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Yamaha XS650 Filters


Much like its owner, your vintage XS650 yearns to breathe clean air. Your classic Japanese bike can no more function smoothly with a dirty air filter than you can snorkel beneath the water’s surface. Restore the proper air flow to your machine with a new XS650 performance air filter. We have cleanable XS650 air pods for Mikuni carbs, as well as OEM-type XS650 replacement air filters.

Are you avoiding that oil filter change because you think you can no longer get filters for vintage Yamaha motorcycles. One or two oil changes without a new filter are okay, but more than that and you’re asking for trouble. Particulates pool in oil filters and soon disrupt oil flow to vital engine parts. Mikes XS has XS650 oil filter elements, as well as a convenient oil filter/oil cooler kit. We also stock XS650 sump oil filters and breather filters (with or without bracket). When you’re in the market for a vintage Yamaha XS650 filter element, look to Mikes XS first. 

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  1. Air Filter - Pod - 57mm
    Part #
    Sold individually.  57mm. (2 1/4") XS Performance motorcycle Pod Air Filter - Tapered Oval style w chrome end cap. Pod is an improved replica (dyno and flow bench developed) of the most popular brand on the market.Features - Molded in internal velocity stack. - No step rubber mount flange and chrome end cap.Filter... 
  2. Air Filter - Pod - 54mm
    Part #
    Premium quality 54mm. motorcycle Pod Air Filter - Tapered Oval style with Chrome end cap. (2.75") deep x 74 mm. (2.91") wide x 85 mm. (3 3/8") high (at base). Pod is an improved replica (Dyno & flow bench developed) of the most popular brand on the market. Features molded in internal stack, no step rubber mount... 
  3. Oil Filter - Sump - XS650
    Part #
    Sump Oil Filter -(New and Upgraded design with perforated metal to back up the filtering element). Stock original filters tear at low milage and allow unfiltered oil to flow to the oil pump. Fits: All XS650's 1970-84 - OEM Ref.# 256-13411-01 XS1 XS1B XS2 TX650 XS650 
  4. Oil Filter Screen - XS650
    Part #
    Oil Filter Screen - Fits in RH engine side cover (Clutch side) - Made in Japan - Fits: All 1970-84 XS1 XS1B XS2 XS650 TX650's OEM Ref.# 256-13441-00 
  5. Oil Filter/Cooler Kit - Performance - XS650 - 1970-1984 - XS Performance
    Part #
    Performance Oil Filter & Cooler Kit developed by Heiden Tuning of Holland. Kit uses common (Honda) replaceable paper element filter that provides better oil filtration than the stock filter screen. Kit installs directly to existing screen location and requires no modifications at all to install. Uses Stock gasket... 
  6. Filter - Petcock - In Tank - XS650 - XS1 - XS2 - Pkg 2
    Part #
    Petcock fuel pipe Filter Set(2) Fits: Over petcock fuel pipes up inside gas tank.Filter Set - Replacements for #20-0019 petcocks and will also fit 1970-77 XS1 XS2 XS650 stock petcocks.Dimensions: 5mm Inside - 6.7mm Outside - 31.75mm Length.Note - These are our petcocks we sell, not OEM Petcocks 
  7. Filter - Fuel - Square Inline - Clear - 1/4 inch
    Part #
    Clear square inline Fuel Filter - for 1/4" fuel hose. Overall length barb end to barb end is 2-1/2” Width is 1” and uses ¼” fuel hose 
  8. Oil Filter - For XS650 Cooler Kit
    Part #
    Paper Oil Filter Replacement for XS Performance Oil Filter/Cooler Kit Filter (Part #15-6504).  Filter is also for Honda OEM # 15410-KF0-305/315 / 15412-KF0-000/010 as is used on Honda XL/XR models. 
  9. Air Filter - Pod - 52mm
    Part #
