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Yamaha Motorcycle Swing Arm Bushings, Steering Bearings and Dampers

Swing Arm Bushings, Steering Bearings and Dampers

Worn steering bearings cause dangerous drifting and vague steering. Restore proper steering to your Yamaha XS with new XS650 steering stem bearings. We also carry Parts Plus XS400 and RD 400 steering bearings, XS6 alloy fork tube brackets, and swing arm pivot bolts. Pull those old, worn Yamaha XS bearings the right way with a Blind bearing and bushing removal tool set. And keep wobbles and tank slap at bay with an XS steering damper.  

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  1. Steering Bearing Kit XV920 XV750 XJ750 TX750 XS500
    Part #
    Steering Bearing 25 x 48 x 15.2mm- 30 x 48 x 15mm Fits Yamaha TX500 1973-75- XS500 1976-78- XZ550 1982-83- FZ600 1986-88- SRX600 1986- TX650 1970-76- XJ650 1980-83- XS650 1977-83- TX750 1973-74- XJ750 1981-83- XV750 1981-83- XV920 1981-83. 
  2. Wheel Bearing Kit Fr FJ1200 XV900 XJ900 FZ750
    Part #
    6302-2RS- 30-5604- 30-4203- Front Right and Left Bearing 6302-2RS- Front Right Seal 30-4203- Front Left Seal 30-5604. Fits Yamaha FZR400 1988-90- FZR600 1989-99- YX600 1986-90- XJ650 1980-83- FZ700 1986-87- FZX700 1986-87- FZ750 1985-86- 1988- FZR750 1987-88- XJ750 1981-83- XV750 1981-83- XJ900 1983- XV900 1982-83- XV... 
  3. Bushings - Swingarm - Bronze - XS1 - XS2 - XS650 - XS360 - XS400 - XS500 - TX650 - TX750
    Part #
    Bronze Swing arm Bushings (Set/2) - Replace your plastic, steel or bronze factory swing arm bushings and improve your bikes handling.  Equivalent to OEM: 33033-009 90386-22029-00. Bronze. Fits Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ750B1/B2/B3/B4 H2B/C KZ650B1/C1 KH500 H1B/E/F KH400 S3 KZ400A1/A2/D/S S1B/C S2 KZ250 KH250 KE250... 
  4. Steering Stem Bearing Kit XS650 + more
    Part #
    Steering Stem (Head) Bearing Kit Kit replaces factory loose ball bearings & races. Tapered Roller bearings have 10 times the contact area and less flex. Drop in replacement for factory original type. Japanese made Superior Quality.Fits: 1970-84 XS1 XS2 XS650 TX650Also fits: FZ400R 92-93, TX500A 73-74, XS500 B-E 75... 
  5. Swingarm Grease Seal Set
    Part #
    Swingarm Grease Seal Set - Holds grease into bushings & shaft area of swing arm. Helps seal out water & dirt. If your bike has originals they should be re-placed! Made in Japan by original supplier. Fits: All 650's 1970-1984 
  6. Damper - Hydraulic Steering - Z1
    Part #
    Hydraulic Steering Damper - 7 position adjustable in 20Lb. force increments. Quality Made in Japan. Ideal for sidecar or racing use. Frame bracket must be fabricated to adapt to your application. Equivalent to OEM: 46117-006 Steering Damper - Is identical to Original Kawasaki Steering Damper for the Z1. Variable force... 
  7. Swing arm bolt Grease Fitting
    Part #
    Swing arm bolt Grease Fitting - Replace original grease fittings with ones that fit to common American size grease guns. Fittings fit to ends of swing arm shaft (bolt). 2 required per bike. Fits: All 650's 1970-84Also fits Center Stand Bolt XS650 item #37-0001 
  8. Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Swing Arm - XS650 - RD350 - RD400 - XS400
    Part #
    Swing arm Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Kit includes - Needle Bearings & Hardened shaft. Made in Japan.The needle bearings replace the original steel, plastic or bronze bushings. You do not need those in addition to this kit. Fits: XS/TX650's 1974-84, RD250 73-75, RD350 A/B 73-75, RD350 LC 80-82, RD350 LCYP... 
