XS650 Premium Top End Gasket Kit

Yamaha XS650 1977 thru 1983 Top End Gasket and Seal Kit

If you’re working on a Yamaha XS650 and considering a top end rebuild or total motor restoration, one of the first things to consider is the condition of its gaskets and seals. As they age, the seals and gaskets on a motorcycle eventually lose their original elasticity. Old, hardened gaskets have trouble resealing metal parts, while worn seals allow oil to seep past the bike’s shafts.


Renewing one seal or gasket at a time is fine if the component is easy to access, but when it comes to motor building, it’s best to renew them all. If they are original equipment, then all the gaskets and seals are likely living on borrowed time. If one gasket or seal is lost, you can bet that others are as well.


MikesXS has gathered all the necessary gaskets and seals to rebuild an XS650 top end. If this is your first job of this complexity, you may be surprised by some of the gaskets and seals we’ve included. But, each one is there for a reason. Let’s look a little deeper at this kit and explain why each gasket and seal is necessary.

xs650 motor top end rebuild gasket kit




Built-In Convenience


The great thing about the XS650 Premium Top End Gasket Kit is that it has everything you need to do the job, and nothing that you don’t. Our engineering team designed this kit exclusively for this motorcycle. Every gasket is cut specifically for the component it seals, and each is made from the ideal materials for its application.


These kits enable the home mechanic to make ONE purchase and receive every required gasket to seal the entire top end on an XS650. You could purchase each individual gasket separately, but that is a time-consuming hassle. We’ve taken care to include every possible gasket you will need. This kit is as complete as it gets.


What you’d expect


The XS650 Top End Rebuild Kit has all the gaskets you should be looking for before you even consider a top-end rebuild. The Performance Gasket kit has all the other gaskets you would commonly find in similar kits. It has the cylinder head gasket, base gasket, tappet cover gaskets (4- and 3-hole), headpipe exhaust gasket and others that you will need. It even has the gasket for the base of the six-bolt cam chain tensioner case and both gaskets for the camshaft housing.


What you wouldn’t expect


MikesXS has also included a few items that you simply cannot find in other kits. First, our kit includes the cylinder head stud seals. There are four of these seals, and one or more of them will often gnarl, either from the ravages of time or from abuse during top-end rebuild itself. Needing them and not having them is far worse than having them and not needing them. Though, you should really take the opportunity to renew them while the engine is torn down.


The other items you never see in similar kits, (but which we include in both of our XS650 Premium Top End Gasket Kits), are the camshaft seals. Normally considered a “wear” item to be replaced periodically or only once they leak, we highly recommend that you replace both these seals during the rebuild process.


Copper seals


Our XS650 Premium Top End Gasket Kit also comes with a copper sealing washer kit. These pieces renew the copper washers at the oil feed tube – at the crankcase and the top of the head. There are also replacements for the sealing washers of the cam chain guide.


Year Specific


Our top end rebuild kits are specific to the year of your XS650, so you can be certain of accurate fitment.

For model years 1970 to 1976, select this rebuild kit (18-0001).

For model years 1977 to 1983, the other kit is required (18-0002).





Whether you have a blown head gasket or you’re replacing the pistons and rings on a barn find, be sure to renew every gasket and seal. Don’t just purchase the ones for the parts you are replacing. The OEM seals and gaskets on your vintage Yamaha did their job. Once you complete the installation, your XS650 will be ready for another 40 years of life.



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