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Yamaha Motorcycle Service Tools

Service Tools

Nothing makes a mechanic’s life go more smoothly than having the right tool for the job, and nothing causes more headaches than trying to adapt an ill-suited tool to a job that requires a specialty tool. Mikes XS understands your tool needs, and that is why we stock tools like the motorcycle valve spring compressor, engine valve seat cutting/finishing tool kit, cam chain tool kit, chain breaking and riveting tool kit, and Blind hole bearing puller set. The inductive xenon ignition timing light is a must for XS650 ignition upgrade jobs, and our deep allen socket set eliminates the need for wobbly extensions that cause stripped bolts. Our Chief go-through socket set eliminates the need for deep sockets, and we offer motorcycle stands and nifty stainless steel zip ties from TC Bros Choppers, as well as many other motorcycle-specific tools. 

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  1. Wire Spike Cleaner Set
    Part #
    Useful tool for cleaning carb and carb jet orifices, master cylinder return holes, welder tips- etc. Assortment of different gauge wire tips. 
  2. Seal Puller Adjustable
    Part #
    Adjustable oil seal puller with two tips- Head adjusts to 5 positions works well removing fork seals and other deep set seals. No more battling trying to remove stubborn seals - those hard to reach fork seals are no match for this tool 
  3. Engine Stand metric MC25
    Part #
    MC25 This versatile stand is easily adjustable to accommodate the wide range of engine types in service today. Height and width are both adjustable on the MC25- another major feature is the ability to rotate an engine a full 360 degrees. Pan removal- transmissions- starters- and clutches are just a few of the services... 
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  4. Valve Shim Changing Tool
    Part #
    Valve Shim Changing Tool - Fits Yamaha XJ650/750 XS750/850/1100 
  5. Carb Adjustment Tool Set
    Part #
    Carb Adjustment Tool Set - 11" long . Works with Mikuni or Keihin carburetors with an 8mm hex nut and screwdriver slot adjusting bolt . . Used to help sync carbs. 
  6. Internal Circlip Pliers Motion Pro
    Part #
    Allows removal of internal snap rings used in hydraulic master cylinders Replaces Honda# 07914-SA50001 Can be used to remove and replace small to medium internal snap rings up to 50 deep- including those used for transmission gear locating- bearing retention- and oil seal retention Applicable to some fork seal retainin... 
  7. Tire Pressure Gauge - 0-60 - With 12 inch Hose - Bleed Valve
    Part #
    Tire Pressure Gauge - 0-60 with 12" hose, bleed valve. Easy to read analog gauge goes up to 60 PSI.  Comes with an easy to release bleed valve. The gauge is surrounded by nice thick rubber to protect from knocks. 
  8. JIS Screwdrivers - Set of Three #1- #2- #3
    Part #
    Set of three high quality JIS Screwdrivers - Chrome Vanadium with Magnetic tips. Guaranteed for life. #1- #2 & #3 sizes. "full tang" - meaning that they are a one piece shaft from tip to tip with a hex bolster end. Every screw on every Japanese designed motorcycle from the 1950s right up to the newest bikes in th... 
  9. Autosol Metal Polish
    Part #
    3.33 oz. (75 ml) tube of Autosol Metal Polish.Cleans, polishes, protects and removes corrosion.For all metal parts-chrome, brass, copper, nickel,stainless steel & aluminum.Made in Germany since 1929."A product that is superior to anything else available" 
  10. Rotor Puller - Alternator - M24 x P1 - XS650
    Part #
    Alternator Rotor Puller - Safely pulls rotor without damaging it. Size: M24 x P1.0Fits: All 650's. 
  11. Tire Valve Core Tool
    Part #
    Tire Valve Core Tool (Set of 2)For installation and removal of standard valve cores Aluminum handle. 5-1/2" Long 
  12. Tire Lever - 16 inch Long - Dunlop Type
    Part #
    Tire Lever - 16" long Dunlop type - For those tough tires needing lots of leverage to remove. You need 2-3 of these to do the job! 
