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Yamaha XS650 Chassis Parts


The XS650 is one of the most customizable vintage Yamahas ever produced, and part of the reason is its chassis. Born out of the two-stroke era, the vintage XS650 retained the beefy chassis needed to quell the vibrations of two-stroke bikes. But it was thoroughly modern for its day. Look around and you’ll see XS650 choppers, XS650 brats, XS650 café racers, XS650 bobbers and beautifully rendered XS650 restorations.

Mikes XS is a market leader in supplying vintage Yamaha XS650 chassis parts. We have a wide variety of XS650 handlebars, from low-slung drag bars to chopper ape hangers and everything in between. Our vintage XS650 clutch cables, throttle cables and handlebar switches can get you back to action. And to complete your restoration or build, Mikes XS stocks those hard-to-find XS650 side covers, fenders, fuel tanks and Yamaha emblems.

Whether you need a seat or seat cover and accessories, or a vintage XS650 kickstarter and foot pegs, Mikes XS has what you need to get your classic Japanese machine on the road and running.

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  1. Bar Switch Assembly
    Part #
    Bar Switch Assembly - Clutch Side - Black Fits: 1977-84 North American Model XS650's.OEM Ref. # 1T3-83973-00Note: Switch has No choke cable lever mount as used on some 1983-84 models. 
  2. Bar Switch Assembly
    Part #
    Bar Switch Assembly - Brake/Throttle Side - Black Fits: 1976-78 North American XS650 Models and 1976-84 European models.OEM Ref. # 584-83963-00-00 
  3. Bar Switch Assembly 1979-84
    Part #
    Bar Switch Assembly - Brake/Throttle Side - Black Fits: 1979-84 North American Model XS650's. OEM Ref. # 2L0-83975-00-98 
  4. Clutch Cable (Black) XS650 1974-84
    Part #
    Clutch Cable (Black) - Fits: Yamaha XS/TX650 (1974-84) Standard models and can also be used on 1978-84 - Specials - with bars that are lower than originals. 55" Long Made in Japan 
  5. Standard Fuel Tank Black Paint
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Standard Fuel Tank Black Paint.  3.9 US gallon (15 litre) " Standard" type (No Badge) and is patterned after the original 1977D model. Does not include: 2 Petcocks (see part #20-0019 ) or gas caps (see part #20-0033).   Fits: Any 1974-84 XS/TX650. 
  6. Seat - Stock XS1 type for 1970-72 models
    Special Price $245.91 Regular Price $345.91
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Replica of original stock Seat. Steel seat pan, mounting hardware (hinges, hook for seat latch and seat prop assembly) included. Lettering is in gold. Accepts passenger grab rail(Not included). Seat is OEM Ref. # 306-24730-01 type.Fits" XS1/XS1b/XS2 1970-1972 
  7. Gas Cap with keys 1978-84 XS650 Special and more
    Part #
    Fits: 1978-84 Yamaha XS650 "Specials" Note: Caps from "Standards" and "Specials" do not interchange.Will work with other Specials models: XS400 Specials, XS750 Specials, XS850 Specials, XS1100 Specials, and SR500 78-79 (latch depth adjusted)OEM reference #4R0-24602-01-00 
  8. Damper Rubber Metal side cover XS650 1978-80
    Part #
    Damper Rubbers (Pk./2 for 1 sidecover) Fits: To 1" wide upper hanger for Metal side cover as used on XS650vSe/Sf/2F/G 1978-80. See web site model ID photo's of sidecovers if you are unsure of your sidecover type.Also fit DS7, R5, RD250, RD350 
  9. Knob/Latch Assembly
    Part #
    Knob/Latch assembly for Metal side covers used on 1974-80 Models. Includes knob, Spring, rubber grommet, roll pin and special washers. 
  10. Damper Rubber-Set/2
    Part #
    Damper Rubber (2Pc. Set for 1 sidecover) Fits: To 1 3/8" wide upper hanger for Metal side cover as used on XS/TX650 1974-79 "Standard" models. See web site model ID photo's of sidecovers if you are unsure of your sidecover type. 
