Tom H.’s Custom XS400

yamaha xs400 custom tom h

Tom wrote to us looking for the retaining clip (stop ring) for the XS400 speedometer cable. Although, we do not carry that particular clip, we were able to set him up with the OEM number of his desired part. It’s all about getting it right, even in the rare event that we don’t have the part ourselves.

Below is Tom’s response:

That was exactly what I needed.  Once I looked up the part numbers and saw the picture, I remembered that clip sticking me in the finger back during the tear down of the original bike 😀


Parts are on order and I should be able to button this thing up next week.  Thanks for the assist!


Here are a few pics from the end of the build… I formed the tail, made a belly pan, polished all the aluminum, nuts, bolts and hardware to a mirror finish, raised the rear by 2 inches, fabbed up the subframe, used an old number plate and some fog lights for the front end, dropped the front by about an inch, fabbed up a stainless 2 into 1 exhaust, etc.  The wiring harness was dry rotted out, so I used a pegboard to lay out the original harness and made a length matched duplicate but with better connectors.

Excellent work, Tom! Thanks for sending these photos in!

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