Slide Needle Preload Spring Mikuni BS34 CV

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Spring - Slide needle preload spring for stock BS34 CV Mikuni carbs as used on 1980-84 North American model XS650's. OEM Ref.# 3F7-14589-00-00This spring holds the slide needle down in place in the carb slide.

More Information
OEM Number 3F7-14589-00-00
Fitment 1980 Yamaha SR250 Exciter
1980 Yamaha XS1100
1980 Yamaha XS1100L Midnight Special
1980 Yamaha XS1100S
1980 Yamaha XS400 Special 2
1980 Yamaha XS400S Heritage
1980 Yamaha XS650 Special II
1980 Yamaha XS650S
1981 Yamaha SR250 Exciter I
1981 Yamaha SR250 Exciter II
1981 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim
1981 Yamaha XJ550R Seca
1981 Yamaha XS1100
1981 Yamaha XS1100L Midnight Special
1981 Yamaha XS1100S
1981 Yamaha XS400
1981 Yamaha XS400S Heritage
1981 Yamaha XS650 Special II
1981 Yamaha XS650S
1982 Yamaha SR250 Exciter
1982 Yamaha XJ1100
1982 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim
1982 Yamaha XJ550R Seca
1982 Yamaha XS400 Maxim
1982 Yamaha XS400R Seca
1982 Yamaha XS400S Heritage
1982 Yamaha XS650S Heritage
1983 Yamaha XJ550 Maxim
1983 Yamaha XJ550R Seca
1983 Yamaha XS650S Heritage Special
1984 Yamaha XS650S Heritage Special
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