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XS1100 / XS850 / XS750 Parts

XS1100 / XS850 / XS750 Parts

Yamaha a proven leader of innovation decided to tilt the scales in 1977 and create the XS750. This bike was ahead of its time. A narrow, three cylinder in-line with a low center gravity power plant. As if that was not enough, the motorcycles drive train was not furnished with the typical chain and sprockets and came equipped with a first of its kind shaft drive. This again was another first for Yamaha and complemented the forethought and engineering of the future of motorcycles. It had opened another complete market for the touring cyclist. Yamaha franchises came equipped after the initial shock to the customer with a complete touring package. Then this of course was the beginning of the aftermarket add on accessories for the comfort of long motorcycle road trips.


As in the past, Yamaha engineers in 1980 did the next best thing to produce a smoother ride with more power and upscale the displacement of this genesis triple motor to become the XS850. The XS850 was produced for only two years when Yamaha then dropped the “triple” in 1982 and headed into the “V-Motor” type motorcycles.  


In the background, there was also a big brother to the large displacement phenomenon in motorcycle history. In 1978, Yamaha developed the XS1100. Power was produced by a dual OHC along with a set of CV34mm carburetors. The bike was a sensation to all types of motorcyclists. It had the performance expected out of a 1100cc in line four cylinder. Along with the power, Yamaha kept the welcomed and appreciated drive shaft. This allowed the variation of complete touring comfort with a no maintenance drive train or the ability to modify to a low set of handle bars for the stylish Café appeal. The XS1100 was a classy ride but not one to be reckoned with.


One of the exciting emerging trends over the last years has been the ease in which the XS1100 can be customized into a chopper, bobber, brat, cafe racer or you can just do a complete restoration.  MikesXS has a very experienced team of professionals that can help answer any questions you might have on your custom project. was started in 2001 with the XS rider in mind and has continuously been the largest and most comprehensive supplier of XS parts.  MikesXS carries everything you need to service your motorcycle, including: high output charging systems (PMA kit), hard tail frames, big bore kits, petcocks, oem type oil filters, carburetor (carb) kits, brake calipers, clutch repair kits, master cylinders, gasket sets, 7/8 inch handlebars, cam chain guides and many other items! All of the inventory listed on our site is in stock and usually ships within 24 hours.  We ship all over the world from the United States to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, France, Germany and over 50 other countries


We are proud to have many of our parts manufactured for us by the very same factories that made the original OEM parts and we also support and carry parts from custom parts builders like Hugh's Handbuilt, Monster Craftsman,  TC Bros, Pamco, XS Charge, Analog Cycles, Moto Gadget and many other custom motorcycle fabrication parts.  


Fitment Includes:

