Mikes XS Thanksgiving Hunt 2017

MIkesXS First Annual Thanksgiving Hunt!

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue.  In November 2017, MikesXS has deals that make your bike better than New.  It’s True!  Here’s how to View:


As a prelude to our Annual Cyber Monday Sale.  Within each category identified

below there is a product that has a code in the description. 

The code is @12Thanks^%$1 


If you use that code during checkout, you will get a 15% discount on that item.

But don’t tell anyone what the code means.  It’s a secret.  Just between you and us.

And it’s only between now and November 26, 2017.


Happy Hunting!


Item #1.  Tired of bugs getting in your eyes because your shades aren’t doing the trick.  Browse our Accessories Category and a secret discount code to cool new goggles find you will (thanks Yoda).  


Item #2.  Need a way to set your XS650’s Timing?  We have the only accurate way with the industry standard for timing lights. Visit our Service Tools Category and find our timing light with the secret code.


Item #3.  While there may be a cool song that says you can ride your bike with no Handle Bars.  In reality, you really need them.  Visit our Handlebars category to find the special code for a Clubman Cafe Type bar.


Item #4.  It’s not often we are able to give our customers a $30 discount on shock absorber sets.  But this is the week!  Visit our Shock Absorber category to find this great deal.


Item #5.  Maybe you’ll win a million dollars before the end of the year.  Maybe you’ll take a trip.  Maybe you’ll fly to Mars… someday.  Life is full of Maybes.  But today… you can get a cool Izumi Gold Drive chain for 15% off if you find the product in our Drive Chain Category. 


Good luck!