    52mm Universal Pod Air FilterFits: Yamaha SR500, TT500, XT500, XJ650, XJ900, XS750 & XS850 & XS1100 through 1979Also fits:Honda CB400 N/T, CB650 Z, CB750 K Kawasaki KZ250, KZ400 B/G/L, ZR400, KZ440 A/C/D/H, KZ550 G/H, GPz550, ZR550, KZ650 Suzuki GS400 S, GSX400 E/F/L, GT500, GS550 E/M, GT750 
  10. Air Filter - OEM Type - XS650 1980-1984
    Part #
    Air Filter - Fits: XS650G-K - All 1980-84 650's - 2 used per bike.OEM Ref.# 3G1-14451 Made in Japan 
  11. Air Filter - OEM Type - XS650 1976-1979
    Part #
    Air Filter - Fits: XS650 C/D/E/SE/F/SF/2F 1976-79 - 2 used per bike.OEM Ref.# 533 -14451-00 Made in Japan 
  12. Air Filter - Pod - 54mm - Oval - Tapered
    Part #
    54mm (2 1/8") Tapered oval Pod Air Filter for motorcycles. High quality good looking filter at a great value.Fits: Aftermarket carbs, such as Mikuni, Keihin, and our PWK car kit DOES NOT WORK with stock Mikuni BS34 CV Carbs without cutting the interior lip which blocks the slide lift and carburetor vent holes. We D... 
  13. Filter - Petcock - XS650
    Part #
    Petcock Filter with filter screen. Fits: Original Yamaha manual Petcocks Only. 
  14. Filter - Breather - Includes Rubber End
    Part #
    Breather Filter with rubber end.  Washable type. 1-1/2” length - filter body 2” Outer Diameter 3/8" outer diameter on the inlet. 
  15. Air Filter - OEM Type - TX650A/XS650B 1974-1975
    Part #
    Air Filter - Fits: TX650A 1974, XS650B 1975 - 2 used per bike OEM Ref.# 447-14451-01 Made in Japan 
  16. Air Filter - OEM Type - XS2 TX650 1972-1973
    Part #
    Air Filter - Fits: XS2/TX650 1972-73 - 2 used per bike OEM Ref.# 306-14451 Made in Japan 
  17. Air Filter - OEM Type - XS1 XS1B 1970-1971
    Part #
    Air Filter - Fits: XS1/XS1b 1970-71 - 2 used per bike OEM Ref.# 256-14451-00 Made in Japan 
  18. Air Filter - K&N RC-0981 - Universal - 54mm
    Part #
    Genuine K&N Universal motorcycle Air filter. Sold each.3" outside diameter, 4" long, 5/8" flange length, offset flange.Note: legal in California only for racing vehicles.Yamaha XS650 Also compatible with XS400, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-83. Order one per carb. 
  19. Air Filter - K&N RB-0610 - Universal - 57mm
    Part #
    Genuine K&N universal air filter for Mikuni and Keihin motorcycle carburetors.Mounting flange inside dimension 2 1/4", filter outside diameter 3.5", 5" long, flange length 5/8", 5 degree angled flange.Works with Mikuni and Keihin carbs sold on Mikes XS.Does not work with the XS Performance carb kit 48-9010. Works w... 
  20. Air Filter - Pod - 52mm - Oval - Tapered
    Part #
    52mm (2.0") Oval tapered Pod Air Filter for motocycles. High quality, good looking filter at a great price.Fits: Aftermarket carbs, such as Mikuni and Keihin. DOES NOT WORK with stock CV Carbs without cutting the interior lip which blocks the slide lift and carburetor vent holes. We DO NOT recommend them for CV ca... 
  21. Air Filter - Pod - 42mm
    Part #
    42mm pod air filter. Universal clamp on type. Sold each.fits: Yamaha RD250, RD350, RD400, DT100, RS100, RX100 Honda MTX200, XL250RC, CB650F Kawasaki KL250 A/C, KH400, KZ440, KZ750, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1 A/B,Suzuki GS125 ES, TS185ER, RG250 Gamma, GT250, GT380, GT550, GS750, GS1000, GS1000 Katana 
  22. Air Filter - K&N YA-1152 - High-Flow - XS650 1976-1979
    Part #
    K&N OEM Replacement Filter YA-1152. (Box/2)3" wide by 4" long, 2.25" tall. XS650 C/D/E/F/2F/SE/SF 76-79 
  23. Filter - Breather - Chrome - Mount Bracket and Cap
    Part #
    Chrome Breather Filter with Die cast Mount Bracket and Filter Cap. 
  24. Filter - Breather - Chrome
    Part #
    Breather Filter with Chrome Steel Ends - washable type 1-1/2” length - filter body 1-3/8” Outer Diameter 3/8" outer diameter on the inlet 
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