Electronic Advancer for the Pamco Hall effect Ignition

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Electronic advancer for the PAMCO Hall effect ignition!Now you can eliminate that troublesome mechanical advancer and replace it with a reliable MCU* electronic advancer. -Precise lookup table for advance degrees / RPM-Automatic kill switch keeps coil off until starting-Eliminates advancer jiggle for a smoother engine and less vibration-Extremely low power consumption (220 microA)-Easy installation.-Upgrade your existing PAMCO Ignition or combine with the new Hall Effect sensorREQUIRES A 60 DEGREE ROTOR. If you have an older PAMCO Ignition with a 90 degree rotor, a 60 degree rotor is available separately. '80 to '83 models require the advance rod and bushingsThe E-Advancer comes with an adapter to replace the mechanical advancer.

Installation Instructions

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