  13. Spark Plug Gap Tool
    Part #
    Circular Spark plug gap tool. Marked in thousandths of an inch and millimeters. 
  14. Graduated Cylinder
    Part #
    250cc (1/4 Liter) plastic Graduated Cylinder for accurate measuring of fork oil and other fluids. 
  15. Graduated Cylinder - 1 Liter
    Part #
    1,000cc (1 Liter) plastic Graduated Cylinder for accurate measuring of fluids.1 US Quart = 946cc (946ml.) 
  16. Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit
    Part #
    High Quality Vacuum Brake Bleeder Tool suitable for motorcycle use.All metal construction. This is the best way to get the job done quickly.Note: Do not use this tool with Speed bleeders. 
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  17. Fluid hose clamp
    Part #
    Fluid hose clamp 
  18. Clutch Holder Tool - XS650
    Part #
    Clutch Holder Tool - Holds inner and outer clutch hubs so that the center nut may be removed without damaging hubs. Fits: All 650 clutches (1970-84). 
  19. Rim Savers Set
    Part #
    Rim Savers Set - rim protector Designed to protect rims from damage caused by tire Irons when installing tires on rims. 
  20. Metric Thread Pitch Gauge
    Part #
    Thread Pitch Gauge for measuring Metric thread pitch (threads per millimeter).A very useful tool to identify the many various fastener threads used on Japanese bikes. Gauge has the following sizes - 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0,1.25, 1.75, 2.7, 2.8. 
  21. Pin Punch Set
    Part #
    Metric Pin Punch Set Set includes small sizes usually not available:1.6mm, 2.3mm, 3.2mm, 4.0 mm, 4.8mm, 5.5 mm, 6.4mm, & 8.0 mm in storage case 
  22. Cable Lubricator
    Part #
    Cable Luber - Yamaha pressure type (Sold each)Water & dirt are blown down cable by lubricant when pressure spray can nozzle is applied. Spray lube sold by most bike shops.Cable lubrication tool. 
  23. 50ft Black Header Wrap 2" wide TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Black Fiberglass Exhaust Header Wrap, 2" wide, 1/16" thick, 50 ft roll.50 ft is recommended for dual pipes such as Yamaha XS650 exhausts.Use safety wire, stainless zip ties (#19-0415) or hose clamps at the ends of the wrap to secure it. 
  24. XS650 Engine Stand TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    XS650 Engine Stand. Rigid and easily secured to your work bench using holes in the base of the stand. Powder coated gloss black. Makes engine rebuilds a lot easier. 
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  25. Riveter Tool - Drive Chain
    Part #
    Drive Chain Riveter Tool - Rivets high strength rear drive chain Rivet links with hollow pin ends as on our IZUMI 530HT Chain ( Rivet link #56-0235 ) and many DID brand chains. 
  26. Rotor Puller - Alternator - XS650
    Part #
    Rotor Puller Tool For Aftermarket XS650 PMA Charging System Kits Size: M27x1.0 LHFits: All XS650Note: Not for use on stock Yamaha rotor 
  27. Valve Guide - Install/Remove Driver Tool - XS650 - 1970-1984
    Part #
    Valve guide Install / remove driver tool for 1970-84 650's 
  28. Cam Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Kit
    Part #
    Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Kit. Kit supplied with components to break chains from #35 to #630. It can be used on cam chains and drive chains. Contains: Handle, lever, spring, two press plates, large anvil and small anvil, HSS rivet tip for hollow nose master links, body, alignment bolt and push bolt, HSS 2.2mm... 
  29. Compressor Tool - Valve Spring
    Part #
    Valve Spring Compressor Tool in case High quality professional tool to remove valve springs.Now with 5 Tips! - 16, 19, 23, 25 & 30mm. Dia. 
