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Yamaha XS650 Parts

XS650 Parts

MikesXS.net was started in 2001 with the XS650 rider in mind and has continuously been the largest and most comprehensive supplier of XS650 parts.  MikesXS carries everything you need to service your Yamaha XS650, including: high output XS650 charging systems (PMA kit), hard tail frames, big bore kits, XS650 petcocks, oem type oil filters, XS650 carburetor (carb) kits, brake calipers, clutch repair kits, XS650 master cylinders, gasket sets, 7/8 inch handlebars, cam chain guides and many other items! All of the inventory listed on our site is in stock and usually ships within 24 hours.  We ship all over the world from the United States to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, France, Germany and over 50 other countries.

We are proud to have many of our parts manufactured for us by the very same factories that made the original OEM parts and we also support and carry parts from custom parts builders like Hugh's Handbuilt, Monster Craftsman,  TC Bros, Pamco, XS Charge, Analog Cycles, Moto Gadget and many other custom motorcycle fabrication parts. 

The XS650 XS1 was the first 4 stroke engine motorcycle ever developed by Yamaha and was also the first large displacement engine. Prior to the introduction of this bike, the largest engine was the YR-1 Yamaha 2-stroke twin.

The XS650 debuted on the market in 1970 as the XS-1, the biggest bike in the Yamaha stable. Available in one color scheme, green and white, the first version featured drum brakes and was not equipped with an electric starter.

The motorcycle division of Yamaha was founded in 1955, and was headed by Genichi Kawakami. Early success in racing set the tone for Yamaha, as competition in many varieties of motorcycle racing has been a key endeavor of the company throughout its history.

The target for Yamaha therefore was clear: light weight, high performance and easy handling at a level of the smaller Yamaha two-stroke motorcycles. The high engine output of the SOHC compared to the existing OHV type four-stroke models. The Yamaha XS-1 650 is defined as a proven legacy and continued on through 15 years ending in 1984.

One of the exciting emerging trends over the last years has been the ease in which the XS650 can be customized into a chopper, bobber, brat, cafe racer or you can just do a complete restoration.  MikesXS has a very experienced team of professionals that can help answer any questions you might have on your custom project.

Fitment Includes:

