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Yamaha XS650 Brake Parts


As mechanics, we sometimes get so wrapped up in making our bikes go fast, that we forget to be sure they can stop just as quickly. The never-ending search for the right combination of performance mods keeps us up at night, when we should be thinking of safety. When you find yourself in need of vintage XS650 brakes and brake parts, Mikes XS can help. We stock Yamaha XS brake pads and shims, as well as shoes and discs to make sure your 60-to-0 time is as smooth as your 0-to-60 time.

When was the last time you inspected your brake hoses. Those 40-year-old XS650 brake lines were never supposed to last forever. Once they begin to deteriorate, the process is irreversible. But don’t fret, Mikes XS stocks XS650 stainless steel brake lines for your vintage XS restoration. Stainless steel lines resist the bulging that makes even new rubber-hose brake lines feel mushy. We also sell XS650 front and rear master cylinders and master cylinder rebuild kits, as well as XS650 calipers. Your XS650 café racer or bobber won’t be complete with those vintage brakes. When you’re ready to finish your restoration the right way, look to Mikes XS.

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  1. Rear Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit XS650 +
    Part #
    Rear Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - OEM# 1J3-W0042-50-00, 1J3-20000-50-00Fits: XS650SE/SF/SG (78-80) "Specials" with Rear master cylinder assembly.Fits: XS500 76-78, XS750 77-80, XS850 80-81. 
  2. Upper Brake Hose 1974-76 TX650 XS650
    Part #
    Brake Hose - Upper - TX650A (1974), XS650B/C (1975-76) Stock rubber type with protective spring. DOT Approved 
  3. Rear Brake Hose 1978-80 XS650 Special
    Part #
    Brake Hose - Rear. Fits: Rear on XS650SE/SF/SG (1978-80) "Specials" Original Equipment rubber type - Made in Japan. - D.O.T. Approved 
  4. Upper Front Brake Hose with 1 rotated fitting 1978-84 XS650 Special 1977-84 Standard
    Part #
    Brake Hose - Upper Front stock type but with one end fitting rotated 180 degrees. Fits: 1978-84 XS650 "Specials" and 77-84 "Standards" with non stock high bars.Fits better to aftermarket master cylinders with hose mounted to reservoir front face rather than the stock position (reservoir end)D.O.T. Approved Original Eq... 
  5. Brake Rod Spring
    Part #
    Brake Rod Spring - Fits: 1974-84 XS650's, TX650 Replaces OEM # 90501-10245/180-27236 
  6. Brake Rod Adjustment Nut
    Part #
    Brake Rod Adjustment Nut - Fits: 1974-84 650's Replaces OEM # 90179-06176-00/06227 
  7. Rear Brake Rod
    Part #
    Rear Brake Rod with end spring, adjuster Nut and lever Pin Fits: All Rear wheel drum brakes on 1970-84 XS/TX 650's 
  8. Hydraulic Brake Switch
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 341-83980-30-00 Front Hydraulic Brake Light Switch.Fits: RD250 73-75- RD350 73-75- RD400 76-79- TX650A- XS650B/C (1974-76).10mm thread- 1.25mm thread pitch. Two male bullet terminals 
  9. Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Brake Switch
    Part #
    Brake Switch - Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Type . 10mm. x M1.25 with 24" Lead.Fits: All Hydraulic Brake systems on all 72-84 XS650's that use a single hose type banjo bolt. Brake switch bolt can be fitted anywhere from the master cylinder to the caliper and is actuated by hydraulic pressure. 
  10. Brake Shoe Springs
    Part #
    Brake Shoe Tension Springs (Set/2).Fits All Rear Drum Brakes on 1970-84 650's Plated Finish 
  11. High Performance Disc Brake Rotors
    Part #
    High Performance Disc Brake Rotors for 77-84 XS650's Stainless Steel Disc - Drilled Fits: Front Right or Left - Less unsprung weight -Approx 3.6Lbs. verses stock discs at approx 6.2 Lbs. - 298mm.Dia. Japanese Made Superior Quality Performance Disc Brake Rotors.Includes two spacers. 
  12. Caliper Spacers
    Part #
    Brass Caliper Spacers (Pair) - A Replacement Set Used to space calipers when installing upgraded front brake discs (XS# 30-3065)2 pc. used per caliper ( Note: Now Included with XS#30-3065 brake discs ).Fits: 77-84 XS650 Calipers when our performance discs #30-3065 are installed. 
  13. External long arm snap ring pliers
    Part #
    External long arm snap ring pliers - Reaches in deep to remove clips when rebuilding master cylinders. 
  14. Caliper Piston Tool
    Part #
    Brake Caliper Piston holding/detaching Tool for 77-84 brake calipers. Grabs Brake Caliper Pistons internally so seized pistons can be worked loose from the caliper. 
  15. Vesrah Kevlar Front Brake Shoes
    Part #