  30. Valve Seat Cutting & Finishing Kit - Cylinder Head - XS650 - 1970-1984
    Part #
    Tool Kit for doing 3 angle Valve Seat Cutting & Finishing.Kit was created by Mikes XS specifically for overhauling the XS650 cylinder head.Works on All 1970-84 650 engines.Kit Contains:1 - Precision ground T-Handle Valve guide Pilot 1- 36 x 45 degree Carbide Cutter 1- 43 x 30 degree Carbide Cutter 1- 43 x 45 degree... 
  31. Valve Spring Compressor - XS650
    Part #
    Valve Spring Compressor - Large Honda heavy duty type.This style valve spring Compressor works best on the XS650. 
  32. Sync Gauges - Carburetor - Set of 2
    Part #
    Dual Carb Sync Gauge Set with built in adjustable Pulse Dampers mounted on bracket and with hoses.Precision Diaphragm type gauge set originally designed for Professional Motorcycle shop use in Japan.Note: Sync gauges hoses hook up to carb holder vacuum air barbs (not included).Your bike must have these air barbs in ord... 
  33. Damper Bolt Driver
    Part #
    Damper Bolt Driver - Deep type damper bolt driver used to air impact recessed damper bolts from lower fork legs. 
  34. Inductive Xenon Ignition Timing Light
    Part #
    Inductive Xenon Timing Light. Operates from 12 Volt Battery Power. The only accurate way to set your 650's Timing and check advance. Neon double check indicator insures proper hookup or detects faulty flash tube. Specific feature or reverse polarity protection. Heavy duty inductive pick-up clamps and leads for eas... 
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  35. Stainless Steel Zip Ties for Header Wrap TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Stainless Steel Zip Ties for Header Wrap TC Bros Choppers Set/4(2" Max Diameter)Used at the ends of header wrap to secure it. For a cleaner looking than using hose clamps. 
  36. Heavy Duty Tiedown Set
    Part #
    Heavy Duty Tiedown set - 1 inch Wide x 5 1/2FT. 4000 LB. Strength with Quick Release. - Set of 2 (Black Color) 
  37. Chain Breaker - Replacement Pin
    Part #
    Drive Chain Rivet Tool Replacement Rivet Pin - Fits: 35-0006 
  38. Terminal Crimper Tool
    Part #
    Terminal Crimper Tool 
  39. Pliers - Master Cylinder - External Long Arm Snap Ring
    Part #
    External long arm snap ring pliers - Reaches in deep to remove clips when rebuilding master cylinders. 
  40. Valve Lapping Sticks - Pkg 2
    Part #
    Valve Lapping Sticks - Set/2 
  41. Press Tool - Drive Chain
    Part #
    Chain Press Tool Used to press on sideplates (rivet or clip type) onto rear drive chains.Most late type High strength drive chains now use a press on sideplate on the connecting link ( including IZUMI 530 HT ). 
  42. Alignment Tool - Drive Chain
    Part #
    Chain Alignment Tool. Designed for quick and accurate alignment of the counter shaft and rear sprockets during chain adjustment or wheel installation. Clamps the square body to rear sprocket so the alignment rod will indicate sprocket alignment to chain when the indicator and the line on the body align. 
  43. Chain Breaker - Drive Chain
    Part #
    Drive Chain Breaker Tool. 
  44. Impact Screwdriver with bit set
    Part #
    Impact Screwdriver with bit set in case. A must have tool used to break loose engine screws with slot or phillips heads. This is a nice kit, there are cheap ones out there but you get what you pay for. 
  45. Replacement Driver Bit Set (1.5" Long)
    Part #
    Replacement Driver Bit Set (1.5" Long) - Set contains 2 Phillips & 2 Slotted impact driver Bits. 
  46. Wrench Set - Spoke
    Part #
    Spoke Wrench Set - A must have for lacing, truing & tightening spokes.2 Pc. Set Fits: #8,9,10 & 11 nipple sizes. 
  47. Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3" Long )
    Part #
    Replacement Driver Bit Set ( 3" Long ) Set contains 2 Phillips & 2 Slotted impact driver Bits. 
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  48. Spring Puller Tool
    Part #
    Spring Puller Tool - Used to Pull Springs and Hook them into place 
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