  11. Sidecover Damper Grommet
    Part #
    Damper Grommet for sidecover - (Lower single piece for 1 sidecover fits into frame tube). Fits: Plastic covers as used on XS650SG-SL plus H Special II 1980-84 "Specials". See web site model ID photo's if you are unsure of your sidecover type.Fits: 1978 xs400 2e 
  12. Sidecover Damper Grommet
    Part #
    Damper Grommet for sidecover (Upper - Pk./2 for 1 sidecover) - Fits:XS650SG-SL (1980-84) "Specials" with plastic sidecovers. See web site model ID photo's of sidecovers if you are unsure of your sidecover type. Fits: 1978 xs400 2e 
  13. Clutch Lever (Black)
    Part #
    Clutch Lever - (Black) - Fits: XS650 SE/F/2F/SF/SG/SH/SK/SL 1978-84 and XS650S J/K Heritage Specials. OEM Ref.#'s 2HO-83912-00/20/30, 2H7-83912Also fits: XS400, SR500 78-81, XS750 F 79, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-81*** has finger indentions 
  14. Battery Retainer Strap
    Part #
    Battery Retainer Strap - As used on XS/TX 650's (1974-84) 
  15. Gas cap Rubber Seal 1976-84 XS650
    Part #
    Gas cap Rubber Seal - Fits: All 1976-84 XS650 gas caps. OEM: 2MO-24641-00 
    • Out of stock
  16. Horn/Starter Button - XS650 - Z1 - KZ650 KZ750 KZ900 KZ1000 - H2 H1
    Part #
    Horn Button with Spring Equivalent to OEM: 27010-1009 46028-006 46079-003 46031-005 - contains one (1) each of - button, contact and spring  Fits: Yamaha XS/TX650 switches 1974-84. Works as starter button on XS650 1980Fits Kawasaki Z1- KZ900- W2TT 1969- W2SS 1969- W1SS 1969- W1 1967- S3/A 1974-75- S2/A 1972-76-... 
  17. Gas Tank Mount Rubber
    Part #
    Gas Tank Mount Rubber - Front - Fits: All 650's 1970-84 
  18. Gear Change Lever with rubber XS650
    Part #
    Gear Change Lever with rubber. Chrome plated steel - Fits: 1970-84 650'sAlso fits: XS850 1980-81 and RD's 
  19. Chrome Thick Washer
    Part #
    Chrome Thick Washer - 10mm. x 27mm. x 4.5mm. - Fits: All Footrest mount bars on 1970-84 650's and shock absorber top mount stud on 1974-79 650's. 
  20. Gear Shift Rubber 1970-84 XS650
    Part #
    Gear Shift Rubber - Fits: 1970-84 650's OEM Ref.# 132-18113-01Also fits: RD's 
  21. Rider Footrest Rubber 1977-84 XS650
    Part #
    Rider (Front) Footrest Rubber - Flat Bottom type - Fits: 1977-84 XS650's, XS400.Sold each. 
  22. Footrest Rubber XS650 77-84, Flat Metal
    Part #
    Footrest Rubber XS650 77-84, Flat metal bottom type.Fits: 1977-84 XS650's, XS400.Sold each 
  23. Rider Footrest Rubber
    Part #
    Rider (Front) Footrest Rubber - Rounded Bottom type - Fits:1970-76 XS/TX650's Sold Each. 
  24. Damper Rubbers-Set/4
    Part #
    Damper Rubbers - (Rider (front) footrest mount bracket) - Set of 4 - Fits: All 1970-84 XS/TX650's 
  25. Rubber Grommet with Metal Bushing
    Part #
    Rubber Grommet with metal bushing - Fits: Sidecover latch , Headlamp adjuster, Mount - lower (plastic section) of Rear fender, Front mount point of chain guard, Tail lamp base to fender (round tail lens), Rear master cylinder reservoir mount (1978-80 ) OEM Ref.#'s 214-21717-00 / 90480-14101/102-00/14023-00 + collar 90... 
  26. Forward Controls Kit TC Bros Choppers
    Part #
    Forward Controls Kit, with knurled pegs for Yamaha XS650.See universal linkage kit 19-0402.Chopper and bobber projects. 
  27. Weld on hardtail TC Bros Choppers XS650
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Weld on rigid hard tail frame section. Uses stock wheel, tire, spacers, and chain adjusters. Constructed of 1 1/8" diameter steel tubing with .120" wall thickness. The 1 1/8" diameter is also the same as the stock XS650 frame tubing for a nice install that looks factory m... 
  28. Clutch Cable (Black) 1978-84 XS650 Special
    Part #
    Clutch Cable (Black) - Fits: XS650 (1978-84) "Specials" with stock pullback type high bars. 58 1/2" Long Made in Japan 
  29. Throttle Cable (black) XS650 Standard 1976-79 Special 1978-84
    Part #
    Throttle Cable (Black) Fits: XS650C/D/E/F(1976-79) Standard models and will also fit 78-84 "Specials" with lower bars. OEM# 584-26311-10 - Made in Japan 
  30. 6mm. ID Cable Ferrule
    Part #
    6mm. ID Cable Ferrule - (Outer cable end cover) - Pk./10 Ferrule Cable ends for making or repairing cables.Fits: Throttle Cables XS #51-3502/3509/3510/3511 +Decompressor Cable XS #51-6504 
  31. (Slightly Blemished) Fuel Tank Badge - Yamaha Black and Chrome XS1 XS1b XS2
    Part #
    Fits: 1970-72 XS1 XS1b XS2 650's. Black background with chrome letters. Original for 1970 XS1. Note: Will not fit later 650's.Tank emblem. (Slightly blemished edge around badge dull in color) Each emblem might have other imperfections, but still in generally good shape. 
