How To: Install The Loaded Gun Customs XS650 Rear Set Kit

Loaded Gun XS650 rearsets mikes xs

The Loaded Gun Customs XS650 Rear Set Kit ( 19-0301 ) is an ultra-lightweight, high-performance bolt-on kit that fits all Yamaha XS650 motorcycles. The rear sets are made from lightweight aluminum, making the whole kit weigh only 2lbs 14oz. This kit features CNC machined aluminum pegs with oil impregnated bronze bushings and CNC laser cut mounting brackets. The mounting plates bolt to your stock XS650 footpeg mounts, with the linkage rods with heim joints and mounting hardware that are included.

Everything bolts on with no frame modifications, making this a very easy mod to do to your Yamaha XS 650 cafe racer build.

19-0301 10




  1. Remove stock footpegs, passenger pegs, brake pedal, and shifter.

2. Modify brake pedal and shifter as shown in Figure 5. The pedals will need cut off with a grinder or Sawzall. Center punch a spot in the center of each approximately 112″-3/4″ from the end, and drill a 5/16″ hole. These holes will be used to fasten the linkages to later in the install. The shifter lever will also require a slight bend so it will angle away from the engine once installed. Use figure 5 as an example for the length and bend, keep in mind that overall length will determine travel and pressure required to operate the controls.

19-0301 figure5

3. Install the mounting plates over the stock footpeg studs using the supplied 5/8″ thick O.D. spacers and stock acorn nuts. Brackets should angle slightly upward when mounted correctly. See Figures 1 & 2. Be sure to apply threadlocker (blue or red Loctite) to all mounting hardware!

19-0301 figure12

4.  Install rear set controls to the mounting plates using supplied 3/8″ thick x  3/4″ O.D. spacers, lock washers, and 3/8″ x 1 3/4″ bolts. The lock washers should be slid onto each bolt before it is inserted through the bracket, spacer, and footpeg. See Figures 3 & 4. Apply threadlocker to each fastener before assembly!

19-0301 figure34

5.  Next, you will need to install the brake and shifter that you previously modified in Step 2 so that they are both pointing in the 12:00 position.

6. Assemble the included linkage rods with a jam nut and heim joint at each end. Attach the longer linkage rod to the shifter lever and rearset control by inserting the supplied 5/16″x 1 1/4″ bolt and nylock nut. Linkage assemblies and locknuts should be located on the “bike side” of the controls for both LH & RH sides so that they do not interfere with foot placement. The shorter linkage rod is installed in the same manner for the brake side except for a W’ thick x 5/8″ O.D. spacer and 5/16″ x 1 1/2″ bolt being required to fasten the linkage at the brake lever in order to keep correct alignment. See the top of Figure 4. Rod lengths can be adjusted before both ends are fastened in order to achieve the desired control angle. Use threadlocker on all hardware, including shift rods, and be sure to tighten all hardware securely!

7. If you would like to retain the use of your kickstarter, it must be bent in two places in order to clear the brake arm and brake peg. The best method to do this is to use a torch and heat the kicker until it is cherry red and bend it to shape. See Figure 6.

19-0301 figure6



You have now installed your Loaded Gun Customs XS650 Rear Set Kit.

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