Air Filter - 54mm. XS performance Pod Air Filter - Mikuni BS34 CV

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Premium quality 54mm. motorcycle Pod Air Filter - Tapered Oval style with Chrome end cap. (2.75") deep x 74 mm. (2.91") wide x 85 mm. (3 3/8") high (at base). Pod is an improved replica (Dyno & flow bench developed) of the most popular brand on the market. Features molded in internal stack, no step rubber mount flange and Chrome end cap. Filter is supplied dry but washable filtration material may be oiled for improved dust filtration. The flange does not block the openings in the stock carbs as other standard pod filters do.Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda.Fits: 1980-84 stock Mikuni BS34 CV Carbs + some Mikuni TM aftermarket carbs.Fits: Flatslide PWK 32mm. XS Performance Carb Set for XS650 Note: Each kit requires 2 filters.Compatible with XS400Pod fits to velocity stack on Dellorto PHF36 carbs and SR250's

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