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Fork Gaiter Set - Universal

$32.94 32.94
In stock

Fork Gaiters - Pair.  Give your 650 that "British" look. Provides great fork protection. 1970 XS650 models had a lip piece on the lower triple tree on which to clamp the boot, for later models simply insert a piece of split rubber rad hose inside and clamp the upper part of the boot to the fork tube. We suggest a breathing hole be punched on a lower pleat also (face to rear) to allow venting of air.We used these fork gaiters on our company XS400. They are a little large at the top, but you can fill the gap with a little ingenuity.

More Information
OEM Number 51611-300-000, 278-23144-50-00
Fitment 1970 Yamaha R5
1971 Yamaha DT1
1971 Yamaha R5
1971 Yamaha RT1
1971 Yamaha RT1MX
1971 Yamaha XS1
1972 Yamaha DS7
1972 Yamaha R5
1972 Yamaha XS2
1973 Yamaha DT2
1973 Yamaha DT3
1973 Yamaha RD250
1973 Yamaha RD350
1973 Yamaha RT2
1973 Yamaha RT3
1973 Yamaha TX500
1973 Yamaha TX650
1974 Yamaha DT250
1974 Yamaha DT360
1974 Yamaha RD250
1974 Yamaha RD350
1974 Yamaha TX500
1974 Yamaha TX650
1975 Yamaha DT250
1975 Yamaha DT400
1975 Yamaha RD250
1975 Yamaha RD350
1975 Yamaha XS500
1975 Yamaha XS650
1976 Yamaha DT250
1976 Yamaha DT400