How To: Install The 60mm “Mini” Speedometer (MPH)


Are you working on a resto-mod?

Do you want to do away with the old, clunky instrument panel of yesteryear and swap it out for a cleaner cockpit?

Well, you came to the right place.



Available in white or black, these 60mm speedometers display 0-140 MPH with LED-backlit indicator lights ( High Beam, Signal and Neutral Light ) encompassed in a clean, chrome shell with a resettable trip meter.


These “mini” speedometers are calibrated for a Yamaha XS650 19″ front wheel but are suitable for many other vintage Japanese Bikes of that era. Just be sure to check the ratio and wheel size of your motorcycle before purchasing.

The ratio of this speedometer is  2:1  /  60 mph @ 2240 rpm




Wiring Diagram


03-0744 Speedometer MPH (2)



You have now installed your 60mm “Mini” Speedometer.

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