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Yamaha XS650 Sidestand Centerstand Parts

Sidestand Centerstand Parts

A new XS650 side stand will keep your Yamaha XS restoration, your XS café racer or chopper build on firm footing. When it’s time to lube the drive chain, our XS650 center stand and center stand parts will simplify your life. Our center stand stop rubbers will keep things secure when you’re riding, and we also carry various XS650 kick stand parts to help keep your parked bike safely upright. 

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  1. Monstercraftsman Foot Pegs Mid Mount
    Part #
    Foot Pegs Mid Mount for Yamaha XS650.Tig Welded to Perfection, Powder Coated Black.Comes with stainless hardware! 
  2. Center Stand Stop Rubber fits to stock muffler on 1970-73 YamahaXS1 XS2  XS650 TX650
    Part #
    Center Stand Stop Rubber fits to stock muffler on 1970-73 XS/TX 650's 
  3. Rubber bumper
    Part #
    Rubber Bumper - OEM original Stand stop Rubber - Also for use with aftermarket muffler center stand stops. 1" Dia x 9/16" Long - Fits into 3/8" (10mm) Hole OEM Ref. # 278-27114-00/01/A0, 371-27114-00-00 Used on All TX/XS650's 1974-84 - (Some models use 2 pc.)Rubber bumper is mounted to muffler and/or frame. 
  4. Center Stand - XS650
    Part #
    Center (Main) Stand.  Replaces Stands on All North American 1974-84 XS650 models. Also has fittings for Dual return springs as used on European Models. 
  5. Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Lock Tab
    Part #
    Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Lock Tab - Fits: 1977-84 XS650 sidestand mount. 
  6. Sidestand Kit - 6 pc.
    Part #
    Sidestand Kit - 6 pc. kit - Sidestand, Return Spring, Sidestand spring Link Plate,Sidestand Bolt, Washer & locktab.Fits: All 77-84 XS650's. OEM: 1T3-27311-00-00 
  7. Sidestand Spring
    Part #
    Sidestand Spring - Fits: All 1970-76 XS/TX 650's 
  8. Muffler Center Stand Stop Bracket
    Part #
    Muffler Center Stand Stop Bracket 
  9. Center Stand Spring
    Part #
    Center Stand Spring Fits: All 1970-84 650 Center Stands with single springs.Plated Finish. 
  10. Sidestand Spring Link Plate
    Part #
    Sidestand Spring Link Plate - Fits: 1977-84 XS650 sidestand mount. 
  11. Sidestand Spring
    Part #
    Sidestand Spring - Fits: 1977-84 XS650's. 
  12. Sidestand Shoulder Bolt with Castle Nut
    Part #
    Sidestand Shoulder Bolt with Castle Nut Fits: All 1970-76 XS/TX 650's. 
  13. Sidestand Kit - 4 pc. 1970-73
    Part #
    Sidestand Kit - 4 pc. kit - Sidestand, Return Spring and mounting Bolt & Nut Fits: 1970-73 XS/TX650's Only.Can also be made to work with RD's. 
  14. Center Stand Bolt XS650
    Part #
    Center Stand Bolt - Stainless Steel bolt - ported to put grease directly to pivot points where its needed and make the bike easier to pull up on the center stand. 
  15. Monstercraftsman Foot Peg Brackets-Mid Stance
    Part #
    Foot Peg Brackets-Mid Stance for Yamaha XS650 
  16. Sidestand Stopper
    Part #
    Stopper (Rubber) - Sidestand - Fits: 1978-84 XS650's OEM Ref. # 1T3-27314-00 
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