1976 XS750C

1977 XS750D

1977 XS7502D

1978 XS750E

1978 XS750SE

1978 XS1100

1979 XS750F

1979 XS750SF

1979 XS1100

1980 XS850G

1980 XS850SG

1980 XS850LG

1980 XS1100

1981 XS850H

1981 XS850SH

1981 XS850LH

1981 XS1100

1982 XJ1100


*please see product pages for specific fitment information

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  1. Master Cylinder - Single Disc - 13mm - XS650 - 1977-1984
    Part #
    Master Cylinder Assembly - 13mm. bore (for single Front disc brake) Yamaha OEM type. Complete with brake lever, brake light switch, banjo bolt and banjo bolt washers (Pr.). Recommended for 1977-84 XS650's Mirror mount has left hand Threads.For single disc brake.Also fits RD250, RD350, RD400, XS750 Standard 1977-79, XS8... 
  2. Master Cylinder - Dual Disc - 16mm - XS650 - 1977-1984
    Part #
    Master Cylinder Assembly - 16mm bore.Recommended for late dual disc Front brakes on 1977-84 Yamaha XS650's Or single front disc brake (1972-76 650's). Yamaha OEM type. Complete with brake lever, brake light switch, banjo bolt and washers. Mirror mount has Left Threads.For dual disc brakes.Also fits: XS750 Standard and... 
  3. Fuse Box - XS650 - RD400 - XS750 - XS1100
    Part #
    XS650 Fuse Boxes located on top of the battery are a part of the original wiring harness and have not been available separate, we now offer a copy of this box as shown plus matching terminal block & terminals + the battery top cover it attaches to. Cut the old fuse box from your main harness, attach the connector b... 
  4. Ignition Coil - 4.0 Ohm - XS650
    Part #
    Ignition Coil - Exact replacement original type coil for all XS650's with contact point ignitions. Replaces original coils that are weak from heat and age and restores spark strength to the ignition system. Hitachi type CM11-50/50B/52A 4 Ohm primary - 2 required per bike. Plug wires not included.OEM Ref.# 254-82310-60-... 
  5. Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit - XS650 - 1977-1984
    Part #
    Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit - Fits:1977-84 XS650 Front or Rear Calipers.Contains caliper piston seal, dust boot, spring clip and bleed screw rubber cap. OEM Ref.# 1J3-W0047, 1J3-20000-20-00Also fits: XS400 D/E/F 77-79 front and rear, SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 front and rear, XS500 C/D/E 76-78 front and rear, XS750 77-79 rear... 
  6. Brake Pads - Front or Rear - XS650 - XS750 - XS1100 - SR500
    Part #
    Brake Pad Set ( for 1 caliper ) - Fits: Front - XS650 D-K (1977-84) or Rear - XS650 (1978-84) - Kevlar Carbon compound.OEM Ref.: 1J3-20000-11/13, 3H5-W0045-00, 2MO-W0046-01Also fit: SR500 1976-81, SR500 G/H 1980-81 front only, XS500 C/D/E 1976-78 front and rear, XS750 D/2D/E/F 1977-79 front and rear, XS750 SE/SF right... 
  7. Carburetor Kit - XS650 - 1980-1984 - Basic
    Part #
    Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Fits: XS650SG-SL (1980-84) stock Mikuni 34mm. CV carburetors Kit Contains : Push-in Float Valve assembly with O-Ring, Carb rubber passage Plug & Float bowl Gasket 3F7. Made in Japan - 1 kit required per carb.Also works for: XS400 SE '82, XS1100 SG '80, XS1100 LG/LH/SH '80-'81 
  8. Gas Cap w/ Keys - XS650 - 1978-1984
    Part #