1970 XS1

1971 XS1

1972 XS2

1973 TX650

1974 TX650

1975 XS650B

1976 XS650C

1977 XS650D

1978 XS650E, XS650SE

1979 XS650F, XS650 Special, XS650SF

1980 XS650G, XS650S

1981 XS650H, XS650SH

1982 XS650SJ

1983 XS650SK

1984 XS650SK

*please see product pages for specific fitment information

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  1. Valve Stem Cap
    Part #
    Metal Valve stem caps (Pk/2) with core removal notch. 
  2. Cylinder Head Sealing Washers
    Part #
    Cylinder Head Sealing Washers - OEM Ref.# 90210-10004 (4 used per engine) Steel Head washers with internal seal. Used under 4 outer cylinder head crown nuts on all 650's. Note: Not included in gasket sets. OEM Made in Japan. 
  3. Rear Wheel Oil Seal Yamaha XS650 XS1 XS2
    Part #
    Rear wheel Oil Seal - (SO-27-52-5) Fits: Rear (RH Side) All 650's 1970-84 
  4. Tsubaki BF05M cam chain Rivet Master Link Yamaha XS650 SR500 XT500
    Part #
    Tsubaki BF05M Rivet Master Link Cam Chain replacement link XS650 (74-84), TX650 also fits: SR500 78-81, XT500 76-81see 52-4048 for cam chain 
  5. Oil Seal - Kickstarter shaft
    Part #
    Engine Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal OEM Seal #93102-25064 Ars SD 25-35-7-2HS Fits: All 650's 1970-84, TX750 73-74. 
  6. Oil Seal - Shift Shaft
    Part #
    Engine Transmission Shift Shaft Oil Seal OEM Seal# 93109-14010 Ars SDD 14-24-6 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  7. Sport bike gel Grips
    Part #
    Sport bike gel Grips - Black - Closed end type for 7/8" bars. 
  8. Heated grips
    Part #
    Universal heated grips for 7/8" handlebars. Great for cold weather riding. Includes wiring and control switch. This is not designed to plug straight into any wiring harness, you will have to sort it out. Includes instructions. Hi and lo settings. 
  9. Throttle Sleeve stock 1970-75
    Part #
    Throttle Sleeve-Fits: Stock 1970-75 XS/TX650 OEM Throttle Housing Assembly. Nylon replacement for cast stock dual pull throttle sleeve.Replaces OEM #256-26243-00 
  10. Throttle Sleeve
    Part #
    Throttle Sleeve - Fits: Stock 1976-84 XS650 OEM Throttle Housing Assembly. Also fits: XS400 
  11. Kickstart Rubber
    Part #
    Kickstart Rubber - Fits: Small 13 mm. shaft (later type kick start levers) as shown.Fits XS650 and RD's 
  12. Kickstart Rubber
    Part #
    Kickstart Rubber - Fits: Large 15mm. shaft (early straight type kick start lever). 
  13. Rider Footrest Rubber 1977-84 XS650
    Part #
    Rider (Front) Footrest Rubber - Flat Bottom type - Fits: 1977-84 XS650's, XS400.Sold each. 
  14. Superbike Pattern Gel type Grips
    Part #
    Superbike Pattern Gel type Grips - Black - for 7/8" bars. 
  15. Sidecover Damper Grommet
    Part #
    Damper Grommet for sidecover - (Lower single piece for 1 sidecover fits into frame tube). Fits: Plastic covers as used on XS650SG-SL plus H Special II 1980-84 "Specials". See web site model ID photo's if you are unsure of your sidecover type.Fits: 1978 xs400 2e 
  16. Sidecover Damper Grommet
    Part #
    Damper Grommet for sidecover (Upper - Pk./2 for 1 sidecover) - Fits:XS650SG-SL (1980-84) "Specials" with plastic sidecovers. See web site model ID photo's of sidecovers if you are unsure of your sidecover type. Fits: 1978 xs400 2e 
  17. Battery Boot
    Part #
    Battery Boot - Fits: 12N14 type Batteries as used on 1974-84 Yamaha 650's.  Battery not included. 
  18. Tail Light Base Rubber
    Part #
    Replacement Gasket (Rubber) for base of XS #11-2303 Tail light with round type lens as used on most 71-79 XS/TX 650's. 
  19. 2.25" (60mm) Speedometer - Chrome Mini with black face - 2:1 ratio for motorcycles
    Part #
    Speedometer - Chrome Mini - 2.25" Diameter (60mm) - Black face, 0-160MPH. for Yamaha 650's. Internal illumination. Resettable Tripmeter. Calibrated for 19" front wheel.2:1 ratio May be suitable for: Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, you need to check ratio, wheel size, etc. 
  20. 2.25" (60mm) Speedometer - Chrome Mini - 2:1 ratio for motorcycles
    Part #
    Speedometer - Chrome Mini - 2.25" Diameter (60mm) - Black face, 0-220Kilometers per HR.for Yamaha 650's. Internal illumination. Resettable Tripmeter. Calibrated for 19" front wheel. 2:1 ratio.May be suitable for: other Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, you need to check your ratio, wheel size, etc. 
  21. Mount Bracket for motorcycle speedometer and tach
    Part #
    Chrome plated alloy mount Bracket for Mini tach & speedos - Handlebar 2 pc. clamp type mount. 10mm. RH threaded. 
  22. Bar Mount Right Side Mirror Bracket
    Part #
    Mounts Right Hand Side Mirrors (Yamaha Right side Mirrors have a Left hand thread) when the stock mirror mount is damaged or missing. 
  23. Speedometer - Chrome Mini 60mm (2.25") diameter MPH black face
    Part #
    Speedometer - Chrome Mini - 2.25" Diameter (60mm) - Black face, 0-140MPH.For Yamaha 650's. Internal illumination LED backlit and Indicator lights.(High Beam, Signal & Neutral Light). Resettable Tripmeter.Calibrated for 19" front wheel. 2:1 ratio.May be suitable for: other Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, you need t... 
  24. Tachometer - Chrome Mini 60mm (2.25") diameter black face
    Part #
    Tachometer - Chrome Mini - 2.25" Diameter (60mm) - LED with Black face, 0-12,000 RPM for Yamaha 650's. Internal illumination.Mechanical (cable drive) type. 1:5 ratio.Other bikes with 1:5 ratio: XS360, XS400, RD350, RD400, SR500 
  25. Speedometer - Chrome Mini 60mm (2.25") diameter white face MPH
    Part #
    Speedometer - Chrome Mini - 2.25" Diameter (60mm) - White face, 0-160MPH. for Yamaha 650's. Internal illumination. Resettable Tripmeter.Tripmeter is on the right side. Calibrated for 19" front wheel. 2:1 ratio.May be suitable for: other Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, you need to check ratio, wheel size, etc. 
