XS Performance Carb XS650 ** UNASSEMBLED KIT **

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XS Performance Carb XS650! ** UNASSEMBLED KIT **32mm Flatslide Carb Set - Includes: Right & Left Carbs, Manifold Gaskets (#18-0865), Carb holder screws (#49-0741), 2 into 1 Throttle Cable (#48-9046), Billet Aluminum Intake Manifolds, Rubber Hose, 49mm Band clamp (#15-0685), 67mm Band Clamps (#15-0686), Fuel Line Filter (#20-0013) and Air Filters (#15-0035), Extra Pilot & Main Jets for different elevation.For higher elevation you can purchase separately our #95 Main Jet (#48-0909)Our Carbs were Dyno tested and tuned for XS650's.A replacement for the 1980 to 84 stock Mikuni BS34 Carbs or your worn out BS38's (1970-79).Notes: As with all carburetors, they are very sensitive to rust from a 30+ year old gas tank. Please check your tank for rust and also install a fuel line filter. Stock air filter box must be removed.NO separate manifolds will be needed for D-Models..Also available for PWK Carbs different Carb Holders #48-7500, #48-7501 & #48-9035 and Long Carb Holder Bolts #48-9034 CHECK OUT ASSEMBLED KIT ITEM # 48-9000 **** Note, this is intended for dealers or technicians, instructions are not provided. Made in TaiwanXS Performance Dyno Chart

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