    Fits: 1978-84 Yamaha XS650 "Specials" Note: Caps from "Standards" and "Specials" do not interchange.Will work with other Specials models: XS400 Specials, XS750 Specials, XS850 Specials, XS1100 Specials, and SR500 78-79 (latch depth adjusted)OEM reference #4R0-24602-01-00 
  9. Clutch Lever (Black)
    Part #
    Clutch Lever - (Black) - Fits: XS650 SE/F/2F/SF/SG/SH/SK/SL 1978-84 and XS650S J/K Heritage Specials. OEM Ref.#'s 2HO-83912-00/20/30, 2H7-83912Also fits: XS400, SR500 78-81, XS750 F 79, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-81*** has finger indentions 
  10. Gasket - Float Bowl - XS650 1980-1984 - XS400 XS750 XS1100 - SR250
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 11009-1241 11060-1607 13251-44080-H17 13251-44080 3F7-14984-00-00 Fits Kawasaki KZ1000/J1/J2/J3K1/K2/M1/M2/R1/R2- KZ1000P1-P17- KZ1100A1/A2/A3/D1/D2/L1- KZ650H2/H3- KZ700A1- KZ750K1/K2/L3/M1/R1- ZN1100B1/B2- ZX750A1/A2/A3. Suzuki GS450E-D GS450LD- GS450LF/LG/LH/LJ/TXD- GS550ET/LT/LX/LZ/MZ/TX- G... 
  11. Gasket - Float Bowl - XS1 XS2 TX650 XS650 1970-1979 - XS360 XS500 XS750
    Part #
    Gasket - Float Bowl - Fits: 1970-79 XS/TX650 Stock 38mm. Mikuni CV Carbs. XS1/XS1B/XS2 70-72.OEM Ref.# 256-14984-00Also fits: XS360 C/D/2D 76-77, XS500 C/D 76-77, TX650 A 73-74, TX750 A 73-74. XS750 D/2D 77 
  12. Fork Seal Set 1977-84 XS650 35mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Fork Seal Set - 35 x 48 x 10.5/11 - Fits: 1977-84 XS 650's (35mm Fork Tubes). Made In Japan by OEM supplier.Also fits: RD350 LC YPVS 83-84, RD350 LCF 85, RD350 LC H 86-90, TZ350 76-78, RD400 F 79, XS400 J/K 82-83, XS400 DOHC 82-87, XS400 R Seca J/K 82-83, XS500 76-78, XS750D 77.Double springNote: Measure fork tubes be... 
  13. Clutch Plate - Fiber - XS650
    Part #
    Clutch Friction Plates (disks) - Fit: 650's 1970-84 - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates were originally used). To use thes... 
  14. Clutch Plate - Fiber - High Performance - XS650
    Part #
    High Performance Clutch Friction Plates (disks) - Fit: All 650's 1970-84 Sold Each - Order number of pieces required. 1980-84 models - use 6pc.1974-79 models - use 7pc.. 1970-73 model clutch friction plates are No longer available but these later types can replace the originals! (6 friction and 5 steel drive plates wer... 
  15. Exhaust Pipe Gasket Yamaha XS400 XS750 XS850 XS1100
    Part #
    Exhaust Pipe Gasket. XS400/750/850/1100. Sold EACH. Need one for each cylinder, so 2 for XS400, 3 for XS750/850, and 4 for XS1100. 
    • Out of stock
  16. Spark Plug - 14mm - BP7ES - NGK
    Part #
    OEM: 1034 10% discount on orders of 10 spark plugs or more 14mm thread. NGK plugs provide a reliable spark. If you need a hotter running plug select BP6ES or a colder running plug select BP8ES plugs.  Standard spark plugs on the following motorcycles: MAKE YEAR ENGINE CLASS MODEL YAMAHA 198... 
  17. Gear Change Lever - XS650
    Part #
    Gear Change Lever with rubber. Chrome plated steel - Fits: 1970-84 650'sAlso fits: XS850 1980-81 and RD's 
  18. Carburetor Holder Vacuum Plug
    Part #
    Blind Plug - Carb Holder Air Barb - OEM Ref.# 1J7-13569-00. Also called carburetor rubber passage plug.Fits: 1978-84 XS650 stock carb holders & blocks off air barbs when vacuum petcocks are replaced with manual type petcocks. Order quantity needed.Also fits: XS1100 80-81Fits: All Mikes XS Carb Holders and Carb Hold... 
  19. Shock Absorber Set - 12 3/4 inch (325mm) Eye To Eye - Monza