  26. Speedometer - MPH - Chrome Mini 48mm (1.9") diameter black face
    Part #
    Speedometer - Chrome Mini - 1.9" (48mm.) Diameter, Black Face, 0-140Mph.Led internal illuminationCable Driven - matches Electronic Tachometer #03-0675 Calibrated for 19" front wheel. 2:1 ratio.see tach's 03-0675 and 03-0766 
  27. High Performance Connecting Rod Kit - 447 type - Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    High Performance Connecting Rod Kit - 447 type ( 20mm. piston pin hole ) Fits:TX650A (1974) & All XS650 (75-84). Includes: Connecting Rod, Crank Pin, Thrust Washers & Special high load Big end Bearing. A Superior quality part made in Japan on all new tooling. 
  28. Camshaft Bearing Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Camshaft Bearing - B16005 (Special C4 Clearance). 4 used per engine. Fits: All XS/TX650's 1970-84. Made in Japan by original supplier. 
  29. 447 Piston 2nd. Oversize ( 0.50mm)
    Part #
    Piston 2nd. Oversize (0.50mm.) + piston pin & clips - Fits: 650's 1974-84 OEM Ref.# 447-11636-01 Quality made in Japan on all new tooling. 
  30. Cam Sprocket
    Part #
    Cam Sprocket - 36 tooth replacement sprocket for our 447 type XS performance cam # 05-0025Note: This sprocket does Not fit any other camshaft. 
  31. Aluminum Rocker Shaft Plug Yamaha XS650
    Part #
    Aluminum Rocker Shaft Plug with O-ring (Set of 4 pc.) -Allen socket head type.Fits: All XS/TX 650's 1970-84 
  32. Piston Kit (3rd.oversize - 0.75mm.)
    Part #
    Piston Kit (3rd.oversize - 0.75mm.) for 256 Engines (1970-73 only! ) -Kit includes: Piston for one cylinder, one Piston Pin (22mm.), 2 Piston Pin Clips and Rings for one piston - Piston uses high quality 447 type rings and kit can be used as a set Only. Japanese made superior quality. 
  33. Big Bore (750cc) Cylinder and Piston Kit for Yamaha XS650.
    Part #
    Big Bore Cylinder and Piston Kit The Only complete bolt on Big Bore 750cc Cylinder and piston kit ever made for the XS650 Yamaha Modified limited production European Race Engine Cylinder Block has enlarged fins for improved cooling. The New Cylinder Block has longer fins matching the Head Fin Length. Kit Fits... 
  34. Transmission Mainshaft Bearing
    Part #
    Transmission Mainshaft Double row Ball bearing B5205 - OEM REf.# 93305-20504 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  35. Monza Shock Absorber Set - 13 3/16" (335mm) eye to eye 1974-84
    Part #
    Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Traditional) for 1974-84 XS/TX650's -Dual Progressive wound Chrome Springs & Long Black top shroud with black shock body.13 3/16" (335mm.) eye to eye, Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers.335mm is standard size for: Yamaha RD250 1973-75, RD350 1973-75, XS360 1976-77, TX650... 
  36. Shock Absorber Set 12 3/4" (325mm) 74-84 +
    Part #
    Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Standard) for 1974-84 XS/TX650's - Chrome Springs, cap with chrome shock body. 12 3/4" (324mm.) eye to eye. Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers.*** Note - the top is painted a chrome color, and not chrome plated 
  37. Gas Shock Absorber Set 12.6" (320mm) Black springs
    Part #
    Gas Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Cafe) for 1974-84 XS/TX650's -Black Springs& Silver body 12.6" (320mm.) eye to eye. Top eye 14.2mm Dia., Bottom eye 10.2mm. Dia. Top Quality 
  38. 1 1/2" Chrome Heavy Duty Exhaust Center Clamp
    Part #
    1 1/2" Chrome Heavy Duty Center Clamp with Nut & bolt. 
  39. 1 3/4" Exhaust Center Clamp
    Part #
    1 3/4" Chrome Heavy Duty Center Clamp with Nut & bolt. 
  40. 6" Chrome Exhaust Hanger strap
    Part #
    6" Chrome Hanger strap with nut & bolt. 
  41. Taper Tip Muffler 16"
    Part #
    Free flowing chromed Taper Tip Muffler Fits: 1 3/4" (45mm.) headpipes or 1.5" (38.5mm.) headpipes if used with reducer sleeve supplied. 16" Long. Includes clamp and slider hanger strap.Non-removable baffle. 1 3/4" ID 1 7/8 OD Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda. 
  42. Old Brit Style Muffler with long inlet pipe 29.5"
    Part #
    Old British Style Muffler with long inlet pipe (to clear foot controls).29.5" Long x 3.9"Dia., New Improved Baffle, Classic British Look for your XS!Muffler fits to 38mm (1.5" inlet) OD Headpipes. Steel baffle, non-removable.1 1/2" ID 1 5/8" ODNote: Center stand must be removed or modified (bent) as stand loop on LH s... 
  43. Oval Megaphone Muffler 17.5"
    Part #
    Oval Megaphone Muffler 17.5"Non-removable baffle.1 3/4" ID 1 7/8" OD. Includes hanger and baffle.45mm (1.77") 
  44. Commando Style Megaphone Muffler 26"
    Part #
    Commando Style dyno tuned* Megaphone Muffler.An "XS Performance" part. Dyno tuned design by Heiden Tuning for improved power at all RPM's and good sound.Chrome Megaphone is 26" Long x 3 7/8" end Dia. with a welded in mechanical steel baffle, welded on end cone and a reinforced mounting bracket positioned to improve fit... 
  45. Steel Exhaust  Bracket with Bolts
    Part #
    Steel Exhaust Bracket with Bolts. 4 1/2" Total length, 1/2" wide. 
  46. Offset Exhaust Hanger strap 3 3/4"
    Part #
    Offset Hanger Strap -Black - 3 3/4" with 2 oblong holes. 18mm offset. 3mm thick 
  47. Offset Exhaust Hanger strap
    Part #
    Offset Hanger Strap - Black - 5.5" with 2 oblong holes. 3mm thick.30mm offset. 
  48. Metal center stand stop bracket 4 5/8"
    Part #
    Metal center stand stop bracket. Black - 4 5/8" long with oblong mount hole. 3mm thick. 
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