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XS360/XS400 Fuel System

It doesn’t take much to upset the delicate balance of air and fuel that keeps your vintage Yamaha XS360 operating at peak levels. Mikes XS stocks XS400 and XS360 carb repair kits, as well as individual carb components like float needles and jets, to restore lost power and correct XS360 fueling problems. Or, you can cut to the chase and install our brand-new XS400 complete carburetor and pod air filter sets. We also stock XS360 and XS400 float valve gaskets and floats, carb slides and diaphragms, and fuel petcock rebuild kits.

No matter your level of experience with the delicate operation of tuning carburetors, having a Mikuni Pocket Tuner on hand will simplify the process. You may also want to consider a Mikuni Carb Tuning Manual. Mikes XS has all the parts and manuals you need to complete your XS360 and XS400 fuel system overhaul and restoration.

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  1. Choke Plunger Dust Seal Mikuni BS38 CV carbs
    Part #
    Choke Plunger Dust Seal - equivalent to OEM 306-14173-00-00:  1970-1979 XS650 BS38 CV Carb Choke Plunger.   1976-1977 XS360 1976-1977 XS500 1973-1974 TX750 1977 XS750 1981-1982 XJ550 
  2. Auxiliary Gas Tank
    Part #
    This impact resistant- graduated tank takes the place of the original gas tank while performing carb synchronizing. Includes four feet of 1/4" fuel line and brass petcock. Suggestion: look for a used hospital or doctors office IV stand.  These come with 4 or 5 wheels on a weighted base, telescoping stand, and cur... 
  3. Carb Holder Set XS400
    Part #
    Carburetor Holder Set with gaskets for stock XS400 1977-81.Replaces hardened and cracked carb holders.OEM reference numbers 2A2-13586-00-00 LH 2A2-13596-00-00 RH 1L9-13556-10-00 intake manifold gaskets 
  4. XS Performance Carb XS400 ASSEMBLED
    Part #
    XS Performance Carb XS400 ASSEMBLED KITKit include:Right & Left Carbs, Manifold Gaskets (#18-0865), Carb holder screws (#49-0741), 2 into 1 Throttle Cable (#48-9046), Billet Aluminum Intake Manifolds, Rubber Hose, 49mm Band clamp (#15-0685), 67mm Band Clamps (#15-0686), Fuel Line Filter (#20-0013) and Air Filters (... 
  5. Gasket - Float Bowl 1980-84 stock BS34 Mikuni CV carburetors
    Part #
    Gasket - Float Bowl - Fits: 1980-84 XS650 Stock 34mm. Mikuni CV Carbs. XS650 SE/SF/SG 78-80.Oem Ref.# 3F7-14984-00Also fits: XS400 G/H/SH/SJ 80-82, XS1100 80-81, SR250 80-82, XS750. 
  6. Gasket - Float Bowl Mikuni BS38 CV carburetors
    Part #
    Gasket - Float Bowl - Fits: 1970-79 XS/TX650 Stock 38mm. Mikuni CV Carbs. XS1/XS1B/XS2 70-72.OEM Ref.# 256-14984-00Also fits: XS360 C/D/2D 76-77, XS500 C/D 76-77, TX650 A 73-74, TX750 A 73-74. XS750 D/2D 77 
  7. Carb Repair Kit XS400 XS750 XS1100
    Part #
    Carburetor Repair Kit. XS360 - XS400 1979, XS750 E/F/SF/SE 1977-79, XS1100 /SE 1978-1979 Kit includes float needle assembly, chamber gasket and 1 brass O ring.Note: Kit for 1 Carb. 
  8. Carburetor Float Valve (Needle & Seat) Mikuni BS34 CV carbs
    Part #
    Carburetor Float Valve (Needle & Seat) - Push in type with O-Ring seal, needle & clip. Fits: XS650G/H/SH/SJ/SK/SL (1980-84) stock Mikuni BS34 CV carburetors.Also fits:XS400 G/H Special 80-81, XS400 SG/SHSpecial 80-81, XS400 SG Heritage Special 82 XJ550 81-83 XS1100 G/H/LG/LH Midnight Special 80-81, SG/SH Speci... 
  9. Brass Carb Float - BS34 CV - XS400 XS500 XS650 XS750 XS1100
    Part #
    Carb Float . XS400 1977-79, XS500 1978, XS750 1978-79, XS1100 1978-79.  Includes float and pin 
  10. Carb Slide & Diaphragm Assembly 1980-84 Mikuni BS34 CV carburetors
    Part #
    Carb Slide & Diaphragm Assembly. - Fits: Mikuni BS34 CV Carbs as used on 1980-84 XS650's OEM Ref.# 3F7/3H5-14940 - Mikuni GenuineAlso fits: SR250 Exciter 80-82, XS400 SE 82, XS400 G 80, XS400 H 81, XS400 SH/SJ 81-82, XS400 J 82, XS400 K Maxim 83, XJ900 RK Seca 83, XJ1100 Maxim 82, XS1100 G/H/LG/LG/SG/SH 80-81 
  11. Fuel Petcock Repair Kit 1978 XS650 and more
