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Switch - Ignition - XS650 - 1976-1977

$25.98 25.98
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Ignition Switch with keys - Fits: XS650 1976-77 May adapt to other years.OEM Ref. #584-82508 (No fork lock on this type)Note: Yamaha has made various versions of this switch and all are sold under the same OEM part number. Ours does Not have a connector plug but wire leads with terminals. You may have to fit this switch to match your bikes harness connections in the headlamp shell. Position 1. Red wire in headlamp shell from main harness (+power feed from battery) goes to red Ignition switch wire.Key Position 2. Power is fed out via 2 brown wires & 1 red wire with yellow tracer.Key Position 3. Power is fed out via 2 blue wires (park position-only tail light is on).This fits onto the XS400. The wiring is not the same, you must match up and modify the wiring. Same for 1979 Daytona.

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OEM Number 584-82508-50
Fitment No