Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal

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Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal - Made in Japan by original maker. Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 93102-08094/08118 (SD - 8-25-6) ArsNote: The Clutch pushrod seal is a chronic leaker.This seal was made to be replaced when the engine cases are split! It can be replaced without splitting the cases but it is tricky to drive it in intact.We suggest riders purchase more than one as you will need another again someday if not right away if you do not succeed in replacing the seal intact.We suggest you also clean and polish your clutch pushrod as grit & nicks on the rod will saw away at the seal lip causing early wear.

More Information
OEM Number 93102-08094, 93102-08118, 93102-08206-00, 93102-08074-00, 93102-08094-00, 93102-08118-00
Fitment 1970 Yamaha XS1
1971 Yamaha XS1
1972 Yamaha XS2
1973 Yamaha TX650
1973 Yamaha TX750
1974 Yamaha TX650
1974 Yamaha TX750
1975 Yamaha XS650
1976 Yamaha XS650
1977 Yamaha XS650
1978 Yamaha XS650
1978 Yamaha XS650S
1979 Yamaha XS650
1979 Yamaha XS650-2
1979 Yamaha XS650S
1980 Yamaha XS650 Special II
1980 Yamaha XS650S
1981 Yamaha XS650 Special II
1981 Yamaha XS650S
1982 Yamaha XS650S Heritage
1983 Yamaha XS650S Heritage Special
1984 Yamaha XS650S Heritage Special
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