    Part #
    Kit contains o rings and diaphragms to rebuild one fuel petcock. Does not include plastic diaphragm spacer block.Yamaha XS650 E 78XS360 C, D, 2D 76-77 XS400 D 77 SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 SR500 82-84, 88, 91-93 XS500 E 78 XS750 D/2D/E/F 77-79 XS1100 E/F/G/H 78-81 
  12. Fuel Petcock Repair Kit 1979-83 XS650 and more
    Part #
    Kit contains o rings and diaphragms to rebuild one fuel petcock. Does not include plastic diaphragm spacer block.Yamaha XS650 F, 2F, G, H, Special II, Heritage, 78-83.XS400 E, F, 2F, G, H, 78-81, SG/SH Special 80-81 XJ700 N/NC/S Maxim 85-86 XS750 SE after frame 311211 78, XS750SF 79, XS850 80-81 XJ900 83-85 XJ900R SEC... 
  13. Mikuni Pocket Tuner
    Part #
    Mikuni Pocket Tuner. A handy pocket-size calculator which can be used to determine required jetting changes in Mikuni carburetors due to climate and temperature changes. The Pocket Tuner is applicable to both single and multi-carb applications on two-stroke and four-stroke engines. It also has a guide for determining r... 
  14. Float Needle Valve Assembly - XS360 - XS400 - XS650 - XS750 - XS1100 +
    Part #
    Float Needle Valve Assembly: Fits: XS360 1976-77, XS400 1977-79, RD400 77 (OEM 1J7-14190-20-00), XT500 76-79 and 88, XS650 77-80, XS750 77-79, XS1100 78-79, RD250 LC 82, RD350 LC 82 2.0mm opening. Thread diameter = 10mm thread pitch = 1.0mm. Equivalent to Mikuni OEM: N122.032. These also fit VM29 VM33 Mikuni 29... 
  15. Manual - Tuning Manual For Mikuni Motorcycle Carburetors
    Part #
    Mikuni carburetor Tuning Manual from Sudco. 92 page manual includes exploded parts views, parts listings and optional parts. Guides you through tuning and trouble shooting for the popular lines of Mikuni carburetors. The definite reference for Mikuni carburetors and a must for the do-it-yourself type. For Mikuni Pock... 
  16. Float Needle with clip Mikuni BS34 CV carbs
    Part #
    Float Needle with clip - Fits: XS650G-K 1980-84 Stock 34mm. Mikuni CV Carburetors - Viton tipped Needle & clip Only!Also fits: SR250 80-82, XS400 G/H Special II 80-81, XS400 SG/SH/SJ Special 80-82, XV750 88-95, XV1100 88-97, XS1100 80-81, 
  17. Float Valve Gasket XS400 XS500 XS750 XS1100
    Part #
    Float Valve Gasket XS400 D/E/F 1977-79Also fits: XS500 E 1978, XS750 1978-79, XS1100 1978-79 
  18. Float - Plastic - Yamaha - Kawasaki - Suzuki
    Part #
    Plastic Carb Float Equivalent to OEM:16031-1013 16032-08 13250-44080 13254-92311 3H5-14985-00-00 537-14186-00-00 Carb Float and Carb Float Pin - Fits Kawasaki KZ650H2/H3 (82-83) KZ700A1 (84) KZ750K1/K2/L3/M1/R1 (82-84) ZX750A1-A3 (83-85) KZ1000 (81 and up) KZ1100 (81-83) ZN1100B1/B2 (84-85) Suzuki GS2... 
  19. Carb Holder Spacers (set 2) 1978-84 XS650
    Part #
    Billet Aluminum Carburetor Spacers, 35.75mm thick. (Set/2) 35mm ID Fits: To any XS650 Head and improves Low end power and acceleration.Dyno developed to provide maximum low RPM Torque with Dellorto PHF 36.Note: PHF 36 Carbs + Spacers + Pod filters fit to stock space (head to battery box).An essential component of the... 
  20. #120 Hex Main Jet for PWK32
    Part #
    #120 Hex type Main Jet (Pair) for Keihin XS 32mm. PWK Performance Carburetors.6mm x 16.5mm longFits: Flatslide PWK XS Carb Set 48-9010 / 48-9000 /48-9001 
  21. Extended Throttle Cable
    Part #
    Extended Throttle Cable - (Black) Throttle - Same as Throttle Cable #51-3502 but + 350mm. (13.75") in length. Fits: Custom High bar applications for XS650's (1976-84). Great for many custom applications for many bikes. Can be used with XS400. 
  22. Mikuni Needle Valve filter
    Part #
    OEM: 1J7-14994-00-00 13376-19F00 14043-1010 VM18/233 Genuine Mikuni Part. Fits: 29mm and 33mm Mikuni smoothbore carbs - VM29 & VM33 RS34 Flatslide carbs Yamaha XS360 1976-1977 XS400 1977-1983 XS500 1978 XS650 1978-1983 XS750 1978-1979 XS1100 1978-1981 SR250 1980-1982 XJ550 1981-1983 XJ650 1982-1... 
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