  9. Chrome Steering Head Nut & Washer XS650
    Part #
    Steering Head Bolt with domed head and matching chrome radiused Washer.Fits: All XS650's with a steering head post Bolt (not models with a damper).Improved appearance over stock style. 
  10. Steering Head Locknut
    Part #
    Steering Head Locknut. Fits: 74-84 XS650's Replaces OEM # 90179-25033 
  11. Bushing - (Swing Arm Bolt Tube)
    Part #
    Bushing (Swing Arm Bolt tube) OEM Ref.# 341-22184-00 Note: Tube is a slip fit through bronze bushings. Replace if original is galled or will not fit through new bronze bushings. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  12. Swing Arm Pivot Bolt (Shaft)
    Part #
    Swing Arm Pivot Bolt (Shaft) - Bolt with full size thread (replaces undercut original). Fits: XS650's 1974-84. Check your original for cracks at the threads. 
  13. Steering Bearing Set Yamaha SR500
    Part #
    Steering Bearing Set Yamaha SR500 
  14. Steering Stem Bearing RD250 RD350 RD400 XS360 XS400 +
    Part #
    Steering Stem Bearing KitFits:RD125 B/C 75-76, TZ125 G 1980, XV125 S 99, XV125 97-00 RD200 A/B/C 74-76, RD250 A/B 73-75 SR250 G/H/J Exciter 80-82 , SR250 TH Exciter II 1981 , SRX250 T/TC 1987 TD3/TR3 250 (Race) 1972, TZ250 (Race) 1973 XV250 U/UC/W/WC Route 66 88-89, XV250 A/AC Route 66 1990, XV250 G/GC-L/LC Route 66 95... 
  15. Blind Bearing and Bushing Removal Set
    Part #
    Blind Bearing and Bushing Removal Set. Set includes slide hammer, crossbar type shaft and 30, 25, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 8mm collets.Essential tool for transmission rebuilds, also used for wheel bearing removal. 
  16. Alloy Bracket for 34mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Alloy Bracket - For Fork tube end of our Hydraulic Steering Damper.Fits: 34mm. Fork tubes on Yamaha XS/TX650's (1971-76). Made in Japan.Bikes with standard 34mm fork tubes: R5, DS7 1970-72, RD350 73-75, TX500 73-75, XS500 73-75, XS1, XS1b, XS2, TX650 1970-73.Please note that we find the forks have been changed on some... 
  17. Alloy Bracket for 35mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Alloy Bracket - For Fork tube end of our Hydraulic Steering Damper.Fits: 35mm. Fork tubes on Yamaha XS650's (1977-84). Made in Japan Bikes with standard 35mm forks: XS400 Maxim 82-83, SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81, XS500 C/D/E 76-78, XJ550 RH/RJ/RK Seca 81-83, XZ550 RJ/RK Vision 82-83, TX750 A 73-74, XS750.Will work with Yamaha... 
  18. Replacement Shaft End Bearing
    Part #
    Replacement Shaft End Bearing (Needle thrust washer) for kit #28-1011 
  19. Replacement Needle Shaft Bearing
    Part #
    Replacement shaft Needle Bearing for #28-1011 conversion kit 
  20. Swingarm Pivot Bolt (Shaft)
    Part #
    Swing-arm Pivot Bolt (Shaft) - Bolt with full size thread (replaces undercut original). Fits: XS1 / XS1b / XS2 / TX650 (1970-73). Check your original for cracks at the threads.Contains:1 grease fitting and 1 removable nut Additional grease fitting available, see # 28-1026 
  21. Steering Bearing Set Yamaha XS750 XS850 XS1100
    Part #
    Steering Bearing Set. XS750 1977-80, XS850 1980-81, XS1100 1978-81Also fits: TZ250 F-J 79-82, WR250 Z 91-97, XT250 84, YZ250 77-95, YBR250 11, TT350 86-87, XT350 H 85-90, FZR400R 88-90, IT400 79, YZ400 77-79, IT425 80, IT465 81-82, YZ465 81, IT490 83-84, YZ490 82-90, XP500 T Max 03-07, XT550 82-83, FZR600 R 89-95, FZS6... 
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