Stainless Steel Spoke Set 18" Rear 48 spoke XS650 Heritage Special to convert from 16" rim

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Spoke Set - Rear 48 pc. + Nipples - High Quality Polished Stainless Steel Spokes. Fits: 48 spoke XS650 "Heritage Special"models 16" Rear wheel hub (drum brake). Custom Spoke Set to convert from 16" x 48 spoke "heritage Special" Rear Rim to our WM #34-1906 18" x 48 spoke Custom Rim. This spoke set has 2 lengths of inner spokes and 2 lengths of outer spokes. Also 34-1911.Note: Fits: WM #34-1906 18" XS Performance Polished Alloy Custom Rim and laces to the stock "Heritage Special"Rear hub.Converts 16" Rear wheel to 18"

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