Swing arm Needle Bearing Conversion Kit XS650 RD350 RD400 XS400

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Swing arm Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Kit includes - Needle Bearings & Hardened shaft. Fits: XS/TX650's 1974-84 - Made in Japan.The needle bearings replace the original plastic bushings. Some bikes may have replacement bronze bushings. You do not need those in addition to this kit.Also fits:RD250 73-75, RD350 A/B 73-75, RD350 LC 80-82, RD350 LCYPVS 83-84, RD400 76-79 XS400 77-82 except SECA and Maxim, XJ550 Maxim and Seca 81-83.

For use as OEM: 341-22184-00 / 90386-22102-00

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OEM Number 341-22184-00,90386-22102-00
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