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XS750 / XS850 / XS1100 Fuel System

When a vintage Yamaha petcock decides to start leaking fuel, it is never at a good time. Its gaskets tend to show their age when your engine is at running temperature, meaning you are on the road. Inspect your XS750 restoration’s petcock for signs of age. Mikes XS has XS750 fuel petcock repair kits to restore the proper flow through this sensitive vacuum operated system.

We are also a prime source for vintage Yamaha carburetor replacement parts. We stock XS750, XS850 and XS1100 brass carb floats, float needles and float-bowl gaskets to address another common fuel-leak location on vintage motorcycles. We also stock XS750 carb slides and carburetor rebuild kits to bring your classic Yamaha restoration to life.

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  1. Auxiliary Gas Tank
    Part #
    This impact resistant- graduated tank takes the place of the original gas tank while performing carb synchronizing. Includes four feet of 1/4" fuel line and brass petcock. Suggestion: look for a used hospital or doctors office IV stand.  These come with 4 or 5 wheels on a weighted base, telescoping stand, and cur... 
  2. Carburetor Kit Yamaha XS650 1980-1984
    Part #
    Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Fits: XS650SG-SL (1980-84) stock Mikuni 34mm. CV carburetors Kit Contains : Push-in Float Valve assembly with O-Ring, Carb rubber passage Plug & Float bowl Gasket 3F7. Made in Japan - 1 kit required per carb.Also works for: XS400 SE '82, XS1100 SG '80, XS1100 LG/LH/SH '80-'81 
  3. Gasket - Float Bowl 1980-84 stock BS34 Mikuni CV carburetors
    Part #
    Gasket - Float Bowl - Fits: 1980-84 XS650 Stock 34mm. Mikuni CV Carbs. XS650 SE/SF/SG 78-80.Oem Ref.# 3F7-14984-00Also fits: XS400 G/H/SH/SJ 80-82, XS1100 80-81, SR250 80-82, XS750. 
  4. Gasket - Float Bowl Mikuni BS38 CV carburetors
    Part #
    Gasket - Float Bowl - Fits: 1970-79 XS/TX650 Stock 38mm. Mikuni CV Carbs. XS1/XS1B/XS2 70-72.OEM Ref.# 256-14984-00Also fits: XS360 C/D/2D 76-77, XS500 C/D 76-77, TX650 A 73-74, TX750 A 73-74. XS750 D/2D 77 
  5. Blind Plug - carburetor rubber passage plug
    Part #
    Blind Plug - Carb Holder Air Barb - OEM Ref.# 1J7-13569-00. Also called carburetor rubber passage plug.Fits: 1978-84 XS650 stock carb holders & blocks off air barbs when vacuum petcocks are replaced with manual type petcocks. Order quantity needed.Also fits: XS1100 80-81Fits: All Mikes XS Carb Holders and Carb Hold... 
  6. Carb Float Valve (Needle & Seat) Mukuni BS38 CV carbs
    Part #
    Carb Float Valve (Needle & Seat) - threaded type. Fits: XS2 (1972), TX650/A (1973-74), XS650B-F (1975-79) with stock Mikuni BS38 CV CarburetorsAlso fits:RD250 (DS6) and RD350 (R5) 70-72 OEM 168-14190-20-00, XS500 C/D 76-77, TX750A 73-74, XS1100 78-79 
  7. Carb Repair Kit XS400 XS750 XS1100
    Part #
    Carburetor Repair Kit. XS360 - XS400 1979, XS750 E/F/SF/SE 1977-79, XS1100 /SE 1978-1979 Kit includes float needle assembly, chamber gasket and 1 brass O ring.Note: Kit for 1 Carb. 
  8. Brass Carb Float  XS400 XS500 XS750 XS1100
    Part #
    Carb Float . XS400 1977-79, XS500 1978, XS750 1978-79, XS1100 1978-79Includes Float and pin 
  9. Carb Slide & Diaphragm Assembly 1980-84 Mikuni BS34 CV carburetors
    Part #
    Carb Slide & Diaphragm Assembly. - Fits: Mikuni BS34 CV Carbs as used on 1980-84 XS650's OEM Ref.# 3F7/3H5-14940 - Mikuni GenuineAlso fits: SR250 Exciter 80-82, XS400 SE 82, XS400 G 80, XS400 H 81, XS400 SH/SJ 81-82, XS400 J 82, XS400 K Maxim 83, XJ900 RK Seca 83, XJ1100 Maxim 82, XS1100 G/H/LG/LG/SG/SH 80-81 
  10. Fuel Petcock Repair Kit 1978 XS650 and more
    Part #
    Kit contains o rings and diaphragms to rebuild one fuel petcock. Does not include plastic diaphragm spacer block.Yamaha XS650 E 78XS360 C, D, 2D 76-77 XS400 D 77 SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 SR500 82-84, 88, 91-93 XS500 E 78 XS750 D/2D/E/F 77-79 XS1100 E/F/G/H 78-81 
