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Yamaha XS360/XS400 Brakes

Squealing and screeching during braking is embarrassing. You pull up to a red light and everyone is looking at you instead of your beautifully restored Yamaha. But, it is also a dangerous condition. Your vintage brakes need to be in top condition so that they will perform when you need them. 

Whether you own the early XS360 with drum brakes, or the later XS400 disc brake model, Mikes XS has the parts you need to renew that lost braking performance. We have XS360 front and rear Kevlar brake shoes, as well as XS360 and XS400 front and rear brake pads, as well as brand-new brake disc rotors to replace your worn set.

Even if you discern no faults, consider renewing the seals in your vintage XS400 calipers. Our XS400 brake caliper rebuild kits have everything you need to perform this simple job. And complete your XS400 brake restoration with a front brake master cylinder rebuild kit installation.

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  1. Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit XS650 + more
    Part #
    Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit - Fits:1977-84 XS650 Front or Rear Calipers.Contains caliper piston seal, dust boot, spring clip and bleed screw rubber cap. OEM Ref.# 1J3-W0047, 1J3-20000-20-00Also fits: XS400 D/E/F 77-79 front and rear, SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 front and rear, XS500 C/D/E 76-78 front and rear, XS750 77-79 rear... 
  2. Bolt Lock Tabs for Disc Brake Rotor 1974-84 TX650 XS650 XS400
    Part #
    Bolt Lock Tabs - (pack of 3) for disc brake rotors. Fits: All XS650's TX650 1974-84. XS400 + more Cadmium plated Steel. 
  3. Front Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit for Yamaha XS650 +
    Part #
    Front Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - OEM # 535-W0041-60, 535-20000-60 Fits: Front Master Cylinder Assembly on All XS650 Models D-L (1977-84) with single front disc brake.Note: This Kit does Not fit earlier 650 models.Also Fits: XS360 C 76-79, XS400 77-81, SR500 78-82, XS500 76-78, 
  4. Front Brake Light Switch
    Part #
    Front Brake Light Switch - Fits:1976-84 XS650's OEM Ref.# 1AO-83980-30Also fits: RD400 76-79, XS400 77-84, XS500 76-78, XS750 77-79, XS850 80-81, XS1100 L 78-81 
  5. Brake Pads RH Front - RD400 Daytona - XS400 - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    Sintered - Metal particles and other elements fused together under heat and pressure.   94.5mm x 56mm tapered. Fitment: Yamaha XS400 1980 SG/1981 SH Yamaha XS750 1978 SE/1979 SF Yamaha XS850 1980 SG/1981 SH Yamaha XS1100 1980 SG/1980 LG/1981 SH Also fits: Yamaha 1979 RD400F Daytona Front and Rear. 
  6. Vesrah Brake Pad set XS650 1977-84 + more
    Part #
    Brake Pad set Vesrah performance brand, made in Japan. Vesrah VD-205Brake Pad Set ( for 1 caliper ) - Fits: Front - XS650 D-K (1977-84) and Rear - XS650 (1978-84 - Resin compound.OEM Ref.: 1J3-20000-11/13, 3H5-W0045-00, 2MO-W0046-01XS250 C 77, XS250 DE F,G 79-880, XS360 76-77, XS400 E, F 78-79, SR500 76-81, SR500 E/F 7... 
  7. Rubber caliper sleeve Boot XS650 + more
    Part #
    Rubber caliper sleeve Boot. - Boot allows caliper to float on mounting bolt sleeve.Once this rubber age hardens the caliper will not float and it should be replaced or brakes will drag or squeal. Polish the sleeve and install Boot to restore correct caliper float. Caliper Boot Fits: 1977-84 XS650 Calipers. Also fits: X... 
  8. Caliper Brake Pad Shim
    Part #
    Caliper Brake Pad ShimYamaha XS650, XS400 
  9. Rear Brake Shoes XS400 SG/SH 80-81 Maxim 1982-83
    Part #
    Rear Brake ShoesXS400 SG/SH 80-81, XS400 2G/H 80-81, XS400 SJ 82, XS400 J/K Maxim 82-83, XS400 RJ/RK 82-83, XJ550 RH/RJ/RK Seca 81-8 
  10. Vesrah Kevlar Front Brake Shoes
    Part #
    Vesrah Kevlar Front Brake ShoesXS400 2E/2F spoke 1978-79, G/H Special 1980-81 SJ Special 1982, RD200 A/B 1974-75.Also fit early models XS400 1977 
  11. Vesrah Kevlar Rear Brake Shoes Set XS360 XS400
    Part #
    Vesrah Kevlar Rear Brake Shoes SetFits:XS360 C/D/2D 1976-77 XS400 2E/2F (spoke) 1978-79 XS400 G/H Special 1980-81 XS400 J/K Maxim 1982-83 XS400 RJ/RK Seca 1982-83 XS400 SG/SH Special 1980-81 XS400 SJ Special XJ550 RH/RJ/RK SECA 1981-83 
  12. Vesrah Front Brake Pad XS400 +
    Part #
    Vesrah Front Brake Pad - VD235Fits:XJ750 82-83 XT600 84-89 XZ550R 82-83 XS400 1982-83 XV250 88-90 SR125 98 
  13. Brake Caliper Sealing kit XS400 1980-81
    Part #
    Brake Caliper Sealing kit XS400 80-81Also fits: XJ650 G 80, XJ650 H/J 81-82, XJ650 LH 81, XV750 82 
  14. Brake Disc Rotors
    Part #
    Brake Disc Rotors, Front/Rear. XS400 Front 82-91Also fits: Front and Rear: RD350 YPVS 83-84, RD350 85, RD350 (31K) 85-88, RD350 (1WW) 86-90, RD350 (1WX) 86-90, FJ600 87-88, XJ600 (51J) 84-93, FZ750 87-88, FZ750 (1FN) 85-88, FZ750 (2KK) 85-91Front: FZX750 Fazer 87-90, XV750 88-94, XV750 Virago (4FY) 92, XV750 Virago (4P... 
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