Premium Big Bore Gasket Set

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Big Bore Overhaul Gasket Set - Fits: 1972-84 650's with 750cc. - Big bore kits Sets made by Athena of Italy the European original equipment supplier to Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and all major Italian bike makers.Top Quality ISO-9000 approved premium gasket kits. Kit Contains:18-0672 x 1,18-0673 x 3, 18-0674 x 1, 18-0675 (1pr.), 18-0750 (82mm. Headgasket) x1, 18-0855 x 1,18-0856 x1, 18-0857 x 1, 18-0858 x1, 18-0859 x2, 18-0860 x1, 18-0862 x1,18-0863 x2, 18-0864 x1, 18-0865 (1pr.), 18-0869 x1, Valve Stem Seals 01-0115 x 4 + New ! 18-0749 Base Gasket, - Do not use gasket cement on this special Gasket.Note: Gasket Sets do NOT contain copper washers, engine oil seals, cylinder head sealing washers, tach drive or cam chain tensioner o-rings/gaskets.(These are available separate - See listings below).

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