XS Charge PMA with Electronic Ignition (1970-1979)

Suffering from weak spark and poor charging? Have we got the answer for you.
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XSCharge™ XS650 PMA with Electronic Ignition package. 
Fits all 1970-79 Yamaha XS650's.

Kit contains one 24-2669 XSCharge™ XS650 PMA unit (200 Watt) and one Electronic Solid-State Ignition kit.

XSCharge™ XS650 PMA built especially for the Yamaha XS650. Replaces your old rotor that has failed or magnet that has weakened over time. Replaces regulator/rectifier with solid-state electronics. 

Note: The XSCharge PMA system is not designed for Lithium Battery usage.

  • Fixes the weak link in the XS650. 
  • Specifically built for the XS650.
  • The XSCharge™ XS650 PMA adapter bracket is hands down the easiest to use and the best bracket available.

    It has the strongest rotor on the market to help with low RPM charging. The rotor hub is made with the correct keyway so there is no filing or guess work in getting the correct fit to the crankshaft. It has a plug and play voltage regulator with a battery side quick disconnect. It cannot be used with Yamaha (TCI) electronic ignition. We will need to use our Ignitions Systems. The kit includes a laser-cut voltage regulator mounting bracket that bolts to the rear upper motor mount bolts. Everything you need including all new hardware and step by step instructions is included in the kit. The Electronic Ignition Kit, a proven reliable electronic trigger system that replaces the stock XS650 breaker point type ignition.

    Note: For 1980-84 North American models see other kit versions which include the advance parts needed that are normally absent on the 1980-84 models. Provides increased reliability and serious (caution!) ignition spark to 75Kv.

    Installation Instructions

    Is Universal Part: No

    OEM Number(s): N/A

    Motorcycle Fitment:

    • 1970 Yamaha XS650 XS1
    • 1971 Yamaha XS650 XS1B
    • 1972 Yamaha XS650 XS2
    • 1973 Yamaha TX650 TX650
    • 1974 Yamaha TX650 TX650A
    • 1975 Yamaha XS650 XS650B
    • 1976 Yamaha XS650 XS650C
    • 1977 Yamaha XS650 XS650D
    • 1978 Yamaha XS650 XS650E
    • 1979 Yamaha XS650 XS650F