Smith's Style Speedo for XS1/XS2 80mm (3.15") diameter black face MPH

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Smith's Style Speedometer to fit stock mount bracket on 1970-72 XS1/XS2 650's. Vintage Style with Black case,3.15" Diameter (80mm). Black Face 0-130 MPH with Tripmeter.AMBER. Mechanical cable drive type.(60MPH=2,240 RPM) Stud mount with Nylock Nuts and rubber damper grommets.Note: This instrument type has a straight out drive so will Not work on Later models as the drive would interfere with the stock headlamp shell.Calibrated for 19" front wheel. 2:1 ratio. Will work with most Japanese motorcycles.Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, you need to check ratio, wheel size, etc.

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