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Battery - PTX14AHLBS-FS - AGM

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High performance AGM Battery PTX14AHLBS-FS

Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) is the latest in motorcycle battery technology. Sealed AGM batteries completely eliminate the hassles of conventional battery maintenance. There is no liquid acid in the AGM battery. All of the acid is absorbed into the compressed glass matting in the cells. They are completely Non-Spillable, so they can be shipped by U.S. Mail or UPS with no hazardous warnings or extra fees. They can be mounted in any position for special applications. Our AGM batteries re-combine the oxygen and hydrogen as the batteries charge and discharge to make them truly maintenance free. No liquid ever needs to be added, No leaks, spills or vent tubes. AGM batteries have higher cold cranking Amps and hold a charge much longer.

Replaces 12n14-3a / YB14LA2 original batteries

  • AGM Batteries Feature:
  • Batteries are wet charged at the factory but contain no liquid acid.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology eliminates the need to add electrolyte.
  • Built to withstand the demands of high-heat applications.
  • Lower internal resistance reduces charging time vs. conventional wet batteries.
  • Permaseal Design is Maintenance Free and Non-Spillable.
  • Resistant to vibration damage for reliable performance even under rough off-road conditions.
  • Engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications to ensure exact fit and power needs.
  • Slower self discharge rate means AGM batteries can sit for extended periods of time without constant monitoring.
  • A conventional wet battery discharges 15% a month where our AGM batteries discharge only 2-3% a month.


Honda: CB1100 (83), CB1000 (83) CB900 (80-82) VT800 (88) CB750F (75-82), CB750C (79-82) CB750K (69-82) CB750SC (80-84) VF750C (82-83) VF750F (83-84) VF700C (84-86) VF700F (84-85) VF700S (84-85) VT700C (86-87) CX650C (83) CX650T (83) GL650I (83) FT500 (82-83) GL500 (81-82)

Kawasaki: ZN1100 (84-85) KZ1000A/B/C/D/G (77-80) Z1 (73-75) ZL900 (85-86) ZX900A (84-86) KZ750B (76-79) KZ750G (80) KZ750M (82) KZ750N (82) KZ750F (83) KZ750K (83-84) VN750A (86-06) ZN750 (86-06) ZX750E (83-85) VN700 (85) ZN700 (84-85) 

Suzuki: GS1150 (83-86) GS1100E/S (80-83) GS1100G (82-84) GS1000 (78-82) GS850G (79-83) GS750E (77-83)  XN85 (83)

Yamaha XS650's (75-83), TX650 (74), TX500 (73-74), XS500 (75-78), XS750 (77-79), XS850 (80-81)

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