    Vesrah Kevlar Front Brake ShoesXS400 2E/2F spoke 1978-79, G/H Special 1980-81 SJ Special 1982, RD200 A/B 1974-75.Also fit early models XS400 1977 
  16. Upper front 17" Braided Stainless Brake Hose XS650 1977-84
    Part #
    DOT/TUV approved Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Fits: 1977-84 XS650 Standard models (low bar) Upper Front approximately 17" Long. Ends rotate up to 1 full turn. 
  17. Front Upper/Lower Braided Stainless Brake Hose XS650 1977-84 41" long
    Part #
    DOT/TUV approved Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line One Piece Upper/Lower Hose (41" Long) Fits: 77-84 XS650's Measure! Ends rotate up to 1 full turn. 
  18. Brake Pad Set 1973-76 XS650 TX650
    Part #
    Brake Pad Set - Front ( for 1 caliper ) - Round style with key tab. 48 x 8.8mm. Fits: XS650 B/C (1975-76), TX650 A (1973-76), & some XS2 (1972). Replaces OEM # 306-25811-05, 1A1-W0045. Kevlar Carbon Compound.Also works with most: RD250 73-77, RD350 74-75, RD400 76-78, TX500 73-75, XS500 75, TX750 73-76 
  19. Banjo Bolt M10 x1.0
    Part #
    Banjo Bolt - M10 x 1.0 for use on Magura master cylinder only. 
  20. Banjo Bolt M10x1.25
    Part #
    Banjo Bolt - M10. x 1.25 - Fits: All original XS650 and TX650 front & rear master cylinders and most Yamaha brake calipers. - OEM Ref.# 90401-10034 
  21. Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 16mm Magura
    Part #
    Rebuild Kit for 16mm. Magura Master Cylinder XS# 08-0251 Item is sold as shown in the picture. 
    • Out of stock
  22. Front Master Cylinder
    Part #
    Front Brake (RH side) Master Cylinder Replacement Lightweight (9.5oz.) Front Master Cylinder Assembly.Ideal for 77-84 Street Trackers or stock bikes with Single Disc brake.12.7.0mm. piston bore. Brake Light Switch and Banjo Bolt included.Reservoir has fluid level sight glass. Compact size.NOTE: This unit has an 8mm. mi... 
  23. Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit for 08-4008
    Part #
    Rebuild Kit for our 08-4008 master cylinder kit only. We cannot accept returns of this item, please do not purchase for other master cylinders. 
  24. Yamaha disc brake Logo
    Part #
    Yamaha Logo Round Yamaha disc brake badgeDiameter: 1.75 inches (4.5 cm)Fits: Caliper 08-6008 
  25. Caliper Brake Pad Shim
    Part #
    Caliper Brake Pad ShimYamaha XS650, XS400 
  26. Replacement Brake Light Switch
    Part #
    Replacement Brake Light Switch for Magura master cylinder. 
  27. Mirror Adapter Set 8mm. to 10mm
    Part #
    Mirror Adapter Set - 8mm. to 10mm.2 pcs. 8mm Right Hand male threads to 10mm Right Hand female threads. 
  28. Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit XS650 + more
    Part #
    Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit - Fits:1977-84 XS650 Front or Rear Calipers.Contains caliper piston seal, dust boot, spring clip and bleed screw rubber cap. OEM Ref.# 1J3-W0047, 1J3-20000-20-00Also fits: XS400 D/E/F 77-79 front and rear, SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 front and rear, XS500 C/D/E 76-78 front and rear, XS750 77-79 rear... 
  29. Rubber caliper sleeve Boot XS650 + more
    Part #
    Rubber caliper sleeve Boot. - Boot allows caliper to float on mounting bolt sleeve.Once this rubber age hardens the caliper will not float and it should be replaced or brakes will drag or squeal. Polish the sleeve and install Boot to restore correct caliper float. Caliper Boot Fits: 1977-84 XS650 Calipers. Also fits: X... 
  30. Caliper Speed Bleed Screw 1977-84
    Part #
    Caliper Speed Bleed Screw - Built in check valve allows Easier brake bleeding.Fits: 1977-84 XS650 calipers.Overall length 1.10in. (27.99mm) 
  31. Caliper Piston - Front or Rear 1977-84 XS650
    Part #
    Brake Caliper Piston - Fits: Front or Rear Caliper on 1977-84 650's. Replace if pitted or scored or air will seep into the brake system.Length = 41.3mm Bottom Width = 38.15mm Top Width = 27.26mm inside dementions = 5.5mm 
  32. Brake caliper Piston All fronts 1972-76 XS2 XS650 TX650
    Part #
    Brake caliper Piston - Fits: Front caliper on XS2/TX650/TX650A/XS650B/C (1972-76). Two pistons are used in these early calipers. Caliper pistons should be replaced if pitted or scored or air will seep into the brake system. 
  33. Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Brake Switch
    Part #
    Brake Switch - Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Type . 10mm. x M1.00 with 24" Lead.Fits: All Magura Master Cylinders, Our # 08-4000 rear master cylinder and many European and Suzuki brake systems (10mm. X M1.00 thread). Must use a single hose type banjo bolt. Brake switch bolt can be fitted anywhere from the master cylinder to the... 
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