    Part #
    Shock Absorber Set - (Monza Traditional) standard size for 1974-84 XS650 TX650's - Dual Progressive wound Chrome Springs & Long Black top shroud with black shock body.12 3/4" (324mm.) eye to eye., Includes preload wrench & set of eye rubbers.Can be used as replacement on: Yamaha RD400 1976-79, XS400 1977-81,... 
  20. Master Cylinder - Single Disc - 13mm - Universal
    Part #
    Brake Side (RH side) Master Cylinder for use with single disc brakes as on 1977-84 Yamaha XS650's. All Alloy Low profile design Mirror mount has RH threads. Adapter 16-300112.9mm. Piston Dia., Banjo Bolt and brake switch Included.Also fits: XS750 1977-79, XS850 1980-81, XS1100 1978-81. For use as OEM: 1J3-25850-0... 
  21. Headlight Kit - 7 inch - XS650 - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    7" Halogen Lamp Kit - Lamp unit with 12V 60/55 Bulb (P43T base) and bulb dust boot. Replaces stock headlight sealed beam. Fits into stock retainer of 74-84 XS650 &TX 650 headlamp. XS1/XS1B/XS2/TX650 (1970-73) models must use #10-1156 "W" clip set and clip the lamp unit to the headlamp rim.Can be used with XS400, XS750,... 
  22. Headlight - 7 inch - XS650 - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    Original type 7" Headlight assembly as used on all 650's 1974-84.Custom Polished chrome finish with upgrade to H4 Halogen lamp assembly -(U.S.A. market RH side drive)Includes shell, rim, light unit with 60/55W H4 12V P43T bulb, rubber mounting bushes and wiring grommets. XS750, XS850, XS1100, SR500 - will need to solde... 
  23. Turn Signal - w/Lens - Amber - XS650 - TX650 - XS400 - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    Turn Signal Lamp with Amber Lens. Fits: front or rear on 1973-84 TX/XS650's.Also fits: XS360, XS400, XS750 78-79, XS850 80-81, XS1100 SF 79-81 
  24. Petock Repair Kit - XS650 - 1979-1983
    Part #
    Kit contains o rings and diaphragms to rebuild one fuel petcock. Does not include plastic diaphragm spacer block.Yamaha XS650 F, 2F, G, H, Special II, Heritage, 78-83.XS400 E, F, 2F, G, H, 78-81, SG/SH Special 80-81 XJ700 N/NC/S Maxim 85-86 XS750 SE after frame 311211 78, XS750SF 79, XS850 80-81 XJ900 83-85 XJ900R SEC... 
  25. Petock Repair Kit - XS650 - 1978
    Part #
    Kit contains o rings and diaphragms to rebuild one fuel petcock. Does not include plastic diaphragm spacer block.Yamaha XS650 E 78XS360 C, D, 2D 76-77 XS400 D 77 SR500 E/F/G/H 78-81 SR500 82-84, 88, 91-93 XS500 E 78 XS750 D/2D/E/F 77-79 XS1100 E/F/G/H 78-81 
  26. Slide and Diaphragm Assembly - XS650 1980-1984 - XS500
    Part #
    Carb Slide & Diaphragm Assembly. - Fits: Mikuni BS34 CV Carbs as used on 1980-84 XS650's OEM Ref.# 3F7/3H5-14940 - Mikuni GenuineAlso fits: SR250 Exciter 80-82, XS400 SE 82, XS400 G 80, XS400 H 81, XS400 SH/SJ 81-82, XS400 J 82, XS400 K Maxim 83, XJ900 RK Seca 83, XJ1100 Maxim 82, XS1100 G/H/LG/LG/SG/SH 80-81 
  27. Fork Seal Set 1970-76 XS1 XS2 XS650 TX650 34mm fork tubes
    Part #
    Fork Seal Set - 34 x 46 x 10.5 - Fits: 1970-76 TX/XS 650's (34mm fork Tubes). Made In Japan by OEM Supplier.Also fits:DT250 74-78, DT250 MX 77-78, RD250 73-75, RD350 73-75, DT400 75-78, DT400 MX 77-79, RD400 76-78, TX500 73-74, XS500 75-78, TX650 A 74, XS750 1977Note: Measure fork tubes before ordering. 
  28. Swing arm bolt Grease Fitting
    Part #
