result of simple worn RD350 shocks, though. The swing arms on these fiery little 2-stroke street rockets must be greased regularly to help them deal with the abuse sport riders can dish out. Mikes XS stocks RD350 swing arm pivot shafts, needle shaft bearings, swing arm grease seal sets and swing arm bolt grease fittings to help fully restore your vintage Yamaha 2-stroke. 

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  1. Seal Puller Adjustable
    Part #
    Adjustable oil seal puller with two tips- Head adjusts to 5 positions works well removing fork seals and other deep set seals. No more battling trying to remove stubborn seals - those hard to reach fork seals are no match for this tool 
  2. Fork Seal Set 1977-84 XS650 35mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Fork Seal Set - 35 x 48 x 10.5/11 - Fits: 1977-84 XS 650's (35mm Fork Tubes). Made In Japan by OEM supplier.Also fits: RD350 LC YPVS 83-84, RD350 LCF 85, RD350 LC H 86-90, TZ350 76-78, RD400 F 79, XS400 J/K 82-83, XS400 DOHC 82-87, XS400 R Seca J/K 82-83, XS500 76-78, XS750D 77.Double springNote: Measure fork tubes be... 
  3. Swingarm Grease Seal Set
    Part #
    Swingarm Grease Seal Set - Holds grease into bushings & shaft area of swing arm. Helps seal out water & dirt. If your bike has originals they should be re-placed! Made in Japan by original supplier. Fits: All 650's 1970-1984 
  4. Shock Absorber Set - 12 3/4 inch (325mm) Eye To Eye - Monza
    Part #
    Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Traditional) standard size for 1974-84 XS650 TX650's - Dual Progressive wound Chrome Springs & Long Black top shroud with black shock body.12 3/4" (324mm.) eye to eye., Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers.Can be used as replacement on: Yamaha RD400 1976-79, XS400 1977-81,... 
  5. Fork Seal Set 1970-76 XS1 XS2 XS650 TX650 34mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Fork Seal Set - 34 x 46 x 10.5 - Fits: 1970-76 TX/XS 650's (34mm fork Tubes). Made In Japan by OEM Supplier.Also fits:DT250 74-78, DT250 MX 77-78, RD250 73-75, RD350 73-75, DT400 75-78, DT400 MX 77-79, RD400 76-78, TX500 73-74, XS500 75-78, TX650 A 74, XS750 1977Note: Measure fork tubes before ordering. 
  6. Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Swing Arm - XS650 - RD350 - RD400 - XS400
    Part #
    Swing arm Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Kit includes - Needle Bearings & Hardened shaft. Made in Japan.The needle bearings replace the original steel, plastic or bronze bushings. You do not need those in addition to this kit. Fits: XS/TX650's 1974-84, RD250 73-75, RD350 A/B 73-75, RD350 LC 80-82, RD350 LCYP... 
  7. Swing arm bolt Grease Fitting
    Part #
    Swing arm bolt Grease Fitting - Replace original grease fittings with ones that fit to common American size grease guns. Fittings fit to ends of swing arm shaft (bolt). 2 required per bike. Fits: All 650's 1970-84Also fits Center Stand Bolt XS650 item #37-0001 
  8. Fork Seal set (2)  Yamaha RD400 1978-79 SR500 1978-93 XS650 1977-83 TX750 1973-74
    Part #
    Fork Seal set (2)Fits: RD400 1978-79, SR500 1978-93, XS650 1977-83, TX750 1973-74 
  9. Bushing - (Swing Arm Bolt Tube)
    Part #
    Bushing (Swing Arm Bolt tube) OEM Ref.# 341-22184-00 Note: Tube is a slip fit through bronze bushings. Replace if original is galled or will not fit through new bronze bushings. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  10. Swing Arm Pivot Bolt (Shaft)
    Part #
    Swing Arm Pivot Bolt (Shaft) - Bolt with full size thread (replaces undercut original). Fits: XS650's 1974-84. Check your original for cracks at the threads. 
  11. Monza Sport Shock Absorber Set 12.75" (324mm) black w/chrome spring
    Part #
    Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Sport) for 1974-84 XS/TX650's -Dual progressive wound Chrome Springs & Chrome top shroud with Black shock body.12.75" (324mm.) eye to eye., Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers. 
  12. Shock Absorber Set 12 3/4" (325mm) 74-84 +
    Part #
    Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Standard) for 1974-84 XS/TX650's - Chrome Springs, cap with chrome shock body. 12 3/4" (324mm.) eye to eye. Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers.*** Note - the top is painted a chrome color, and not chrome plated 
  13. Swingarm Pivot Bolt (Shaft)
    Part #
    Swing-arm Pivot Bolt (Shaft) - Bolt with full size thread (replaces undercut original). Fits: XS1 / XS1b / XS2 / TX650 (1970-73). Check your original for cracks at the threads.Contains:1 grease fitting and 1 removable nut Additional grease fitting available, see # 28-1026 
  14. Replacement Needle Shaft Bearing
    Part #
    Replacement shaft Needle Bearing for #28-1011 conversion kit 
  15. Replacement Shaft End Bearing
    Part #
    Replacement Shaft End Bearing (Needle thrust washer) for kit #28-1011 
  16. Alloy Bracket for 35mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Alloy Bracket - For Fork tube end of our Hydraulic Steering Damper.Fits: 35mm. Fork tubes on Yamaha XS650's (1977-84). Made in Japan Bikes with standard 35mm forks: XS400 Maxim 82-83, SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81, XS500 C/D/E 76-78, XJ550 RH/RJ/RK Seca 81-83, XZ550 RJ/RK Vision 82-83, TX750 A 73-74, XS750.Will work with Yamaha... 
  17. Alloy Bracket for 34mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Alloy Bracket - For Fork tube end of our Hydraulic Steering Damper.Fits: 34mm. Fork tubes on Yamaha XS/TX650's (1971-76). Made in Japan.Bikes with standard 34mm fork tubes: R5, DS7 1970-72, RD350 73-75, TX500 73-75, XS500 73-75, XS1, XS1b, XS2, TX650 1970-73.Please note that we find the forks have been changed on some... 
  18. Steering Stem Bearing RD250 RD350 RD400 XS360 XS400 +
    Part #
    Steering Stem Bearing KitFits:RD125 B/C 75-76, TZ125 G 1980, XV125 S 99, XV125 97-00 RD200 A/B/C 74-76, RD250 A/B 73-75 SR250 G/H/J Exciter 80-82 , SR250 TH Exciter II 1981 , SRX250 T/TC 1987 TD3/TR3 250 (Race) 1972, TZ250 (Race) 1973 XV250 U/UC/W/WC Route 66 88-89, XV250 A/AC Route 66 1990, XV250 G/GC-L/LC Route 66 95... 
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