Clutch Friction Plates

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Clutch Friction Plates (disks) - Fit: 650's 1970-84 - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates were originally used). To use these late type friction plates remove the old clutch plate separator O-Rings (discard), and add 1 additional steel drive plate and replace all 6 old type thick friction plates with 7pc. of this new type friction plate.1982-83 XS400. Use 5 pc.XS1100 78-81 use 8 pc.

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OEM Number 341-16321-09-00, 256-16331-00-00, 341-16321-03-00, 256-16321-00-00, 341-16321-00-00, 341-16321-01-00
Fitment 1970 Yamaha XS1
1971 Yamaha XS1
1972 Yamaha XS2
1973 Yamaha TX650
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