    Swing arm bolt Grease Fitting - Replace original grease fittings with ones that fit to common American size grease guns. Fittings fit to ends of swing arm shaft (bolt). 2 required per bike. Fits: All 650's 1970-84Also fits Center Stand Bolt XS650 item #37-0001 
  29. Wheel Bearing Kit - Front - XS650 RD350 RD400 SR500 TX650 XS750 XS850 XS1100
    Part #
    Front Wheel Bearing Kit Includes: (2) 6303-2RS Nachi ball bearing (with synthetic shields), (1) Front wheel Oil Seal - (SD-28-47-7), (1) Front Wheel Oil Seal - Speedo drive side - (SDO-45-56-6)Made in Japan - Highest Quality - make sure any you are comparing are made in Japan and same quality.Fits:RD350 A/B 1973-75, RD... 
  30. Float - Brass - XS400 - XS500 - XS650 - XS750 - XS1100
    Part #
    Carb Float . XS400 1977-79, XS500 1978, XS750 1978-79, XS1100 1978-79.  Includes float and pin 
  31. Air Filter - Pod - 52mm
    Part #
    52mm Universal Pod Air FilterFits: Yamaha SR500, TT500, XT500, XJ650, XJ900, XS750 & XS850 & XS1100 through 1979Also fits:Honda CB400 N/T, CB650 Z, CB750 K Kawasaki KZ250, KZ400 B/G/L, ZR400, KZ440 A/C/D/H, KZ550 G/H, GPz550, ZR550, KZ650 Suzuki GS400 S, GSX400 E/F/L, GT500, GS550 E/M, GT750 
  32. Oil Filter - XS750 - XS850 - XS1100
    Part #
    Oil Filter XS750 77-80, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-81See #43-1505 for O-ring and #43-1506 for oil filter boltAlso fits: VMX 12-MAX 85-95, XJ1100 Maxim 82, XVZ 1200 1300 83-94 
  33. Gas Cap w/ Keys - XS650 - 1976-1979
    Part #
    Gas Cap with keys - Fits: 1976-79 XS650 "Standard" models and our 64-7700 and 64-7702 Fuel Tanks. Note: Caps from "Standards" and "Specials" do not interchange.Fits most: RD400 (76-80), XS750 (77-79), XS850 (80-81), TX650A (74), XS650B (75), XS360C (76-77), XS500 (76-77), Also fits: RS100-DX, RS125, RD200, RX100, RX125 
  34. Carburetor Kit - XS400 - XS750 - XS1100 - Basic
    Part #
    Carburetor Repair Kit.  XS400 1979, XS750 E/F/SF/SE 1977-79, XS1100 /SE 1978-1979 Kit includes float needle assembly, chamber gasket and 1 brass O ring.Note: Kit for 1 Carb. 
  35. Float Needle Valve Assembly - XS2 - TX650 - XS650 - RD350 - XS1100
    Part #
    Carb Float Valve (Needle & Seat) - threaded type. Fits: XS2 (1972), TX650/A (1973-74), XS650B-F (1975-79) with stock Mikuni BS38 CV CarburetorsAlso fits:RD250 (DS6) and RD350 (R5) 70-72 OEM 168-14190-20-00, XS500 C/D 76-77, TX750A 73-74, XS1100 78-79 
  36. Valve - Tire - Tubeless - Mag Wheels
    Part #
    Tubeless Tire Valve for Yamaha Mag Wheels.Correct size for XS models with factory Mag Wheels. Includes valve core. 
  37. Cap - Valve Stem - Pkg 2
    Part #
    Metal Valve stem caps (Pk/2) with core removal notch. 
  38. Seal - Oil - Wheel - Right Hand Side - XS650 - RD400 - SR500 - XS750 - XS1100
    Part #
    Front wheel Oil Seal - (SD-28-47-7-1) Fits: Front on All 650's 1973-84, RD350 A/B 73-75, RD400 76-78, SR500 78-84, XVS535 87-01, XVS535S 96-97, TX650A 74, XVS650 98-06, XS750 78-80, XS850 80-81, TDM850 91-99, XS1100 78-81 
  39. Clutch Lever (Silver) Yamaha XS2 TX650 XS650 RD350 RD400 XS400 XS500 TX750 XS750
    Part #
    Clutch Lever (Silver) - Fits: XS2 (72), TX650/A (73-74), and XS650 B/C/D (75-77) OEM Ref.# 583/1J3-83912-10, 214-83912-00Also fits: RD125 75-77, RD200 74-76, RD250 73-77, RD350 73-75, TZ350 76-78, XS360 76-77, RD400 C/D/E 76-78, XS400 77-78, TX500 73-74, XS500 75-78, TX750 73-74, TZ750 74 & 77, XS750 77-78. 