  32. Seat - Stock type for Standard models
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Seat to fit "Standard" model 650's 1974-79 1974-76 447 type pattern on steel base pan. Includes hinges and seat latch hook.Fits: "Standard" Type 650's - 1974 TX650A, 1974-79 XS650 models. 
  33. Clip - Sidecover Emblem
    Part #
    Sidecover Emblem Clip- Used to hold emblem to cover.  Sold inidividually.   
  34. Gas Cap with keys 1976-79 XS650 Standard plus more
    Part #
    Gas Cap with keys - Fits: 1976-79 XS650 "Standard" models and our 64-7700 and 64-7702 Fuel Tanks. Note: Caps from "Standards" and "Specials" do not interchange.Fits most: RD400 (76-80), XS750 (77-79), XS850 (80-81), TX650A (74), XS650B (75), XS360C (76-77), XS500 (76-77), Also fits: RS100-DX, RS125, RD200, RX100, RX125 
  35. Cable Luber
    Part #
    Cable Luber - Yamaha pressure type (Sold each)Water & dirt are blown down cable by lubricant when pressure spray can nozzle is applied. Spray lube sold by most bike shops.Cable lubrication tool. 
  36. Footrest Mount Acorn Nut - 10 x 1.25 (Crown Nut)
    Part #
    Polished Chrome Shock Acorn Nut - Short Type (Crown Nut)17mm hex x 10mm 1.25 pitch x 16mm Long Fits: All Footrest mount bars 70-84 + Fender mount thru point on 76-78's. 
  37. Ribbed Grips
    Part #
    Ribbed Grips - Black - Closed end 7/8" Stock type as used on 77-84 XS650's. 
  38. Gran Tourisimo Style Cushion Grip Set
    Part #
    Gran Tourisimo style Cushion Grip Set - Black - for 7/8" bars. 
  39. Throttle Sleeve stock 1970-75
    Part #
    Throttle Sleeve-Fits: Stock 1970-75 XS/TX650 OEM Throttle Housing Assembly. Nylon replacement for cast stock dual pull throttle sleeve.Replaces OEM #256-26243-00 
  40. Throttle Sleeve
    Part #
    Throttle Sleeve - Fits: Stock 1976-84 XS650 OEM Throttle Housing Assembly. Also fits: XS400 
  41. Universal Throttle Assembly with vintage style grip
    Part #
    7/8" Universal Throttle Assembly with vintage style grip. Works with XS650 stock cables and also most Triumph, BSA, Yamaha and Honda with 7/8" handlebars. Single pull throttle years only. Includes throttle assembly with grip and left hand grip.For the XS650 the adjuster nut at the base of the housing needs to be remove... 
  42. Kickstart Rubber
    Part #
    Kickstart Rubber - Fits: Small 13 mm. shaft (later type kick start levers) as shown.Fits XS650 and RD's 
  43. Handlebar damper rubbers-(Set/4)
    Part #
    Handlebar damper rubbers (Set of 4) - Fits into Top crown & dampens vibration. 
  44. Battery Boot
    Part #
    Battery Boot - Fits: 12N14 type Batteries as used on 1974-84 Yamaha 650's.  Battery not included. 
  45. Metal center stand stop bracket 6 1/4"
    Part #
    Metal center stand stop bracket. Black - 6 1/4"" long with oblong mount hole. 3 mm thick. 
  46. Clutch Lever (Silver) Yamaha XS2 TX650 XS650 RD350 RD400 XS400 XS500 TX750 XS750
    Part #
    Clutch Lever (Silver) - Fits: XS2 (72), TX650/A (73-74), and XS650 B/C/D (75-77) OEM Ref.# 583/1J3-83912-10, 214-83912-00Also fits: RD125 75-77, RD200 74-76, RD250 73-77, RD350 73-75, TZ350 76-78, XS360 76-77, RD400 C/D/E 76-78, XS400 77-78, TX500 73-74, XS500 75-78, TX750 73-74, TZ750 74 & 77, XS750 77-78. 
  47. Clutch Cable Adjuster Dust Cover
    Part #
    Clutch Cable Adjuster Dust Cover - Rubber boot/cover keeps dirt from contaminating cable adjuster threads.Replaces original OEM cover.Fits: 1978-84 XS650's and hundreds of other Yamaha's. 
  48. Brake Lever Dust Cover
    Part #
    Brake Lever/Front Master Cylinder Dust Cover - OEM Ref. #1T5-26372-00Fits: Lever at Front Master Cylinder on Yamaha XS6502E/F/2F/G/H/J/K/SE/SF/SG/SH/SJ/SL/LK/SK (1978-84) 
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