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(Slightly Blemished) Fuel Tank Badge - Yamaha Black and Chrome XS1 XS1b XS2

$29.91 29.91
In stock

Fits: 1970-72 XS1 XS1b XS2 650's. Black background with chrome letters. Original for 1970 XS1. Note: Will not fit later 650's.Tank emblem. (Slightly blemished edge around badge dull in color) Each emblem might have other imperfections, but still in generally good shape.

More Information
OEM Number 211-24161-00-00
Fitment 1968 Yamaha DT1
1968 Yamaha YR2C Grand Prix Scambler 350
1969 Yamaha DS6
1969 Yamaha DT1
1969 Yamaha DT1S
1969 Yamaha R3 Grand Prix
1970 Yamaha DS6
1970 Yamaha DT1
1970 Yamaha DT1MX
1970 Yamaha RT1
1970 Yamaha RT1M
1971 Yamaha DT1
1971 Yamaha DT1MX
1971 Yamaha RT1
1971 Yamaha RT1MX
1971 Yamaha XS1
1972 Yamaha XS2