  40. Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - Front - Dual Disc - XS650
    Part #
    Front Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - OEM # 1J3-W0041-20 to fit optional Dual Disc on 1980 XS650SG - Master Cylinder - OEM# 2G2-25850-01 & 3J6-25850-00 XS650 Standard 1977-79, XS650 Special 1978-84.Note: This Master Cylinder is the same as used on 1979-81 XS1100 models with Dual Disc or offered as original on... 
  41. Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - Rear Brake - XS650
    Part #
    Rear Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - OEM# 1J3-W0042-50-00, 1J3-20000-50-00Fits: XS650SE/SF/SG (78-80) "Specials" with Rear master cylinder assembly.Fits: XS500 76-78, XS750 77-80, XS850 80-81. 
  42. Clutch Cable Adjuster Dust Cover
    Part #
    Clutch Cable Adjuster Dust Cover - Rubber boot/cover keeps dirt from contaminating cable adjuster threads.Replaces original OEM cover.Fits: 1978-84 XS650's and hundreds of other Yamaha's. 
  43. Brackets - Headlight - 35mm - XS400 - SR500 - XJ550
    Part #
    GB Cafe Headlight Bracket Set. - Polished Aluminum - Fits: 35mm, 39mm and 41mm with shims Fork tubes as used on 1977-84 XS650's. 11mm. mount holes. Approximately 4 1/2 inches from center of fork tube mount hole to center of headlight attachment hole.Bikes with standard 35mm forks: XS400 Maxim 82-83, SR500 E/F/G/H 78... 
  44. Turn Signal - Rear - Short Stalk - XS650 - XS400 - XS750 - XS850 - SR500
    Part #
    Rear Short stalk Signal Lamp. For those wanting signal lamps tucked in closer to the frame. 8 mm. stud mount. Clear amber lens.Yamaha XS650 and other vintage motorcycles. Will work on XS400, XS750, XS850, some SR500.DOT approved 
  45. Turn Signal - Rear - Medium Stalk - XS650 - XS400 - XS750 - XS850
    Part #
    Rear Medium stalk Signal Lamp. Length from end of stem to inside of lens is 67mm, length from the "step" in the stem is 46mm, total length is 147mm. 8 mm. stud mount. As used for European Markets. Lens has milky translucent center. DOT approved. E mark.Yamaha XS650. Will work on XS400, XS750, XS850, some SR500. 
  46. Switch - Ignition - w/Fork Lock and Keys - XS650 - XS400 - XS750
    Part #
    Ignition Switch with fork lock & keys - Fits: XS650 1978-84 Only !OEM Ref.# 2G2-82508-50Also works with XS400 81-83, SR250 Exciter 80-82, XV500 k Virago 83, XJ550 81-83, FJ600 84-85, XJ600 92-93, XJ650 Maxim 80-83, XJ650 Seco 82, XJ750 Maxim 83, XS750 78-79, XV750 Virago 82-83, XS850 Special 80-81, XJ900 Seca 83, X... 
    • Out of stock
  47. Air Filter - K&N RC-0981 - Universal - 54mm
    Part #
    Genuine K&N Universal motorcycle Air filter. Sold each.3" outside diameter, 4" long, 5/8" flange length, offset flange.Note: legal in California only for racing vehicles.Yamaha XS650 Also compatible with XS400, XS850 80-81, XS1100 78-83. Order one per carb. 
  48. Mirror - Rectangular XS650 "Special" Type - Set
    Part #
    Rectangular Mirror Set - Stock for 1978-84 XS650 "Special". Chrome Set L&R - OEM Ref.# 2G2/4M4-26290-00 Note: Yamaha Right hand mirrors (Brake side) have a Left hand thread. Left side mirrors (Clutch side) have a right hand thread.Also fits: XJ650, XJ750, XV750, XS1100Approximately 5" stem, 5 1/4"x3 1/4" mirror 
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