  11. Fuel Petcock Repair Kit 1979-83 XS650 and more
    Part #
    Kit contains o rings and diaphragms to rebuild one fuel petcock. Does not include plastic diaphragm spacer block.Yamaha XS650 F, 2F, G, H, Special II, Heritage, 78-83.XS400 E, F, 2F, G, H, 78-81, SG/SH Special 80-81 XJ700 N/NC/S Maxim 85-86 XS750 SE after frame 311211 78, XS750SF 79, XS850 80-81 XJ900 83-85 XJ900R SEC... 
  12. Mikuni Pocket Tuner
    Part #
    Mikuni Pocket Tuner. A handy pocket-size calculator which can be used to determine required jetting changes in Mikuni carburetors due to climate and temperature changes. The Pocket Tuner is applicable to both single and multi-carb applications on two-stroke and four-stroke engines. It also has a guide for determining r... 
  13. Float Needle XS360 XS400 XS650 XS750 XS1100 +
    Part #
    Float Needle Valve Assembly: Fits: XS360 1976-77, XS400 1977-79, RD400 77 (OEM 1J7-14190-20-00), XT500 76-79 and 88, XS650 77-80, XS750 77-79, XS1100 78-79, RD250 LC 82, RD350 LC 82 2.0mm opening. Thread diameter = 10mm thread pitch = 1.0mm. Equivalent to Mikuni OEM: N122.032. These also fit VM29 VM33 Mikuni 29... 
  14. Float Needle with clip Mikuni BS34 CV carbs
    Part #
    Float Needle with clip - Fits: XS650G-K 1980-84 Stock 34mm. Mikuni CV Carburetors - Viton tipped Needle & clip Only!Also fits: SR250 80-82, XS400 G/H Special II 80-81, XS400 SG/SH/SJ Special 80-82, XV750 88-95, XV1100 88-97, XS1100 80-81, 
  15. Carb Holder Kit Yamaha XS1100
    Part #
    Carb Holder Kit, includes 2 LH and RH. XS1100 E/F/G/H 1978-81, XS1100 LH/LH Midnight Special 1980-81, XS1100 SF/SG/SH Special 1979-81 
  16. Carb Holder Kit Yamaha XS750 XS850
    Part #
    Carb Holder Kit XS750 1978-79, XS850 1980-81OEM reference 2F3-13586-01-00*** Pack of 3 
  17. Float Valve Gasket XS400 XS500 XS750 XS1100
    Part #
    Float Valve Gasket XS400 D/E/F 1977-79Also fits: XS500 E 1978, XS750 1978-79, XS1100 1978-79 
  18. Plastic Carb Float Mikuni BS34 CV carburetors
    Part #
    Plastic Carb Float - Fits: 1980-84 XS650 Stock 34mm. Mikuni CV Carbs.Also replaces Brass float used on early 1980 XS650 "Specials". OEM Ref.# 3H5-14985-00 Includes Float and pinAlso fits:XS400 J/K Maxim 82-83 XS400 RJ/RK SECA 82-83 XS1100 G 80-81 
  19. Throttle cable Yamaha XS750 (1977-79) XS850 (1980-81)
    Part #
    Throttle cable Fits: XS750 (1977-79) and XS850 (1980-81) 
  20. Carb Screw Set 1981 XS1100
    Part #
    Stainless Steel Bolt Set to replace those easily damaged Philips pan head carb top and float bowl screws. Includes: 32 socket head bolts- 32 lock washers and 1 Allen key for a total of 65 pieces.These bolts are all SMOOTH head Allen bolts. We polish the bolts for up to 24-48 hours in a tumbler to get a bright even lo... 
  21. Mikuni Needle Valve filter
    Part #
    OEM: 1J7-14994-00-00 13376-19F00 14043-1010 VM18/233 Genuine Mikuni Part. Fits: 29mm and 33mm Mikuni smoothbore carbs - VM29 & VM33 RS34 Flatslide carbs Yamaha XS360 1976-1977 XS400 1977-1983 XS500 1978 XS650 1978-1983 XS750 1978-1979 XS1100 1978-1981 SR250 1980-1982 XJ550 1981-1983 XJ650 1982-1... 
  22. Carb Rubber Passage Plug (4)
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 13357-44080 3F7-14991-00-00  Sold IndividuallyFits Suzuki GN125Z/D/EN/EP/ER/ES GN400T/XT/XX/TX/TZ SP400T GS450ED/GAZ/GAD/GAF/LD/LF/LG/LH/LJ/TXD GS550ET/LT/LX/LZ/MZ/TX GS650EX/EZ/GX/GZ/GD/GLX/GLZ/GLD/MD GS700EF/ESF GS750ET/EX/EZ/ES/ESD/LT/LX/SD/TZ/TD GS850GT/GX/GZ/GD/GLT/GLX/GLZ/GLD G... 
  23. Keyster Premium 'Nencho' Carb Kit XS1100F 1979
    Part #
    The ultimate carb rebuild kit from Keyster.  For Yamaha XS1100F 1979.  Four (4) kits are required to service a set of carbs. These kits contain parts not normally available - and help solve rough running issues related to these XS1100 carbs. Included in the kit are: 4 x different Jet Needles - Lean, Stan... 
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