Replacement Exhaust Reducer Sleeve Set

Color/Finish: Steel

Dimensions: N/A

Fits: 1-3/4" Muffler ID to 1-5/8"

Material: Steel

*Includes 3 different size reducers.

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Replacement Reducer Sleeve Set to fit our universal mufflers. 3 pc. set reduces mufflers to 1 5/8", 1 1/2" or 1 3/8" Fits part numbers - 07-0112/14/15 and 07-0065

If you're not looking to build a custom exhaust system but still want some performance, a little bwap-bwap sound and a some bang for your buck..then pickup any one (or two) of our universal mufflers along with a set of these little jobs. You can reduce all the major standard sizes of headers found on Japanese and British bikes to the common sizes found on most universal mufflers, 1-3/4". And they're cheap. A match made in heaven! The three piece set fits 1-3/4 I.D. mufflers and reduces it 1-5/8, 1-1/2: and 1-3/8.

Is Universal Part: Yes

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment: N/A