Keith M.’s XS-2


It’s always cool to hear a story about a bike that was bought fresh from the showroom back in it’s birth year, stayed with the original owner (or made it’s way back), and has found new life in the 21st century.

Exhibit A: our loyal customer, Keith from right up I-75 in Georgia.


Keith writes,

“This bike is very special to me. I was the first to ride it. I drove it out of the showroom in ’72 for a friend, then taught him how to ride it. He shortly sold it to my brother, then I bought it from my brother in ’76. I rode it until 1989, then put it in my basement. It was resurrected in 2013.”

“Mike’s XS  has been a tremendous help with the cleanup and rebuild.”

The Mike’s XS new parts and accessories include:

5th Gear O.D.

Gasket and Seal kits

Tachometer and Speedometer

Big Bore 750 kit

Cam Chain & Tensioner & Guide

Oil Filters

Choke Lever

Carb Rebuild Kit

Petcock Rebuild Kit

Valve Spring Compressor & Cam Chain Tool Kits

Feeler Gauge

O-ring Chain and Sprockets

Front caliper, Brake lines, Pads & Shoes

ALL Engine Bearings

High Output Ultimate Coil


“While keeping this baby somewhat stock, you may notice the ’79 XS Special fenders and taillight. The original fenders are safe at home in excellent condition. These are not easily replaced, so I’m saving them for the next owner. The shocks and mufflers are obviously not stock, but I like the ride and the sound. Mike’s has the original replacements, but I’ll leave that to the new owner when I die.”

The photo was taken by Amanda Maehrlein Photography


Thanks, Keith! And from all of us at Mike’s XS, we appreciate your diligence in keeping this sweet 650 alive and thriving.



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